Glenn Beck announces non-profit venture – “Mercury One”

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  • Anonymous

    great I don’t have 2 dimes to put togeather but I will be there some how.

  • Anonymous

    It is about time.  We pull up our sleeves and bow on our knees.

  • Diane Alizzi

    We are so exited about Texas… We are in All the way… Thanks for All you have done and all you are doing… If it is as half as Wonderful as 8/28 … WOW… We want more than anything to stand where God wants us… Thanks for being our Moses… We Love you….

  • Lisa

    I want to do all I can for the children. Where ever I’m needed.

  • Anonymous

    Before you can eat the food for emergencies Glenn promotes you need to mix it with  water.
    IF THE SITUATION ARISES IN WHICH YOU WILL NEED YOUR EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY, IN ALL PROBABILITY THE WATER WILL ALSO BE CONTAMINATED. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS WITH YOU. If they are not supplied by the food suppliers, make sure you get them yourself and keep them with your emergency food. And make sure you have enough for all the meals that you have.  

  • James V Burnette

    Even though I don’t know exactly what MercuryOne is going to offer I know that I have been preparing myself to participate in something like this for many years and maybe even all my life.
      I have followed Glenn now for the last four years and have found that he and I are singing off the same sheet of music so I know that there will be a match with what I have to offer.
      I am ready to volunteer my services to help my country and its people. I just need a platform from which my visions, ideas and problem solving abilities can be launched.  I have dedicated the last seven years of my retirement to research and development of ideas and philosophies that I know will have a positive effect with the problems this country and its people are going to have to face in the next few years.  If you are interested give me a contact in your organization so I can send you information and examples of my work.

  • Anonymous

    Where is this Mercury One or 1 (which?) initiavtive for a world wide tea party??

    post several times please.

  • Jim

    God is in  your heart Glenn,and in all of ours too. Keep up the great mission your are doing. God bless you and all of us. God bless America.

  • David Hancock

    I tried signup for the food site you ahve listed and it keeps asking for the website of the person recommending me, or a username. Will it work using your screename used here? my email speedy7201 at a-o-l- dot c-o-m

  • David Hancock

    Does anyone have an active User name that I can use so that Go Food’s will let me enroll for the free sample pack? I’ve tried 5 time’s and it keeps asking for an enroller’s name/username or website and I tried the two listed below but they did not work.
    If you have a good user name to enroll with that I can use, please send me an email at speedy7201 at A_O_L_ dot C-o-m

  • herman martinez

    hey glen , i am a carpenter for over 27yrs  and i want to help rebuild , kentucky ohio, . i live in ct and been out of work so i would like to lend my skills ,,  how do i go about it , can you help ?

  • Anonymous

    I thank God for your courage,strength,and knowledge you are sharing with everyone in knowing the truth. Sadly the truth is becoming a distant trait of character in  these horrible times all over the world. This country needs more leaders such as whom you’ve become to help the blind see the right road at which to take. God is the only one who knows just how to make it all happen according to his plan. My husband and I watch your show GBTV every day and  it is refreshing but at the same time worrisome . We are like you , very concerned for our country.We can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Novak

    Glenn Beck forever!

  • America’s #1Defender

    We Blog Anti-Obama, and Pro American Posts to include ANYONE who wants to save America!

  • Jan Woodman

    Is this the one to be held in the Dallas Cowboys’ dome???

  • Jan Woodman

    Is this the one scheduled for the Cowboys’ Dome????


    Visit US and read some alternate news, stories and events.

    Veteran owned and Liberal attacked on Twitter by Wounded Warrior hating communists.

  • Monte Jefferson

    Hey Glenn,
    Am a daily listener to 106.1 rush Radio and GBTV subscriber and have been since day one – can’ t watch it though, because my download speed is 1.5 MBPS not 3.0- need help – have your people slow the shit down or transmit in lower resolution –so I can watch too, called GBTV staff several time (cant help me, I live in the country near the city and the wireless access card only goes so fast, no wires to my house), my kids watch net flix no problem, I can watch my cat give birth to kittens in the oven, and I can call them buscuits  but I cant see GBTV.  Boo hoo for me!!

    Love you Man – God Speed

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to contribute since last night but can’t complete the transaction. I am positive of my bank card numbers

  • KING CRAB 69

    I may have 6 tickets together for sale for restoring love if interested please contact me at cansir99  Dan 

  • David Midgette

    As a truck driver for Operation Blessing, I want to thank you and the many servants that are making a difference one peson at a time, and  together with  God’s help we will turn things a around.

  • Anonymous

    Glen always liked your Friday shows on our history learned so much. Happy you are bring it back because there is so much we do not know because it was and is not taught

  • Anonymous

    I know of a clinical psychologist with a 100% cure rate working with Vets with PTSD.  If he told his story on Glenn’s show there would be a rush to cure every Vet with PTSD ,… the government would get involved because Glenn’s audience would back this fellow and they would not want to be shown to be a waster of money.  Fly fishing may make a person feel well but this direction is a waster of people … we only have so many hours to be alive on earth and this fellow is giving use anecdotal info.  Curing every vet with PTSD is doable.  The hard thing is to get even Glenn to listen to a workable solution. I wrote to Glenn after watching his TV show this evening. Let’s see if he answers or getting solutions through Glenn is no better than getting solutions through the government.

  • sheri simms

    Can anyone tell me how to get tour tickets…. can’t find it on mercury one….

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