Loving left accost Glenn & family

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What was supposed to be a nice evening in the park turned into a truly hostile free-for-all, as Glenn and his family attempted to watch a movie in New York’s Bryant Park last night.

Hoping to enjoy some time together, while taking in a showing of Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps with his wife, Tania, and daughter, Glenn and his family instead experienced an unfriendly and borderline violent scene. At one point, an angry moviegoer kicked a glass of wine into Tania’s back, and as she got up to walk away, a man shouted, “We hate conservatives here.”

When Glenn shared this experience with his staff this morning, no one could understand why he chose to stay. “All I wanted to do is go out on a blanket with my family and have dinner in the afternoon sun and sit around,” Glenn said.

“We didn’t leave. My staff said this morning said why didn’t you leave right away. That was uncomfortable. I said because I have a right to watch a movie and enjoy a movie with my family in the park. I have a right.”

While Glenn admitted that he knows better than to expect a warm welcome in New York City, what bothered him most was the cowardly behavior of the hateful crowd. Glenn will be spending his upcoming vacation searching the world for courage. He is set to begin what he is calling “the search for courage and I’m going around the world and I’m looking for examples of courage.”

“Courage doesn’t come from a bag or a bottle. Courage doesn’t come in mobs,” Glenn said. Courage comes alone, quietly. You won’t be drunk and you won’t be in a mob at the ultimate test of courage. You will be alone.”

Last night, the hostile mob “found their courage in a bottle.” Those same hate-spewing masses would not have had the courage to say those things had it been a sea of conservatives in the park. “It’s mob mentality,” Glenn said. “People are braver when it’s in a bag or a bottle, and when they’re in the majority.”

After the incident, Glenn spoke with his daughter, who was still upset about what had transpired, but Glenn reminded her that the answer is not hatred, but love.

“All I can think of about the people around me all night is that I feel sorry for you. I really feel sorry for you. You are so arrogant and so convinced that you are absolutely 100% right and you are helping build a system that is fueled by hate.”

Despite the cruelness of the crowd, Glenn reminded his listeners that moments like this must serve as an opportunity to learn and grow. These incidences provide a chance to prove to all the naysayers that in the end, love and courage will always prevail.

“Search for individual courage, search for those moments when you are truly alone and sober,” Glenn said. “Search for those moments and when you find them, do not pile into the rage, find a way to love because in the end, only love remains.”

  • Anonymous

    Sad that there are people that would treat others like that….I see it here in Seattle also…people so very divided…and angry.  But that is exactly what the Bible says….there will be a divide…May God bless you and protect you…susie hughes

  • Anonymous

                                                                Truth is an illusive stranger here.
                                                                In our long dark post modern nights,
                                                                Americans are so in love with mirrors,
                                                                made from shiny silver, gold and plastic.
                                                                Fallen towers are multi-layered symbols.
                                                                Rebuilding means more than agile wallets.
                                                                USA’s salvation found, in hubris overcome,
                                                                friends hugged, and many good books read.
                                                                Don’t let careful book reading become passe’.
                                                                Challenge false audacities of  hope and change!
                                                                hollow fibers in emperor Obama’s new clothes

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, liberals come together like gutter rats, they have little brains, they don’t know right from wrong, follow 1 leader and they truly believe that the world owes them something. Those people at Bryant Park will never stop to ask themselves if that was wrong to treat your family the way they did and honestly no matter how much I disagree with someone I could never do that, it takes a cold heartless miserable human being to do that and there are a lot of cold heartless miserable people out there. If they can only put that energy into good things they would acheieve more, liberals don’t hurt people like you and I because as soon as they prove themselves ignorant the rest is history.    

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Nichols/535166920 John Nichols

     I can’t go back to being used by darkness again… Love is the only way… : )

  • Anonymous

    OMG!    2121 comments here when I signed on.   Way too many for me to wade through.

    Have a Merry Christmas all!   And safe travels.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, now I get it.  Made my comment before reading the others.  This is sorta like a ”blast from

    the past”, huh?   Will the rest of the week be like this, I wonder.  If Glenn wants to do this and

    take a Christmas break, I can handle it.  What about the breaking news?  The death of the man

    who was the dictator/leader in N. Korea?   The shots fired at Sarah Palin?  Rick Perry picked up

    on a DUI?     Yeah, I made up the last two—just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

    It’s no fun when we don’t have much to comment about relating to news reports.  Guess I’ll have

    to do some Christmas baking.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Morgan/100000253121773 Carol Morgan

    i like what you wrote here. i just wish that people would be courageous enough to surround
     glenn and his family with love and sit down with them. you have to be careful not to stir up anger in a situation like this or you put other good people in danger, but to jut take a stand and go sit with them to show love and support-wound’t that be wonderful?

  • Qute Forever

    Glenn, what are you doing in NYC?  90% of the new face of NY are sodomites, perverts, anarchists, etc.  The classy NYC we all used to know is is no more, the new NYC is a mad house, a raging crazy place.  If you can move your family out of that crazy hole of a city do so for their safety, period.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Tiffany/100001320367593 Victor Tiffany

    Oh, if only I had had a change to give Mr. Beck a piece of my mind. Liar, hypocrite to the nth degree, ignorant genius of reactionary propaganda: I would have made sure his wife understood just how Beck pays the mortgage. Fooling some of the people all of the time may be lucrative, but he’s still a scum bag liar and dishonest reactionary. Talented?  Yes.  Worthy of adoration?  LMAO,ROTF!  

    Get the truth about Glenn Beck:


    • Sandie

      There is no truth to be found, only opinion at your bugsite as well as the Facebook opinion site.
      Stop spamming your bugsite.

    • Anonymous

      You seriously have to go to a year old thread?

      • Sandie

        Yes , a second degree …. sunburn

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Tiffany/100001320367593 Victor Tiffany

    Beck Gets Well-Deserved Tongue Lashing

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vern-Burje/100000660373269 Vern Burje’

    My Dear Friend Mr Beck, I am so sorry that the people of the US have, unfortunately, become “sheeple”.  And, it isn’t just in NYC but pockets of the insanity are showing up pretty much everywhere in our once great nation.  For instance, got kicked out of VFW for merely mentioning HEK 293, a flavor enhancer that the PepsiCo company is using in some, not all of its products to “make them taste more flavorful”.  The KJ at the place (a Christian) said that “at least the unborn are contributing something to society”  !!!!  And there was foul language used by the bartender in asking me to leave!  Something that is supposedly against the VFW’s by laws…maybe it’s okay for the hired help to use offensive language?  By the way, I am trying to live a Christian life.  I’m a Vietnam-era veteran.  The one who got me 86’d wasn’t even being addressed by me, she just overheard the statement.  Freedom of speech certainly is not a part of our military organizations any more…i.e. if someone overhears you saying something that they do not like they can have you ousted from the premises!  That being said, I’m with you and love you and your family.  And yes, I’m a US citizen but more importantly, I’m an American who greatly loves this nation and am sad to witness its demise.  Keep up the good works you are doing and remember what was said in Ezekiel… by witnessing you are rescuing your and your family’s neck from the noose of God’s anger when He returns.  Blessings, my Friend!  roknrobin2

  • http://www.facebook.com/dantemp Dante M. Puccetti

    Toni- I am glad we have the 1st. Amendment, but I do not believe Glen Beck is dividing America. He has different views then you, but both Glen and I honor your opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dantemp Dante M. Puccetti

    Toni- I am glad we have the 1st. Amendment, but I do not believe Glen Beck is dividing America. He has different views then you, but both Glen and I honor your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    In response too jaym68, “Stay strong Glenn… we are behind you 100%”

    How far behind are we? In Glen’s own words, nobody spoke in his defense. Nobody asked the mob to let them be.

    I do understand that confronting a mob, or individual, that has been drinking, or acting in such a manner as too not care for other’s rights, is not the smartest thing too do. But, how can people, 100% behind Mr. Beck, just sit there?

    In defense of jaym68’s comment. I can understand seeing it exculate into something really unruly but, someone has to make a decision to stop this kind of behavior.

    The “Left” has been feared long enough, the “Left” has run unobstructed in their quest for far too long. By “Left”, I am actually saying the progressives.

    I am very glad Mr. Beck and his family were not hurt physically, but it seems the emotional hurt was just as bad.

    What is it that makes a conservative or right of center group, let the progressive left do as they please and get away with it?

    Until Glen Beck came along, I didn’t even know half of this stuff was going on. For that, I am in-debted too you Mr. Beck.

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