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Media Matters decided to throw the worst party ever the other night. Why? To celebrate the fact that they have no lives and do nothing but sit around and watch something they hate. Sounds like a horrible way to live, right?

“ I’m not the coolest guy on any planet,” Glenn admitted. “But let me tell you something.  I look like a rock star compared to the geeks at Media Matters.”

Video from the party, put together by the Huffington Post, showed interviews with a variety of Media Matters employees. Most of them appear nervous and stuttering. One gentleman can’t seem to name any “right wing media nuts” that they’re going to go after now that Glenn is off FOX, while a woman interviewed admits that “real trauma” and “real victims” trump all the work being done by Media Matters. (editor’s note: Is that not an admission that she’s dedicated her life to something devoid of all meaning and value to society?)

You can watch it below:

We wonder how the Media Matters folks can claim Glenn Beck is “gone” considering he just had yet another (his 7th) New York Times #1 bestselling book, has well over 400 radio stations, hugely successful live events, and now the all new GBTV.

“You will pray for the day we were only on at 5:00 p.m.” Glenn told the 80 Media Matters employees being paid by Soros to listen – a warning he has been issuing in the months since he announced his intention to end his daily TV show in order to launch GBTV.

While the Media Matters office is busy trying to maintain their (illegal?) tax-exempt 501c3 status, the Mercury staff did find an interesting letter from a “NYC Progressive” which said:

Can you help me settle a bet I have with all my friends? They complain you are just a political arm of the Democratic party, operated by soulless, lying losers who are in a constant state of outrage over statements 100% of the population would consider 100% non-outrageous.  I happen to believe you guys are angelic truth warriors, bombarding the internet with a steady stream of razer sharp factualness – and I‘m convinced it’s just some sort of clerical error that you aren’t paying taxes. If it isn’t,  that would mean you hate teachers. Or so I’m told.

Read the whole letter here