On radio this morning Glenn exposed new incidences involving the left — well, being the left — but it seems as though after a brief hiatus, the radical rhetoric is back and better than ever.

Who are they attacking this time? Well, none other than every leftist’s favorite scapegoat, Sarah Palin.

Deepak Chopra, known to many as the guru of spirituality, peace, and love came out with an article entitled, “Sarah Palin, My President,” which has very little love and certainly no peace. Actually, the article seems to blatantly contradict all that Chopra allegedly stands for.

With “spa music” playing in the background, Glenn took to reading the Chopra piece on the air.

Chopra’s article includes some interesting observations, including “My President Palin would lead us through a national cleansing, like Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Nothing as violent, however, not at first.” According to Chopra, Palin’s cleansing would include letting children “scribble with crayons on the paintings in the Museum of Modern Art” because there is no “soccer mom who wants a Picasso refrigerator magnet.”

Better yet, Chopra believes that this fictitious President Palin will “close all the high-brow music schools” in favor of music that “gosh darn real Americans like: harmonica, the musical saw, and tapping your foot to the radio while driving a pickup. What more do we really need?”

Where is the peace and love in that exactly? This episode just seems to reconfirm Glenn’s fears that the left is coming out of hiding. “The masks are about to come off. They are all coming off. This is the moment,” Glenn said. “You are seeing the masks come off. You are seeing so clearly where people stand.”

Chopra traditionally preaches his love, peace, and tolerance attitude – not exactly evident in his Palin tirade.

GLENN: Oh, we’re just getting some more enlightenment from Deepak Chopra during the break.

PAT: Oh, man. He’s ‑‑ you know, the way he feels is ‑‑

GLENN: Spa music. Oh, yes. Tell me, Deepak.

PAT: He says, I know this sounds difficult, but ‑‑


PAT: Let us try to be tolerant of intolerance. It’s helpful but often difficult to remember that everyone is doing the best they can from their own level of consciousness.

GLENN: De, Deepak, that doesn’t really kind of jibe with what you wrote about Sarah Palin.

PAT: Let us resist the lure of dualities. This includes us versus them.

GLENN: Wait a minute. You said had a Sarah Palin would ‑‑

PAT: Good versus evil.

GLENN: Wait a minute. Hold on.

PAT: So we shouldn’t do an us versus them. Let’s create an atmosphere of peace around ourselves. Shall we?

GLENN: I don’t ‑‑

PAT: And then say things like ‑‑

GLENN: I don’t think that, you know, I’ve never met a soccer mom who wanted a Picasso refrigerator magnet.

It is clear that the double standard is only getting worse, and it looks it is here to stay. “Because they’ve dropped the radical means for the radical ends,” Glenn said. “You must be aware of that and warn your friends who are awake.”