Glenn announces move to Dallas

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Glenn made a major announcement on radio this morning, albeit a personal one – Glenn, his family, and a small number of staff members will shortly be relocating to Dallas, TX!

“I’m moving to Dallas, Texas, and my family is there now, and I will be there shortly. We’re keeping our business, Mercury, in New York. Nobody is surprised by this, I’m sure. We have been planning for a long time,” Glenn said.

“We are moving to Dallas and we’re going to build a film and television center and radio center in Dallas and we’re going to create some jobs with people who know how to create jobs in Texas,” he promised.

“The thing I wanted to tell you is we are changing our life because I actually believe in the things that I tell you every day. And we’ve started GBTV which is already more wildly successful than we had imagined that we would be. It’s not even on the air yet and it’s already successful.”

“Stand together with GBTV and we’ll try to work together and change the country, based in Texas.”

The Blaze has additional details here

  • Hal Kaplan


    I’ve been trying for over two years to somehow get an email or a letter via certified or registered mail directly into Glenn’s hands. I have a ton of experience in setting up offices and other facilities like huge Internet data-centers. I have worked with architects, city managers for building permits, all furniture and other amenities, phone systems and computer systems and all wire and cabling.  I also am literate with all high tech. Apple and Windows, cellular, HDTV, digital photography, audio and video, etc. Started in sales and everything in between that and vice President.  I am currently trying to move from southern California to the Dallas area because there is no work here. I’ve tried to contact many people at Glenn’s various companies and have even offered my services for free but I cannot get through to him in any way. Is there anyone that could please help? I totally agree with Glenn’s views about what’s coming and I have been a committed Conservative Christian since 1982. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

  • Fred Vincent

    You are most welcome here, lots of space, clean water, clean air and opportunity, you’ll make a great Texan, pray your coming to Grapevine/Southlake

  • Anonymous

    Just learned about your move to Texas from the O’Reilly show. Congratulations! I love Dallas. I love all of Texas, for that matter. There’s a reason President Bush moved there. It’s a wonderful, wonderful city.

  • Gene Williams

    Hey Glenn!  How are ya?  I saw you in San Antonio for the tea party rally.  I drove down from Denver.  I have since moved back to Austin and we are filming a new web series called Drift at  Our first episode comes out in July.  It sure would be nice if you could say something about it.  It is about a Senator (me) who struggles against a powerful government (Think Roman Senate) that is growing more powerful all the time.  I think it touches on the dangers of big powerful government.  Love you have your support my friend!  Oh, BTW, great to have you home on Texas!

  • Anonymous

    donate to our wounded warriors and tea party check out you must go to the web not google or bing to get there imagine all tea party people wearing one and knowing that we’re for america not socialism kick the guy from Kenya out.

  • Anonymous

    let”s support or troops donate to our wounded warriors and tea party check out you must go to the web not google or bing to get there imagine all tea party people wearing one and knowing that we’re for america not socialism

  • Susan

    Please people stop falling for the paranoia that preaches the need to stock up on provisions. The world is NOT coming to an end and more fear only further divides this country. This reminds me of the Y2K fear of technology and the need to “stock up” because no food would be available after January 1, 2000! People you are being scammed by those who exploit ignorance and insecurity in those who are ill informed. Spend your time working together with ALL neighbors to strengthen your economy, and remember we are ALL loyal Americans regardless of political affiliation, and must work together to eliminate unnecessary fear and ignorance about America’s future. You are safe, your families will have access to food as they always have and this continued focus on dividing this country into an “us and them” society only breeds division and encourages this environment of fear.

  • Glennster

    Exactly where he belongs. Good riddance.

  • Jason Masters

    Good riddance you racist piece of shit!

  • Jason Masters

    Wrong God beck worships Satan you would have to pray to him for beck we all know beck has already right.

  • Jason Masters

    I pray that Glenn beck find Jesus and be healed from his demons amen.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Texas Glenn!!! Wish you would’ve at least considered San Antonio :-(. I apologize and am shocked of the death threats you and your family have received since moving here! I just learned of you moving to Texas watching O’Reilly at 10:00 P.M. I immediately got on my pc and looked it up. This is exciting news in my family! We all love you here!

  • Kevin Valentine

    Glenn I have long been a fan of your work. I have watched your show within the comfort of my home. I have listened to your radio show inside a cell in the county jail. By the grace of god you will recieve this message. I am an artist. I have written poems, songs, even a novel none of which are published. I have written a song called “I was but now I am” but do not have the resources to shoot a video. I have preformed this song in jails, rehabs, stores, and on the street. I have many times been praised for my works but this particular project I hold dear to my heart. I would like to present American dream labs with the opertunity to shoot this video in my hometown of Brownsville Pennsylvania. The location and historic value of the location alone I feel will help aid in conveying this message to the world. In closing what brings all this together is me and the confidence I have in my self as vessel. I AM truely one of a kind.

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