Obama caught in a massive lie

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So has the President been caught in a massive lie? Apparently author Scott Wright has been doing some research on stories he told on the campaign trail, and he has found some contradictory information – primarily that a story he told on the campaign trail about his mother’s cancer coverage was exaggerated, to say the least.

“For my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in a hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they’re saying that this may be a preexisting condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.

“There is something fundamentally wrong about that.  It’s a lie,” Pat said. “Her insurance company covered her completely for the problem that she was suffering.”

“That is weird.  According now to the records in January 1995, she left Indonesia to go to Honolulu where she was diagnosed with an advanced uterine and ovarian cancer.  She began a regimen of surgery and chemotherapy.  This is the time which womb says his mother battled the insurance companies to cover her illness.  But Scott, an author of a new book who has access to Dunham’s correspondence from the time reveals that she unquestionably had health coverage.  Ann’s compensation for her job in Jakarta had included health insurance which covered most of the cost of her medical treatment,” Glenn read.

Glenn emphasized that she came from another country to the United States and received her medical care. Pat added that she was actually misdiagnosed in Indonesia, where she was said to have appendicitis.

“ Once she was back in Hawaii, the hospital billed her insurance company directly leaving Ann only to pay the deductible and any uncovered expenses, which she said claimed to be several hundred dollars a month.  Scott Wright said Dunham, who wanted to be compensated for those costs as well as for her living expenses.  She filed a separate claim under her employer’s disability insurance policy.  It was that claim with the insurance company Cigna that was declined in August 1995 because as Cigna investigators said, her condition was known before she was covered by the policy.  Dunham protested the decision and informed Cigna that she was turning the case over to my son, an attorney, Barack Obama.  Cigna did not budge,” Glenn continued.

“September 1995 Dunham traveled to New York for an evaluation at renowned Memorial Sloan‑Kettering.  She returned to Hawaii, began a new course of treatment.  She died in November.  A dozen years later her son turned ordeal into a campaign pitch for national healthcare.  But the story Obama told Scott Wright was abbreviated.  The abbreviation was to leave out the fact that she had health insurance and it paid for her treatment.  Though he often suggested that she was denied health coverage because of a preexisting condition.  It appears from her correspondence in her own writing that she was only denied disability coverage.  That’s a different story altogether but one that nobody in the press seems to care.”

What are some other Obama healthcare related lies that have been exposed?

“One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about.  They delayed his treatment and he died because of it.”

But as Pat pointed out, it has been revealed that the man received treatment, his coverage was paid for, but he passed away anyway.

Glenn and Pat then went through a series of hyperbolic statements wherein the President implied that doctors were removing amputating feet from diabetics or needlessly removing tonsils for money. Obama, of course, did not provide concrete examples.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528844917 Bryan Pettengill

    I wonder how he is going to blame it on Bush?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X4VSNAGHTYGPJDPYQRRE37SMQU Fredster

    Due to the fact that this involves one’s mother who passed away from cancer; I’ll hold my comment though I do agree with Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly this won’t hurt Obama, the truth doesn’t matter anymore.  You’ve all had encounters with Lefties who come in here, just pissed off at the world, and anything you say disparaging about Obama was a lie before it even came out of your mouth (according to THEM).  It’s like MSNBC and the way they splice comments out of context from Glenn or Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh and turn them into what they are not.
    Please people, do not vote for this lying piece of s***.  He’s Big Brother from 1984, he will rewrite history and the truth you thought you knew will slowly die (if he gets reelected).  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AE674NMRXIM4XEG272A6AYETP4 M

    Good riddance in elimination of her carbon footprint.  Barak Hussein doesn’t know who his real father is.

  • Anonymous

     /ˈkɒnʃəns/ Show Spelled
    1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience.
    2. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individualtaken from http://www.dictionary.comConsidering his propensity to be the focus of our lives, I do believe his deception is without his knowledge due to his lack of conscience….In my opinion of course!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the info “Food4years”
    B747 – where did you get this info.  I used to live in Illinois as a child & remember my parents always stating that the Powers that be were much less than stellar!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LindasDuby Gerald Marquardt

    This Jackass has committed more crimes than Nixon and look what happened to him

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Engelmann/100003059048385 Jeff Engelmann

       The power of the press.  If they hate you, you are dead.  If they love you, you could literally be the offspring of the devil and they would cover for you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Catherine-Elizabeth/100002391680393 Catherine Elizabeth

        That is why “We the People” have the power to use twitter, face book etc to call them out when they refuse to cover a story…post right to their
        twitter, face book, etc. use every main stream media outlet, ABC, CBS, MSNBC,
        CNN, every one of them the break the story they refuse to cover with a link on their social media sight…lets expose them for what they really are, a shill for the White House lets fight back with the tools we have available, please & thank you!


        Share this information with everyone you know!

        • http://www.facebook.com/qtlil.package Val Oli

          I agree with you Catherine.. Exposure is key. I’ve posted the findings to Sheriff Joe’s investigation on Obama’s bc on my facebook along with this link.. asking others to do the same to inform other Americans who are unaware since the media isn’t reporting this investigation of our  President. I posted the link right on our local Az news journalist facebook page and asked him why isn’t this story being covered by media and he ignored my question. 




        • Anonymous

          True, but I wonder for how long. If the SS can stop free speech to keep the government officials from being disturbed, how long before they take it to the point of stopping what the boss might be exposed to over the digital waves?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=782894696 Robin Shaw

          I Really Like the way you think!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/StephKenyon Stephanie Kenyon



          Confusion, illusion, diffusion among us.

          Inspired by those who are in power of us.

          Our protectors are devils, disguised in angel eyes,

          Misleading, deceiving, tricking us into believing

          we are safe while we are dreaming.


          All the while they are scheming, demeaning,

          Manufacturing a false sense of security

          just to maintain worldly positions, possessions,

          with no discretion.


          We are only puppets in their puppet show,

          Singing and dancing for their pockets to grow.

          Assets no longer, it’s time to go,

          oppose their code and to jail you will go.


          A seemingly endless supply,

          Brainwashed from inside the womb.

          It’s not us they care about,

          It’s power, greed, prestige, they protect.

          More money to make, more souls to take.


          It’s Freedom we need to protect, it’s us

          Who need to direct.


          To stand up for Our rights, unit one another…

          Believe in each other!


          Follow your hearts, find wisdom within, rejoice in your choice!

          Find faith strong, lead those who are wrong, forgive in mistakes of your  past.


          So stand up to “Big Brother” and those who waiver.

          Question those that lead, big or small, any who have power.

          I call out to the bold, the brave, the timid and the meek,

          To find all the truths we seek!


          Let’s stand together and protect one another

          United we can be, a nation standing together.

          Igniting a flame in the hearts of each other.

          A “United” States we can be,

          A united world is a future I wish to see.


           ‘In God We Trust’,

          American freedom, liberty, and justice; a must!

          Printed on American dollars, embossed on American coin

          A nation founded under God with a worthy cause to join…


                 We have let them have too much power for too long, we have lost some of our natural rights to govern ourselves, to have a legitimate voice in the decisions of our country. Those in power are not governing our nation with our best interests in mind, that I can be sure of (though there are a few in government probably trying to bring about positive change, their efforts are easily crushed before anything concrete can be done).
          They need us to wake up, need us to “want” to actively partake in a positive change for America.
                 If we remain asleep, remain anesthetized to what is going on around us, we may lose everything we hold dear, right down to our individual God-given rights!!  We need to educate ourselves, those around us, and actively take an interest in our future if we are going to have any possibility of a free America, tomorrow!!
                   Educate and find out as much as you can, the
          more we know, the better prepared we will be for unexpected events, and the
          better we can disrupt negative schemes being plotted against us! 

                 Take the power back! Be all you can be…American &
          free!  So let’s EDUCATE, STIMULATE,   FACILITATE,  
          & MOTIVATE ourselves, our neighbors, our communities,
          web-communities and the world.  Utilize
          the tools & resources we have to alleviate the problems.  Let’s become a part of the solution and not
          part of the problem (because when we do nothing at all, when we look the other
          way, or when we act like the individual can’t make a difference…then we
          become a contributing component to the overall problem!!
                Remember all of the people, both soldiers and civilians, from the past to the present, everyone that has fought on or off the battlefield to preserve OUR freedoms, OUR CONSTITUTION, and OUR way of life.
                 We have every right to question those that are in office and government. We can call for change and NOW is the time to do so. What better time than today, especially since we might not have the freedoms to do so tomorrow!Don’t put off until tomorrow, what YOU can, what WE NEED TO DO TODAY!!
                 We are the ‘People’, we are this Nation! We are AMERICA!!! 
          Thank You for reading and God Speed!

          • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.parker3 Sandy Parker

            Yeah!   Stephanie!       I like what you say!    Go girl!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Cowell/100001117792852 Kathy Cowell


        • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.parker3 Sandy Parker

          Dittos, Catherine!

      • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.parker3 Sandy Parker

        Thank the Lord, Jeff.    They don’t know me!     Does that mean I am safe?   I
        am just a grandma to 5 kiddos and want them to live freely!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Anderson/100000909410578 Gary Anderson

    This comment would carry a lot more weight if it weren’t written so poorly…liberals will feed of it like sharks.  Example: “that doctors were removing amputating feet…”; amputating is sufficient, the word “removing” should be removed.

  • http://www.ssaarabians.homestead.com Victoria Jensen

    Typical of Obama to lie, that is his only way of talking right??? Talk about doing the spin I think Obama has it down pretty damn good. I get sick just hearing the mans voice, and the thought of him being is office another 4 years scares the hell out of me.

  • Anonymous

    Obama should never have been allowed to run for the office of president of the U.S.  Read Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution and follow up with the Supreme Court Case of Minor v Happersett of 1875. After that, you might want to check on the Congressional Record for 2003. You will find out that the DNC tried 8 different times within a 22 month period of time to amend the Constitution to delete the eligibility requirement of a person having to be a “natural born citizen” of this country in order to hold the office of the president of this nation. As I said earlier, the attempts to delete this requirement began in 2003 and continued for 22 months. By the way, they had already selected Barack Hussein Obama as their candidate by 2003. These facts are the reason that the pursuit to have him removed from office because of his ineligibility still continues to this day.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/22ZPZJO3NSMKRESG43IL2IZSB4 DavidL

    Everytime i hear about Obama care I think right from the start it was corrupt.All the back door deals and speacial exemtion to union and the more and more i hear about it the more i think it was a bad idea right from the start.

  • steve henclewski

     I hate when you expose the truth. You are tring to make obama look like he really is ????? That is very unfair to the one dimentional libs.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3ZQPZI3J7CPY7KQ3T26YQ3ARTM Richard

    Briefly..went through TSA security, was in a hurry for flight..so declined machine and ask for pat down..all o.k. but asked TSA rep why the alarm did not sound with my defibrillator/pacemaker and his response was…”well, you know most of those are made of plastic”!  I am a D.D.S. with 44 years of practice so I replied “are you telling me that my $60M unit is a childs toy” and he replied “no” but that is why the alarm did not sound.  Then I told him..”this is not fare for me to have this conversation with you, because i am a retired dentist and have been exposed to x-ray and other radiation for many years plus I attended couorses in roentgenology while in school.  The TSA man was the manager of this group of agents, he should have known better!!!Richard E. Bush, D.D.S., Kearney, Nebraska

  • http://twitter.com/Jujubmuse Jujubmuse

    If she was asking them to pay for her living situation, that says a lot about her son.  Hmmm… maybe the President should have offered a roof for his own mother. Pathetic.

    • paula marshall

      Their goal in life, these sort that want someone else to pay their entire way, is to make the USA welfare system stronger, bigger, deeper, and wider.  Their entire idea of success is to make welfare sweeter for their people who prefer it over finding their own strength.  This way, those that live on their plane will cheer them, and they will beocme local heroes to their kind.  They don’t have a broader vision than that.  These are the people that believe the killers when they tell them that Communism is “good for everyone”.  (spider-to-the-fly talk)  Useful idiots being the flies.  I once knew of a trailer park full of people who thought that way!  They all lived in each other’s tiny yards, talking about their ‘benefits’ they got, seemed to share kids, all cursed the government for not giving them more, and taught each other how to cheat the system that was put in place for the REAL needy.  Not very many people in that trailer park didn’t share their mantras.  So scary.  I had a friend there, and I would go visit her, and the trailers were so close together that one could open a window in the summer and hear three or four conversations about the government benefits they were receiving!  Crazy!  I was SO glad when my friend found a house!  Over and over I would hear these ‘residents’ come by her yard and tell her “you should try to get on Welfare!”  It was good to see her get past them.  Once upon a time I had to accept food stamps for a short time after a divorce, raising three kids, no skills, and before I started college.  You should have heard the cheers and congrats at the local food stamp office when I went up to my worker and told her that I was accepted into college and would be studying to become an RN and had a part time job so I didn’t need food stamps any longer!   She was so surprised.  A couple people even stopped their work and came over to shake my hand!  I looked at her in confusion, and she said that they rarely, if ever, have anyone come in and close their own case.  She then told me how proud of me she was.  Shocking!  This was many years ago, when hippies were fresh.  Sad.  Now, my state actually BRAGS about how many people they have on food support!  pathetic!  None of these lifers have any self-esteem.

      • Anonymous

        Paying for disability insurance, and trying to collect on it when you are dying of cancer, is not the same as being on welfare. And by the way, I got divorced, was a single mother of two, went to school, and worked- all without going on welfare or food stamps. Good for you for getting off food stamps, though.

      • EDWARDS

        Paula, You’re so right. I would say you are from the South (only guessing). I am from a small town with a population of 2000 people. Most assisted county in the State. Halifax County,N.C.  I couldn’t of  said it better. I know were you’re coming from.

        GOD BLESS

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how omnipotent Glenn Beck is, that he miraculously knows more about Mrs. Obama than her own son President Obama.  Really?  He honestly only knows, and spins further from center, what he learned from what others have read in a book by Janny Scott, as I’m pretty sure he didn’t read it himself. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Engelmann/100003059048385 Jeff Engelmann

       How obtuse can you be?  0bama is a liar.  He only lies when he is speaking though.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, cause somehow like Glenn Beck, you are privy to all things and therefore can make the blanket assessment that Obama lies.

        • Anonymous

          The ONLY statement made by ‘barry ‘o’ ‘that is true, is the one where
          he stated that he would ‘fundamentaly **–** (up) this nation’.  Every other thing that abomination has put forth IS a lie. 
             It’s quite nearly always PROVABLE FACT that IF his mouth is moving, he IS lying,  He lies about his lies.  He fabricates & exhorts fraudulent examples of false tales of other people’s non-existent or blown all out of proportion to fact woes while blowing forth while using ‘cathedral’ or ‘reverb’ settings on sound systems to further attempt to inflate his false image.  My take is that his gigantic maniacal ego compels him to make any pathetic attempt whatsoever to inflate his self-appointed ‘greatness’, a quality of which he is most certainly NOT endowed. Kinda like ‘The Great Oz’, only immeasurably worse. This one ain’t no movie.
             Tho’ there are & have been far too many cases in the history of Our Nation’s public records, this particular creature is one of the most disgusting human beings I have personally witnessed in any
          arena.  There appears to be no depth to which he is unwilling to descend in the quest for the power he craves.  This personage appears to be entirely without any true concept of Honor whatsoever.
            Learn something new, leftie.  Try Truth.  ‘Nuf’ said.

        • Anonymous

          Hey smart-guy, TRY LISTENING TO WHAT GLENN IS SAYING Rather than just THINK you know what you are talking about.  My God Man, are ALL you Butt Slamming Obama Bimbo’s as BUTT STUPID AS YOU??  This is what you said Moron,

          Quote:”That he miraculously knows more about Mrs. Obama than her own son President Obama.  Really”

          Are YOU saying Mrs Obama didn’t know herself better than YOU think her son should?  

          Not ONLY did Mrs Obama inform Glenn Beck of the what her Insurance actually covered, SHE PUT IT IN WRITING!

          That’s right, Hoss, HER  OWN HAND WRITING! 

          THAT is why Glenn comes off to you as if he knows all, because he can impeach Barack Obama’s public testimony as one of the great aggregation of lies he has coming out both sides of his BIG mouth.  

          You see, Hoss, this is why we need to go back to the days when being “Honorable” was more than just a word at the top of the Presidents stationery Letterhead.  What USED to be the deciding factor of a candidates electability, was his integrity, his honesty and his Character.  

          You on the other hand, are still looking to blame Obama’s Mother for disparaging her son using Beck as a Proxy.   The fact is, what his Mother said IS what happened and what Barack is saying is just more B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.  The only real question anyone has regarding this thread, is, WHY ? WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO SWING FROM OBAMA’S Vas Defrens??  The man is a SCUMBAG PIECE OF GARBAGE who NEVER loved this Country. 

          He loves the country he is going to change this one into.  Trouble with Obama is, we already know where Stalin-ism was a huge failure.  I hope this teaches everyone a lesson about hiring illegal aliens with a 10-15 alias’s, stolen social security number, forged birth certificates, Doctored selective service card, etc, etc, etc. 

          It isn’t Glenn Beck that is saying he is privy to some top secret data about Obama, it is YOU and all you have done, is make assertions.  You want to call Glenn a Liar, FINE,, you show us what he said that isn’t true.  Share with us, your staggering intellect and insiders scoop on all that is Obama.  PfffT

          • Anonymous

            @KentPerry, your rant is nothing more than an incredible collection of words that sadly add up to exactly nothing in value. However, I do appreciate your imagination, reminds me a lot of many a Disney film I have seen.

    • Anonymous

      From all of these obermanischmanure blurbs of yours, it’s pretty clear that you have NO
      interest in learning anything about the differences between Right & wrong.  You inevi-
      tably prefer ‘wrong’ & UNtruth to facts.
        Aside from the fact that your blaaber is pointedly without merit, is there some other
      reason you keep spewing your leftie nonsense? 
        I’manota saying your leftist splops irritate me, cuz ya don’t.  Just sayin’ WTF!!!???
      with all your NONSENSE!?!?

  • Anonymous

    Holly and anyone else here who thinks the same…you have got to stop reading the conspiracy crap.  Neither President Obama, nor his wife, Michelle, surrendered their license to practice law because of any criminal activity or pending disbarment.  As any person could easily look up, there is no such record of pending action against either of them, and surrendering one’s law license does not stop any proceeding for disbarment anyways. Seriously. They both voluntarily surrendered thier license to practice law to pursue other than law careers, required by the bar to use thier licenses later in life.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HCHOIHHJRCAMPUA4GK3L4CTFBY Joe

    Obama is a street hustler type, no morals, just hustling for a living.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Sunshine Kid; can I get a ‘clean’ blow-up of your jackass hunting license please? It is TOO good! I’d like to get some sticki-pads made up to put on my truck bumpers.
    Down in ol’ Mexico, south of the border, they make a bumper sticker before the vote;
    It states “Haz Patria! Mata un chilango!” — meaning mata un ‘progressive.
    Y’see, in Mexico the ‘chilangos’ are the elitists from Mexico City who figger they own the
    entire nacion & it exists solely for their use & profit. They got a bad name for good reason.
    Well, anyways, MY sticker (handmade) is “Haz Patria! Mata liberales!”, or, “Save Our Nation!
    **** liberals!” (ANY 4-letter word may work).
    As yer knows, Washtingdung, DZs has a rather similar attitude toward the rest of us, ergo,
    the modificates on the mexican pre-election stickers.
        “Haz Patria! Turn a liberal to The Right!” might be a more sedate sticker. Then again, we are dealing with liberals & they tend to be perfectly assinine most of the time. As the old saying goes, “You can lead an ass to reason, but you CAN’T make them think!”
    Wuddun’t dat it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

      Holy shit man you dont make it easy to read your comments do you. What the hell was that mess of words suppose to mean? Something about bumper stickers? You Americans need to come up and use our Canadian educational systems if that is the grammar you were taught in your school system I feel bad you wasted so much time out of your life just to be able to create a obscene paragraph of utter bumper sticker nonsense.

  • http://tayloralexander.org tayloralexander

    Every day is another big lie of the current administration

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSJULSAVFJIJYR6PCTCUPMNXRA Take 2

    In 2008 a compelling and insightful speech by Mo mar
    Ka dafi, leader of the Isl am ic and oppressive terrorist country of Libya
    Supports Ob ama. In his speech Ka dafi outs Ob ama as a Mu slim and appeals to his
    victory to help defeat Israel.  In the
    2008 speech Ka dafi describes how Moos lu ms  Brother Ob ama needs to lie in order to get
    eleceted… When I was in east Africa 2008 it was made very clear that Ob ama
    would lie to get elected and be all about the truth in his second term-not
    before. Strange coinsdence after watching the ka dafi speach huh or hum?    

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6XRCM76JASO3NIEYAM5MCOJJ7E N

    is stu looking at porn on his laptop, at 6:10, 6:26 ?

  • Anonymous

    No surgeon would be payed more than 1 or 2 thousand for doing the amputation.  The whole hospital cost might be $30-50,000 if the person was in ICU and had other complications and multiple radiology studies but the cost of amputation is certainly not that high in total let alone the money that the surgeon receives.

  • http://twitter.com/randallburton20 randy burton

    tes that the way they do things in hell PEOPLE i realze its not proper to lookat it from a religious point of view . HOWEVER we really need to because it seems likethe bigger government the it resimbles something  EVIL in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought you got it wrong: “…caught in A massive lie.”?    But I wasn’t thinking straight. It has been A lie, continuously, for years!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it already?!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BNBHYJXRUZP5624C7ARMSEHVQU RC

    Obama has no shame when it comes to lying to get whatever he wants………..a bill passed, paybacks to his donors or to get re-elected.   If his lips are moving, he’s probably lying.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

      Bush Powell and others lied about reasons to goto war with Iraq that is a pretty big lie.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

        And haliburton sure made alot of money out of that war. Fair and balanced.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JSZ5KWH76WFW26LI4CXDVW63VU Gary D

    can you name one truth obama has told since he got in office. he has constantly sidestepped the constitution that he took an oath to uphold why is he not being impeached

    • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

      One truth….ok ummm ahhh ugh hold on……I am sure he kept his promises to green energy companies. There how’s that? LoL :)

  • Anonymous

    I scrolled through the comments.
    Goes back 8 months at least, then I came back here.
    Our president has a strange look to his eyes when he speaks.
    Kind of squinty. Not straight forward.
    I always interpreted that look as deception.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

      Kind of like bush LoL. I am Canadian and I liked bush as president but damn soon as you said squinty look in the eyes you reminded me of George W. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jhborden James H Borden

    I can debate anyone anytime on anything. Intelligently….I know that is to hard for most lefties and righties to do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dorothy-Palmer/100002408671372 Dorothy Palmer

    The only way this feces ends is with the Kenyan’s end of life.

  • Anonymous

    I think Obama is in the wrong business.  I think he could give Robin Cook a run for his money by writing medical thrillers, you know, pure fiction, but very scary.

  • Anonymous

     I disagree.  Today’s Liberalism is based in redistribution of wealth, which is not truly wealth, it is just what other people earn regardless of whether it is just barely getting by or actual wealth.  All the taxes that exist today did not exist until about 100 years ago when Progressivism began it’s stealthy grip on Liberalsim.

  • Anonymous

     Or in the history of our country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Breuer/649755685 Chuck Breuer

    Heads up America: Beware the Lame Duck



    The entire media universe is speculating on whether or not
    the current president will win in November after our glorious leader’s wink and
    nod to the Russian President about what he will do when (I say IF) he is re-elected.
    He says he will be ‘more flexible’ with Vladimir…a known KGB operative before
    brazenly taking over the ‘democratized’ government of the NEW Russia.

    I suggest that an even more urgent matter might be the
    possibility that he will NOT be re-elected!

    Many people and even the typically so called ‘news
    reporters’ forget a simple matter regarding our election process: The new
    incoming President will be named in November, but will not be sworn in to the
    office until late January of the succeeding year. That gives the outgoing man
    the opportunity to wind down his occupancy of the Whitehouse and deal with his
    (in this case) incredible number of cronies, Czars and hangers-on.

    This man– way above anyone who ever occupied the Whitehouse
    before– has demonstrated  not just a
    willingness but a fervor to make midnight appointments, pay off his cronies and
    members of Congress for services rendered with lucrative jobs, contracts and
    giveaways that astound any honest citizen. Additionally, his use of Executive
    Orders and Presidential Degrees is all but treasonous!

    Now picture him as having been defeated for re-election with
    almost two months to do anything he chooses to do while still in office. The
    Executive Orders will fly like snowflakes! Spies and saboteurs will be
    appointed to every available post in every conceivable agency of the federal
    government. Grants, gifts and handouts will bolt out of the treasury so fast
    even Geithner and Bernanke will be grossly embarrassed, and hopefully replaced.

    The object of all this activity will be done to further
    cement the Democratic Party’s control over disgruntled racial groups,
    unionists, gay right activists, Wall Street protesters, illegal aliens who want
    amnesty, and youths from kindergarten to college being brain washed in our
    public schools. Now add such groups as global warmers, all term abortion
    advocates, atheistic groups, and even felons who want the right to vote
    restored to them in spite of their demonstrated disdain for the rule of law.
    The purpose of all this activity will have one central objective: that of
    winning back the Whitehouse in 2016.

    Re-election of the present incumbent will be a possible
    death knell to the America we have known, but even a lame duck Pres. can still
    do unimaginable harm to the Republic!


    Dr. CE Breuer March 30, 2012

  • Anonymous

    As far as misdiagnosis it happens here too my wife was told in 08 her gall bladder had to come out …. that is when they found the overian & Uterin cancer…… I lost her in 09…. we had disability insurance and when she was diagnosed terminal she went on Social Security Disability… the Chairmans mom would have been able to do the same…..  Typical Chairman “O” lies…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MSDYHDBO2723T7VPFMUHJLADK4 Alma

    I hope everyone in the U.S. hears Obama’s lie. Will it be on Fox News?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Higgins/100000018641570 Scott Higgins

    Obama has already openly confessed that he believes that politics are in essence “presenting to the people what is necessary to get them to do what it is that you need them to do!” He does not subsribe to trurh as a required ethic because he is an advocate of the idea that the ends justify the means. He has an agenda and is on track to carrying out his objectives!

  • Anonymous

    Ken Reilly, that was the best joke of the day. See if you can laugh at this…even if he loses the debate, “OVOMIT” will still be elected for another 4, unless, those who still can not open their eyes or their ears are unable to have the guts and mental capacity to cut the strings that still conects them to the GREAT PUPPET MASTER.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GR2F7ZHJRA2AVVT7CXGNBNXLY4 Dorris P

    There is so much talk out there,We have all Te proof so what is holding this up??????????

    Sayings, “If I had a dime for every lie barack told I’d be a millionaire”

    You can say what you want, “talk is cheap, but it takes a dollar to buy whisky”

    “Every lie need a witness” and he has plenty of liters to back him up as witnesses.

    Has ANYBODY been told, that just making the remark The White House is not up for grabs to the highest BIDDER been taken seriously?

    I have this little statement I keep trying for some one to bring to light and is very profound.
    I will try once more.

                                           EARLY LESSON



    DORRIS PONSTINGL,G, GRANDMA——dorrisp3@yahoo.com

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GR2F7ZHJRA2AVVT7CXGNBNXLY4 Dorris P

    Does the fact that he and Michelle both lost there licence to practice law,tell you he has no skills at all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GR2F7ZHJRA2AVVT7CXGNBNXLY4 Dorris P

    Does Revolution come to ind, look at what the other countries went through to free them selves from corruption.
    Look what happen to Gaddafi ,do they really think A “JUDO CHRISTIAN NATION”set back and let them tear our values down???????????
    I think we will have boots on the ground to defend our Country.
    Just remember THIS IS GODS COUNTY and he will intercede.

    We have to remember the statement “NO GUTS NO GLORY” We can’t set back and expect things to change with just worring  what could happen while the socialist are taking over??
    WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STEP UP NOW, and were not going to change things by just talking about what we should do,WE HAVE TO STEP UP BEFORE IT HAPPENS.

    It is going on behind close door as we set here and comment about Where are all the so called MEN we elected to protect us??????????? have they all been bought off????????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sharon.Schre Sharon Schreiber

    Leave it to Obesey!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama must be caught in a multitude of lies daily.  He does nothing but lie, day in and day out.  Why doesn’t the LAME MEDIA talk about this insanity?  What he is doing to us daily, what he is managing to pass on his own is very, very frightening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002227724600 Val Dol

    The gates of hell have opened up with this administration.  I’ve never heard so much divisive, nasty, lying, disgusting display from so many people that want to destroy our America.  Impeach this man, high treason is now part of his many atrocities to our Constitution.
    By executive order, we will all be ordered to give up our liberty and everything else we own. Agenda 21 is working on doing that as well.
    We have to remember that only 30% of the new Americans stood with Washington and only 3 to 5% picked up arms to fight the British.  I have hope if this small band of people were able to fight for our freedom then the one’s that are awake can help save America and our freedom.
    I actually fear that because of this post I will be on a list and considered a ter, “won’t spell the word to keep from tracking.
    Don’t laugh, they are watching and want you afraid and not informed.
    God help us and God helps them who helps themselves.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.parker3 Sandy Parker

      Agenda 21 – I am not knowledgeable on that one……

      • Anonymous

        You need to look in to Agenda 21. It deals with depopulation. This is real. Do a search on it.

      • paula marshall

        Sandy, google it.  Very interesting.  You will even find videos on it.

        • Anonymous

          I did Google it. Found out they are putting kidney cells from aborted Chinese fetuses in Gatorade and Lay’s Potato Chips. They are also controlling the weather to cause droughts in this country, and that the Rockefellers and Roosevelts have bought up all the aquifers to force people from their waterless land. Heaven help us!

    • Anonymous

      You never heard the REAL disgusting lies, the war crimes..over four thousand troops lives lost,  because of lie,  thousands wounded physically and mentally, for life. No cameras at Dover so we couldn’t see the caskets of troops who died for nothing.. An Economy that tanked, a suplus swollowed up… You must have had your eyes closed and your ears plugged for 8 years with that other administration, and the man  at top who was appointed  by the  supreme court..Two wars that were not paid for, a drug program, that was not paid for….  The list goes on and on,there is not enough space to type it all.   Impeach ???? We didn’t impeach when there was a multitude of reasons..that is really what happened to OUR America

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6X3DVWRSL5ZK6DZGDHPG77BQLM Michael Kirifides

        Talk about drinking cool aid. You want to use caskets as propaganda for your polictic agenda? How shamefull is that? Catch up with the truth not the crap the Dems are feeding you. The WMD were shipped to Syria and guess what? (http://www.nysun.com/foreign/iraqs-wmd-secreted-in-syria-sada-says/26514/)Did you not catch it on MSNBC? You twit. Oh, the economy that tanked. Guess again sweet heart. Your pals Frank & Dodd set the table for the real estate collapse. Please, get your facts straight. Impeach this lying clown. Our country would be better off if dim lights such as you would stay home on Election Day

      • Anonymous

        I can feel your frustration. Don’t dwell on the past presidents. They were just as guilty. You are right. But we can’t go back to fix that now. We are in trouble now and must deal with this man who is destroying the country. You are absolutely right. I hope that gives you some comfort. We are dealing with the progressives (right and left).

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.chambless1 Marie Chambless

          to all man can not fix our country ,this country was build on one nation under GOD untill we , HIS word says if we are called by HIS name will seek His face and turn from our wicked ways He wii heal our land , stop killing our babies and put prayer back in our schools  and bring GOD TO OUR everyday life.

          • Anonymous


      • paula marshall

         GAP, two wrongs don’t make a right, do they?  Over and over, I hear that it was “Bush that is to blame”, yet to a man, these people who squawk that all stop SHORT of denouncing Obama, too!  WHY is that?  Are you so stuck in the past that you can not see the present? Or are you merely trying to distract?  Either answer is unacceptable.  IF Bush is/was to blame, it will eventually come to be known to all the world.  Fear not.   ALL wrongs, new or old, will eventually come to be known to all the world, because truth stands firm forever.  If you were even a tiny bit sincere,all evil would be spoken out against by you.  If this is so, -if you ARE sincere, expose the truths about ALL evil, not merely your first taste of it! 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Forrest-Lemon/100001498416153 John Forrest Lemon

        You still can’t get over the fact thqt Al Gore tried to steal the election with recounts after recounts and hanging chads. Face it it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House, you guys lie, lie, then deny.

        • http://www.facebook.com/anne.kulju Anne Sweazy-Kulju

          You’re not wrong…

      • http://www.facebook.com/anne.kulju Anne Sweazy-Kulju

        You haven’t served, have you? If what you are saying was true, our military, in overwhelming numbers, wouldn’t like GW, and would like his replacement–but it’s just the opposite.

      • Anonymous

        You might want to blame Bush for a lot of lies put out by the MSM. Don’t forget that the Dems as well as the Repubs voted for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan based on information from all over the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which they did until they sold or used them.  Plus, don’t forget that the Democrats ruled both the House & the Senate during the last 2 yrs of the Bush administration, and they were in charge of most of our destruction. You might also want to blame the Supreme Court for appointing Bush for Pres, but I think they had more info to vote on than the biased & corrupt MSM and the liberals/socialists.

        Now start doing some research on how many Presidential Executive Orders that Obama has dodged the Constitutionally required Congressional approval to pass.  Read them all to see what they will do to our country. He is also now trying to threaten the Supreme Court if they declare ObamaCare mandates to be Unconstitutional by destroying Medicare. He thinks he is a dictator and doesn’t have to share power with Congress or the Supreme Court. He is a traitor, a usurper of our Presidency, & a Communist, and deserves to be jailed for life, along with all of his cohorts, Czars, and supporters who knew they were supporting a fraudulent American.

        • http://www.facebook.com/janet.calabrese2 Janet Calabrese

          Your on the right track..go into your united nations .org…Go throught there documents …you can see where are money is going and there World take over…really it true..it right in front  of us all..That is are third party IMF stakeholder…. take over people… Thats how obama can act like KING …of US…it not funny..it true.. Government is working with UNITED NATION”S.org..They are getting finish with there agenda 21 and Rio+20 plan .master plan take over the world..with EU and others…and took our Constitution…Everything are doing is a smoke screen…lets get America back..it been Hi-jack…!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Durgin/728846364 Carol Durgin

          You got it!!!! That Georgia peach 1125 has forgotten the Democrats were partly responsible for what happened under Bush. I believe and nobody can change my mind. There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I don’t know what they did with them but they kept stalling and stalling in order to hide or move the weapons to another place. This was no mistake. Had Bush, the dems and Republicans not voted to go in to Iraq, we might not be around to tell this story.

          • Anonymous

            The WMDs were shipped to Syria where they remain today

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1231236399 Patricia Hillegeist

          at the end od bush’s term in 2007 the dems were in control, in fact in2007 they vetoed what bush wanted to do.  now they have the balls to blast bush to cover obimbos  ass

          • http://twitter.com/reese0325 Lois Reese

            Oh and lets not forget Bush wanted to audit Fanny& Freddy 17 times and was blocked by Barney Frank and Dems every time. Our economy crashed becuz of Dems creating housing bubble which in turn sucked in the banks that had to watch their bottom lines and so bundled those loans and sold them. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            MUCH TRUTH!

        • Anonymous

          MUCH TRUTH!

        • Anonymous


      • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.shrullnicholles Shannon Shrull Nicholles

        Give me a break….you can not compare Bush to Obummer! Bush is a good man…he did what he felt he had to. Oh and lets not forget…HE WAS ACTUALLY BORN HERE! He loves America…etc…..etc….and on and on.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020696695 Dee Dunbar

          Bush always said whoever is in the chair has their hands tied.

        • http://www.facebook.com/janet.calabrese2 Janet Calabrese

          Sorry, Shannon..Bush didn’t really know what he sign into law…and that was new world order..really it true..and Obama knows about that law..new portal system..which the american people dont know about..I have proof what happen…it a shame…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1434163592 Kaniela Kahapea

        Economy started it’s downfall when Clinton signed up to let people borrow money to buy houses they could never pay back. The war was voted on on the floor of Congress by both parties in a unanimous decision. The election was upheld by the courts because a whining retard tried to steal it away….hmmmm yup….so many lies…

        • Anonymous

          First of all there was no “unanimous” decision to go to war in. ( I’ll let you pause for your Dictionary) The war was planned., we took our focus off the people who cause us great harm on 911, and went trotting into a country that did nothing to US Had Bush not done that, the war in Afghanistan/Bin Laden would have been history. Bush said he was the “Decider” and he decided to fight his war and gave us a bunch of hogwash as to the reason……….As for Clinton, and the Economy, how does one have a huge surplus ( left to Bush) and a declining Economy. I’m just saying. The housing market and the economy started it’s downward spiral under Bush. There were no regulations, tax breaks were dealt out like cards, the surplus was chewed up, the banks were failing, the war was in full force ( no mission accomplished). Things were so bad, even McCain suspended his campaign to come to the economy’s rescue….. Lastly, RETARD, lets not go there, look at some of the many clips on the Web, it is clear who the retard was.

          In a message dated 5/8/2012 5:09:43 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jetta-Kyzar/100002272965510 Jetta Kyzar

            You have got to be one of those obama kiss a..,because i could care less why we went to war except for the fact that airplanes took over by iraq, Afghanistan,who ever killed American people for no reason.we warned them we were coming and they had enough time to get them moved,and for you are anyone else that could believe that all of this was planned by our own government is the sick one. personally the only warning they would have gotten was to tell the people we were coming and if they stay its there choice,and i would have flatten ever mountain,cave what ever,and turn it into a resort.I may be a bit.. but i love my country,i love Americans,The military,In God we Trust,American Flag,and if any one don’t then they need to move over there.

      • Anonymous

        @GAPeach. The problem with peaches is the big seed in the middle of it. sometimes you coincidentally bite it seeking its pulp juices .Speaker Newt handed Clinton that surplus you mention after Clinton sent three vetoes back to congress on deficit spending proposals. IT WOULD  been a much larger surplus for the Bush that could have financed the drug benefit for seniors that the Democrats wanted and Bush agreed to take credit for by signing it. After 9-11 liberals must be reminded not whisper to the Soviets instead as the United States when enemies punch you in straight in the mouth in the dark you must punch back at everyone in the room. You did not how much Homeland SA cost figures in that 260 billion deficit. You did not factor that the lives of the fallen was not in vain.  Before G W Presidency there was one democracy in the middle east now there are four. here Bonus: When Celebrities Liberals cried to Stop the slaughter in Darfur in the Sudan. GW delivered democracy  there by splitting the two nations by vote 50%Christian/50% Muslim. Must we not forget the U2 Bono public acknowledgement that Bush single handily saved Africa by initiated funding for massive infrastructural system to build clinics and administer the vaccine  to combat AIDS. A
        distribution network and Doctors  throughout African continent until this day  ? Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, Bush or Obamanic? If Ga had Mango tha’ts what you sound like that seed is Hugh. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/jessegmckay Jesse McKay

        GA Peach, what universe are you describing?  3,000 dead in Afghanistan as of this month, and does the AP run a milestone story?  No. No one does.

        There’s 15,000 troops in Kuwait now.  Is there a Camp Casey in some mud puddle outside Obama’s golf course?  No, because nobody cares about the war as long as we’re not trying to win it.

        And we’ve got another milestone coming up: 16 trillion bucks — that’s 6 trillion bucks of freshly-minted Obama debt.  Does anyone care?  Nope, the press did not care at $15T and they don’t care now.

        The press doesn’t care what Eric Holder does.  Nope, don’t care.  They don’t care if we never, ever deport an illegal alien again, because the press is on the side of the illegals and has been for a generation.  So, Dream Act, yay, Fast & Furious, yawn.

        At least you would have read that Al Gore lost his full statewide recount, if you had picked up a newspaper in October 2001 and didn’t focus on 95 articles about 9/11 — but this must have somehow gotten past you.

        For all of Bill Clinton’s ex post facto genius for not being able to spend all of the extra taxes he put on in the 1990s (which was supposed to pay for the “worst-ever” S&L crisis that wasn’t as bad as he told us it was) the Bill Clinton top margin of 39.6 pct became the new normal.  The 50/50 Senate with Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords wouldn’t pass the tax bill without labeling the Bush-favored tax cuts as “temporary,” and thus they have to be extended every year because they expire.

        Bill Clinton wanted a jobs bill back in 1993, and he ended up having to go without one, and “the worst economy in 50 years,” recovered.  Clinton was not allowed, like Obama, to get a stimulus through in 3 weeks that spent roughly 80 percent of all the money China ever lent us, and now the guy is flying around the world desperate because he can’t find another China!

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I guess I am on the same list. I will risk that for my country and my family. Tell the truth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anne.kulju Anne Sweazy-Kulju

      Not laughing. I sent an email to the WH in early 2009. A month later, I received an email from Axelrod. But they don’t mine email addresses, right?…

    • http://twitter.com/LCORRENTY LYNN CORRENTY

      Don’t worry Val…..continue to have faith in God, pray to Him, and respond as He would have you do to these threats to humanity and Our America, the only place one can be free.  We are the melting pot for all the world to come and love their culture, but also abide by our laws.  This is what a number of our beloved immigrants are forgetting to do, and they and their families, as well as the rest of our countrymen, are suffering for it…..I myself am trying to contribute where I can to make my community and some far off US states that are really suffering some criminal things being allowed; for example, Michelle Bachman’s district in MN was forcefully re-districted by judges there so she won’t be able to win.  They are attempting to block her from getting into Congress.  We have to intervene.  I have sent her campaign a contribution, but am also sending her e-mail explaining her plight to as many people as I can.  Just keep helping here and there and get others to do the same, and with God’s help we will get our America back.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1510398447 Linda Daphne Learned

      sounds like you are frightened…let me reassure you…GOD IS IN CONTROL…..GOD PUT OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT IN OFFICE(CHECK BIBLE)  OH AND WHY ARE YOU SO PARANOID?

      • Anonymous

        It is true for people who believe in God – He is in control and what is happening is part of His plan. Evil has taken over our country and there is so much greed, hate, animosity, etc. that this will not go on forever…He will stop it when He is ready and those humble and righteous children of God will be saved…We must take time and prepare ourselves and our families for that time is not too far away.

    • http://www.facebook.com/janet.calabrese2 Janet Calabrese

      Hi…a person who finally understand about agenda 21 and MDG project …WE have to impeach this president now and UNITED NATIONS.ORG has to go right with them….If we don’t do something fast about it know…They change our constitution united nation’s.org( I have proof of it)…We thee american people don’t know the whole truth yet? But, they will if we don’t make the stand now..God bless..America..Love jc

    • Anonymous


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7IPXBCMTFSKW6NYP3TGKO2RGUU Smurfster

    This is just typical Alinsky dictated behavior. The ends justify the means. People, believe me when I tell you, the ‘Left’ is not sitting back waiting for Obama to cruise into his second term. They are ferociously working to assure it. If you’re not doing the same thing by donating your time, volunteering for his opponent and getting involved by speaking to your friends, neighbhors and relatives, you can bet your @$$ he’ll be serving another 4 year term, and probably fill another supreme court chair or 2. Then we can all kiss the America we love good bye and invite Castro over for a primer on how to run the country!

  • Anonymous

    pbama is such a liar,comes to him as easily as breathing

    • paula marshall

      Just like using the F-word in movies, lying is quickly becoming passe’ to all the world.  Sickening.  I can hardly find a decent movie anymore, for want of genteel language… more movies go unseen by me due to this ugliness.  These writers are of the same education as Obama’s speech writers, and as his mentors.  Their work and their glory is to make evil appear as good, and their joy is to make wrongs appear as rights.  Satanic.  -re Lying:  Now, people the world over say with contempt and justification, “oh, EVERYBODY lies!”  Well, everybody doesn’t lie.  Everyone makes mistakes, but to intentionally lie to oneself or to another is still the realm of Satan and is pure evil.  Evil is an intentional wrongdoing.  The world is full of those who enjoy it so much that they would try to ‘normalize’ it.  Be ye not one of them, I can imagine Jesus saying. Uphold the right ways.  They are the only ways that will eternally stand.  Some who love lying and cheating, and wish to normalize it, would necessarily employ one such as Obama to be their leader, their guide, as he is, indeed, smooth at it.  However, skating easily  and smoothly down a hill of fecal matter is still a stinking way to go!  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Karen-Van-Detta/100000138279624 Karen Van Detta

    Why does Obama lying surprise anyone?  I can “see” right thru him!

  • Anonymous

    This is, without a doubt, the most corrupt administration that I have known. They’ve ripped the Constitution into shreds and then laughed. I see all the prison doors standing wide open for ALL of them, including Congress. What if this would have been a republican in office? The dems would have been forcing them out of office. Even Barry can’t unlock his private records and his B.C. is a forgery. Very soon the Lord is coming back and it isn’t far off. He will have the last say and it won’t be pretty for them. Can’t wait for His return. Because there is a war in Washington & in all countries. The Bible says there will be rumors of war, and there is. Barry is a phony from the getgo.

  • Anonymous

    In reply to Val Dol – I agree with you. Yes, you can see right through this crook/criminal. Watch out when his lips are moving – there will be a lie coming out!!!

  • Anonymous

    He has told so many lies and has made up so many stories that have been proven wrong that I have quit watching his speeches. I cannot believe anything he says any ways. What a poor excuse for a president.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure God has a special place in Hell for him and the rest of his Demon Friends. Evil is all around the WH. It will need to be disinfected when he is thrown out w/the rest of the scum

  • Anonymous

    Yep – that’s our Dear Leader.

  • Anonymous


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  • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.parker3 Sandy Parker

    For me, I am astonished that he is still getting away with all this stuff.      Has anyone heard the
    word impeachment?       What Clinton did, had nothing to do with destroying America.    He was
    simply showing what am immoral man he was.   OBO is showing how much he hates America.
    I was also astonished to see the accumulatuion of debt he has manage in his three years
    compared to all and I mean all the presidents before him.  And he still gets away with it.   We
    have a do nothing congress – they are like sheep!    

    • paula marshall

      Sandy, the problem is the encroachment of evil into the political world, and has been for a long time.  You see, they got together, and called out for their kind to enter into the world of politics, and education; to commit themselves and their whole lives to destroying the good of the USA.  They went to college, learned politics, learned law, learned to become educators, and infiltrated.  Took years.  We, who do not desire power, now do not have it.  The ONLY way I see to take it back, is to do what they did, but with the intent of, once we educate and infiltrate, to begin to turn it back around.  However, to re-infiltrate is much more difficult than it is to place the first attack.  they will be watching for it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Cowell/100001117792852 Kathy Cowell

    GODBLESS ALL OF YOU . see you tomorrow stay strong . stand

  • Anonymous

    The trouble with pathological liars is that they tend to forget what lie they told to whom and when it was told…consequently, the lies quickly catch up with them.  Let’s hope people remember his lying when they go to the polls….and hold him accountable for those lies.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I7WCBKSGND7AR3MTSCRUMGPNLY christopher

    this is the problem, 85% of americans are ignorant to the truth due to thier lack of focus on real life, the averadge american knows more about “dancing with the stars” and all of hollywoods massive “B.S.” generators of fiction and pretend life and are so wrapped up in it they think that it is indeed reality. #1 you should pass a basic political fact test prior to voting #2 you should, no matter “who” you are, present valid identafacation and #3 be a tax payer not a consumer of government “revenue”. OH BOY that one will go over big. I’m going to start digging my shelter now,and I going to give ol’ Ted Nugent (a great american) a call……

    • Anonymous

      Our country is being run on the “American Idol” mentality. Just one more popularity contest no matter what the facts are…

  • Anonymous

    People have to understand that Obama will lie about anything to get what he wants. He doesn’t care. Maybe he felt that getting this healthcare in would get him another term. I don’t know. But he is not honest with the american public. I think it is horrible to lie about his own mother being ill.

  • Anonymous

    Pausing at the pearly gates and God asked have you told any lies and the cloud open up and Barry was on his way to HELL.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GGSOC3BAWGEJVVGRJ2V5W7OMQ4 Mark

    i don’t know if anyone cares but the first time I heard obama speak it was about four words into what ever it was he talking about that all i heard was a “used car saleman” and that’s all i ever hear from him.  That’s bad enough but there’s a lot of folks who believe  this crook  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Forrest-Lemon/100001498416153 John Forrest Lemon

    First they take away our guns. Then they told me that God was dead and to worship him is a waste of time. It is foolish tradition of weak and feeble minds, Then they forbade me to speak my mind. Then they took over the press to spread their propaganda. They they forbade me to assemble to petition the government to stop tking away our liberties. Then they invaded my home and confiscated my property, killed my family, and put me in jail without cause, without representation by an attorney, forcing me by torture to admit to crimes that I didn’t commit. Once I was beaten down they enslaved me to the tyrannical power of the despotic government thaqt we the people elected but allowed to become too strong.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a Muslim Jihadist. He is waging Jihad on the US every day 24/7/365: Cultural, Political, Economic. Read Bridgette Gabriel’s “They Must Be Stopped”. You must educate yourselves regarding Islam and the Koran. Obama wants “One World Gov’t” but it’s not the one you think. He wants the Caliphate. Find out what that means. VERY IMPORTANT. I wish I could watch Glen’s show tonight but I can’t get his station…

  • Anonymous

    My father, a very street-smart man, once told me, “show me a politician, I’ll show you a liar” Above all else, Obama is a politician from the get-go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-J-Nellett/1580432719 Michael J Nellett

    Barack Obama, our great Deceiver-in-Chief has built his entire life and career on nothing but lies….hey I remember another infamous historical figure who did basically the same thing. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IDEUGSWRKKK3SWLY4RIBSTRSKU Jannette M

    Obama puts his spin on his stories to suit the timing and to make the American people think that he cares so much about them….. Obama cares about himself and his cause.  Obama is a Muslim and his friends are Muslims and Muslims hate AMERICANS.  I fear that we are in for a terrible bloody future if things continue as they have for the last 4 years.  GOD HELP AMERICA.

  • http://twitter.com/landry_ii William T. Landry II

    Liar in Chief…………….FIRE THIS GUY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Monica-Harrison-Hendricks/1598334568 Monica Harrison Hendricks

    Not hard to do when everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_635MBQ5YRGCMYDBUKPXN47RRPU Anonymous

    My President is Cool. He fly’s somewhere every day he is not playing
    golf.He needs the time off because he is so busy he does not sleep. He
    staysup all night thinking of new ways to help “we the people.” He has done
    somuch with so little he had to print 3X as many dollars as when he
    tookoffice .He had to spend and borrow more than he takes in so he could
    accomplish so much with only 5 trillion dollars in 3.5 years. We don’ need
    to worryabout that because our grandchildren can easily pay it off. This is
    reallya gift to them because these dollars have stimulated or created job
    growthnow and in the future. He comes from a poor backgrounds and when he
    waslittle he loved to eat the family dog and on bad days he ate
    grasshopperSome people say he was not born in this country but he has posted
    hisbirth certificate online. He says its not his fault his copy machine
    keeps screwing up and the last form had to be put together from 3
    copiesI don’t understand that. His energy policy is really amazing.We
    don’t need as much carbon based fuels so he blocked theKeystone Pipeline to
    get safe clean energy from our friends in Canada.That would have given us
    only 20,000 jobs but on TV he says we don’tneed it because the economy is
    getting better. Its ok since we havewindmills and algae to fill our outdated
    vehicles. Since we don’t need as much oil, Canada has decided to sell it to
    China where their EPA is much more strictthan ours. That is called going
    green. Don’t forget to inflate your tires since that will help with the
    gasoline, which is too low in price. It has been proven we are polluting the
    air so much we are getting hotter. The gas is poison CO2, Thatis why we
    breath it out. Stupid plants breath it in. I don’t know why they want poison
    gas. Its becoming such a large amount that it makes up .03% ofthe
    atmosphere. He is thinking about charging people for the average numberof
    times they breath out per year. I say it would be better to charge
    cars,trucks,and power plants since they put out out the most. He will
    probably think of that too.He heard the Mexican drug cartel was running
    short of guns and ammo so he had the ATF send them some guns free of charge.
    Mexico has a stupid gun banand the crime including murder is much lower down
    there. They have had only50,000 murders in the past few years near the
    border. They keep leaving the guns at the scene of killings so we can have
    them back. Drug prices in the USshould drop soon since its much easier to
    transport drugs with guns. I couldgo on but I know he has our best interest
    at heart and always speaks the truth, without any notes. He never blames
    others for his work. Thus he is reputed to be the smartest man to
    everinhabit the White House and I believe it. I sure am happy he is
    protected by the men of the Secret Service which have the highest standards
    of conduct andmorals. He took in so much money April 15 he gave a reward to
    the GSA agencythat watch’s all Gov’t spending to keep it as low as possible.
    They considerthe money belongs to”we the people” and they must be frugal.
    The GSAsaved us so much money he gave them extra money for a party in Vegas
    which cost only $800,000. I saw on TV where they had a good time and were
    not wasting ourmoney. He also gave the defense guy free trips to fly home
    since he hassaved or created many of our lives. He took a survey and found
    there were too many Islands around Alaska than allowed. So he gave our
    friends the Russians7 islands. They were happy since there its lots of oil
    in the sea bed aroundthere. I wrote him a letter and ask him to give away
    Florida, Texas, Arizona, NewMexico, and California to Mexico since they have
    mostly Mexicans anyway. Iwas worried he would not get re-elected but I was
    relieved when I found outall our votes in November will go to a company in
    Spain to be tallied, whichis owned by a socialist. That is called
    outsourcing. Our companies here mustnot be able to handle numbers that

    All true-Google itDo we live in a brain dead inverse world or

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, the public need not be exposed to more disingenuous rhetoric and charismatic deception coming from Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Osbun/100001215333702 Erik Osbun

    WHEN DOES OBAMA LIE?  When he opens his mouth.

  • Anonymous

    God help us. This man lies and doesnt even bat an eye. Sin is increasing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003003139686 Jeannie Coffey

    I cannot find The Blaze on the internet! Did Obama remove it? I wrote something negative about Obama on my facebook and now I can’t find The Blaze *screams*!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003003139686 Jeannie Coffey

       What a relief – It’s back.

  • Paul Jannu

    Why does not attempt to o pen the Sealed documentsof obama’a
    admission papers, which would defintely have him registr as a foreign student as he did nothqave the Nirth Certificate with him at the timel  After entering Indonesia as a an Indonesian withthis stepfather who was an Indonesian.  he did not have a U.S. PASSPORT WHEN HE ENTERED U.S.A  HE DECLARED HIMSELF AS A FOREIGN STUDENT.  THAT IS THE REASON HIS PAPERS WERE SEALED.





  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beth-Thomas/1276581719 Beth Thomas

    “…if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and
    pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will
    hear from heaven, and will forgive theri sin and will heal their land.”
     II Chronicles 7:14       So let it be done, AMEN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.shrullnicholles Shannon Shrull Nicholles

    He lies every time he opens his mouth!!!!! God help us.

  • Anonymous

    Quoting someone else;  “I voted for Obama to prove that I am not a racist.  Now, who do I vote for to prove that I am not an idiot?”

  • Anonymous

    I hope the one thing Obama accomplishes, post president, is that executive orders will be scrutinized for constitutionality. I hope the American people will do the inspections and be quick to react with demands for the rejecton of executive orders that fail a constitutional test. He and others use executive orders to bypass congress.
    The definition of our Republic is our Constitution; all other definitions are false or incomplete.
    Redefining our Republic as “our democracy” is false.

    I have heard it said that there is an American democracy somwhere in our Republic. If someone is fortuanate enough to locate it, will  you ask it for the standard official definition of itself it gives to its supporter and those who give it money?
    Marvin E. Fox  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001518053555 Sarah Davenport


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1510398447 Linda Daphne Learned

    Glenn..you are vile…ignorant…and thank God for you..White….   YUP  YOU’RE A GOOD OLE WHITE BOY..who is witnessing God in action…….God appoints our Leaders for reasons of HIS OWN….This country of “whites” who think they are better than anyone else(and they’re not) are just beginning to feel what it is like to be a slave…VOTE PUB AND YOU WILL BE A SLAVE…shame on you Glenn making your living by tearing down others..you have wasted your talent!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOGFFZJSATLGK2OLXDTP3PSLYI Betty

    Where is the lie? Obamba said he aruged with the Ins. comp. for her coverage, which he did as you said so youself in this artical, with Cigna under her employees ins. and was denied. So, where is the lie? You don’t supply enough information either Glen. You just don’t like our president because he’s black and you work with the devil to try and impose you feelings about him on others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002854707684 Cheeto Sareus

    The man has no shame.  He doesn’t mind using his dying mother or a dead Trayvon Martin to try to boost his humanity meter.  To me he is less human…a feeder on corpses and sometimes dogs.

  • http://twitter.com/Rosembud Ana María

    The entire man is a fraud 

  • Anonymous

    we all know that the Congress is the one who has control over the Pres.. so when the Dems were in control of the House while Bush was in office. we have HAD NOT A GOOD PRES SINCE REAGAN.. this administration we have now is a total joke, esp the Pres but then he is also a patsy – pawn … OB should have been impeached within the first year of his presidency.. he will go down as the worst president, then Wilson was… i can not stand this administration, including Janet (lived in arizona when she was govenor and she was not well like there and now she will not even help the state with the issues with the cartels there and illegals from all over). this Pres we have now is against America, the military can not stand him (have friends in military and you do not mention the president). The pres talks out of his well you know,  he doesnt salute the flag, he wants to take away our rights, his is a communist in my opinion.  I just pray to God that this election this year will go well. granted who we have running is not the greatest as i wanted the 2 runners that were pushed out of the race due to lies.. WE ALL KNOW POLITICIANS LIE… but the President race continues to get worse all the time because its all about who can dig up the worse garbage on the person running.. im not sure, i feel like all the American’s living abroad, as there were close to 3000 that gave up their citizenship to stay where they are, due to all the crap here in the states have the right idea .. i said this when i was in high school in the 80s that we as a country will be head towards socialism/communist.. REMEMBER ALL FROM DAY ONE, OB HAS BEEN TRYING TO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY.. not only that, he  has a special team, that doesnt exist and as tax payers are paying for this unnecessary team, that investigates anyone who speaks against the president and they get arrested or investigated/interrogated…look at a few newscasters who were fired because they spoke against the president or his administration, im sorry but i agree this man is a traitor, should never been president as he speaks out against america and what we stand for.. our fore fathers are turning in their grave.. this country is: THE LAND OF THE FREE, FREEDOM OF SPEACH, RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, AND SO ON.. and this pres and his administration are goons and want to take away our rights because there have higher powered people who have control over him …all i can say is WE THE PEOPLE, CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES, need to prepare for the worst as it is coming; when, who knows but it is.. God is also watching. since this man has been in office, America has become so divided that no one knows what to believe and that is what this administration wants.  if our country continues to divide like it has been, and not stick together and protest against DC and the Politicians, we will be standing in lines like the communist countries.. WE DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE TO PASS….it will be bad for the those that are on Medicare as the cost will double.

  • Anonymous

    “YOU LIE” AGAIN AND AGAIN. Some people embellish a story or two to show off or to make themselves feel Better,Brighter,and more Accomplished.These Embellishments (LIES) were meant to DECEIVE the American People.Some don’t care and others accept the LIES and pass them alone to anyone who will listen.The HONOR and INTEGRITY of the Presidency and this man Barak Hussein Obama have been dragged through the gutter.He does not deserve another day in OFFICE.With his several different Names,a SS# that originates in Connecticut,and just pure ARROGANCE is to much to bare any longer.With a back ground and resume’ full of Lies and inconsistency’s like his,I would not hire him to cut my lawn.”IF YOU LIE TO ME, YOU WILL STEAL FROM ME.AND IF YOU DO IT ONCE YOU WILL DO IT AGAIN).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A4HMBNQ3PRILMVNI5CSMDI3XEQ Jacqueline

    Liar in Chief

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.wandrey Mark Wandrey

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vdangona Vincenzo Dangona

    The prince of deceit and deception is Obamas’ speech writer.  Kinda knew that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vdangona Vincenzo Dangona

    Jesus tells us to love our enemies ,and I will obey God and oppose evil everywhere!

  • http://twitter.com/JAhuman2 J. A. Hughman, II

    Just another example of how Obama thinks Americans are so stupid that he can say anything, tell us any story, and we will just soak it up as truth! Sorry Mr. Obama, only your supporters are stupid enough to believe these fabrications that you spew to the Nation. You are truly an idiot, an arrogant idiot, for thinking the US citizen is stupid enough to believe anything you say. Mr. Obama, the first compulsive Liar in the White House. That will be his legacy!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y7TISDINAR2OB2XG5L4TTIZRLY Tony

    liar in chief…king of phonies called liberals…

  • http://twitter.com/JAhuman2 J. A. Hughman, II

    Greetings, never have the American people been exposed to a President who exhibits such arrogance and insecurity at the same time. My most important point pertains to this President’s propensity to mislead, fabricate and lie. It is apparent that this President truly believes that when he speaks to the citizens of America, he speaks to idiots. Yes, Obama truly believes Americans are too dumb to know better. What a disgrace, such disrespect! Now, I will agree with this President on one aspect of his thinking. True, most of his supporters are intellectually challenged and unable to identify Obama’s untruths. The rest of his supporters are just so anti “R” – they want to believe anything Obama says. So, the rest of us are left to our own devices. It does no good to get upset with the Obama lies. We know better, and should simply discredit Obama when appropriate. Finally, we MUST do everything necessary to remove this unabashed liar from our White House. Romney MUST win the 2012 Presidential Election! I’m ready to go to work! How about you?

    • Anonymous

      Watch Wheel of Fortune during college week.  The nation IS becoming a nation of idiots.

  • http://twitter.com/USCITZN A. Gaines

    More lies from Obama

  • bumpkinpm

    To me, telling and taking the time to tell that Barry Slick is a liar is about like saying he is a black/ white man who stole the presidency with the help and backing of Muslims and communists that want to run the country.  ALREADY known.  -big deal, now.  Redundant.  The guy is a pathological liar.  Not news.

  • Anonymous

    What a disgusting loveless slimy dirt bag barack obama is. Every man loves his mother. Even bad men. To make up a story about your late mother surrounding her death is more than  sacrilege. It’s like pimping your mom……posthumous. He is damn disgusting.The clintons used to make me sick but this guy takes the cake. He threw his grandma under the bus over Jerehmiah Wright that was horrible, but to pimp out you dead mom? Hate to see what he’d do to Michelle and the girls.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NXVHOJCQFWDDT3L5CX4DIHNOV4 Cathy

    You know when Obama is lying, his lips are moving.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Luckins/100002098241631 Donna Luckins

    Obama lie all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you LOVE the House Republican from SC, Joe Wilson…for telling the TRUTH!

    He said, “You LIE!” to President Obama,during a speech to Congress. I admired him then…and I admire him MORE for knowing what Obama is…………..a lying narcissist!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Beck
           My name is William Lemaitre      

          I sent you a book that my Mother and I had published. This was a thank you for the prod that told me to get off my butt and do something. We sent you the very first book that , , we recived, because it was very special. We both signed the Book, with a special note inside.  
          Old and New Recipes with Sea Salt
           L & B Books LLC
             We sent the book to you by Certified Mail.
           Glenn Beck
           C/O Fox News Channel Studios
           1211 Avenue of the Americas
            New York, NY  10036
          This book was signed for by Tim Werren
          We receivied the the return receipt.But we never knew if you recieved the book or not because someone else signed for the book. I have emailed your editor several times, to try and find out if you recieved the book. We know that you are a very busy person.We also know that you recieve thousands of emails.. I would appreciate if someone would let my Mother and I know if you recieved the book or not. If not recieved i will send you another one.
                                                                             Respectfully Yours
                                                                             William LeMaitre

  • Anonymous

    Dear MR. Beck
                                These Truths Are Self Evident
        ” Alex de Tocqueville”  Defining the Totallitarian Nanny State, That is Drestructive None the Less —
        Society in every state is a blessing – But Government Even In Its Best State Is But A Necessary Evil.
        Government Control Over Every thing – such Power does not Destroy- it Prevents Existence. The Government does not Txrannize, but Compresses, Enervates, Extinguishes and Stupefies the People until our Nation is Reduced to Nothing Better than a Flock of Timid and Industrious Animals, of Which the Government is the Shepherd.
         Government after having successively taken each member of the community in its power grasp and fashioned him at will. The Supreme Power, then extends its arm over the whole country. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform through which the most powerful minds and the most energetic people can not penetrate,to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but soften, bent and guided, Men are seldom forced by it to ‘act, but they are constantly restrained acting.

                                                                                          Respectfully Yours
                                                                                          William LeMaitre
    My opinion–I do not want to live under a self appointed “GOD” and his adminstration.
    I want to live in this country with my “GOD” given rights.
    I look for MR. O to implement Martial Law, with the excuse of internet piracy, or internet
    ( fear) so he does not lose the presidency in this election.
    This gives him the power to take away our constitutional rights, gives him the power to have us arrested and held in a Military prison with out charges,lawyer, or trial.
    No change of power for a newly elected President,  political elections out the window.  even if some one else is elected.
                                             Sorry to go on and on—Every one around me says i am crazy

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.cochran.sr Philip Craig Cochran

    These days, it’s more of a story when Obama tells the truth than it is when he tells a lie! How pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    If Scott Wright has access to Dunham’s papers, where was she when Barak was born?  Kenya or Hawaii?  Maybe he can uncover another lie.

  • Justin Levy

    Right because Warren G. Harding was never president.

  • http://twitter.com/Castanza777 rosemary Castanza

    The gates of hell are opened,it is written,First sign many false preachers in the world. Designer babies ?????????????????who signed that ??? GOD is not putting up with this any much longer.No one follows the true truth.

  • http://twitter.com/Castanza777 rosemary Castanza

    Saint Michael (Archangel)  this is what my beloved Catholic church USED to teach,By REV. Daniel A. LORD,SA.J 1948 printed Brooklyn,N.Y.St. Michael is one of the Archangels.He is a warrior of God. Once apon a time long ago, the bad angels made war in heaven(when was that people).They cried,”We will not serve!”(you God) along with one third of Gods children.They raised the red flag They tried to drive God from the Heavenly Throne.But Michael led the armies of the GOOD ANGELS.He drove out the evil army.He knelt befor God and cried that God was His only King.So God made him the General of His armies. All through history,Michael has fought the battle of God. He is the Devils strong enemy He is a friend and the protector of all that love God and follow JESUS CHRIST.He protected the Chosen People,,,The Christains,The Jews in their war against their enemies.He is always on the side that is right and good.In the end days(this flesh life)a bad man entity satan himself ANTI-christ(instead of)NOT A FLESH MAN.Will come, Bible declares it, after Michael kicks him and his fallen angels down top earth.He will come in peace, and than sudden destruction,and all that follow him (satan) because they think he’s Jesus.Thats why we used to pray St.Michael protect us in the day of battle.His feast is September 29,Same real Birthdate of Christ,Why am I telling you this?Because so many false preachers stories on radio last night it is sick.Satan is under Michaels foot right now.I am no longer a cradle Catholic because they have gotten so far from truth they are just a political force now. Judgement starts at the house of God(suppose to be)If you dont understand the beginning You will never understand the end.Than you will worship satan when he comes. it is written the whole world whores after him.than you will not make the first cut. except GODs elect and Remnant……….False Preachers Woe unto you, and  you big pharma, Heed warning when God says WOE.like I said NO one follows the true truth.They can’t   handle truth,only traditions of man that VOiD the word of God and satan needs company.He will try one more time to take GODS throne ITS all there in the WORD.I HATE FALSE PREACHERS and teachers of the GOSPEL(warning this does not mean you worship any ST. or Archangel)

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, it seems that many people in this country don’t want to hear, much less believe the truth anymore.  He wants to give everyone a handout and that’s what people want.  Sad, but true.  It doesn’t make sense, but nothing in our world makes sense anymore.

  • http://twitter.com/Castanza777 rosemary Castanza

    When they teach 1rst ,2nd and third earth age, will I stand with them(Catholics) untill then I stand with the Heavenly Father.Haven’t heard their outrage all these years over KILLING babies,they have done nothing top stop it.Woe,Woe,Woe

  • http://twitter.com/BBPrincess Chard

    obama supporters eat up every word he says without question.

  • Anonymous

    God hates a Liar.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see, I think it goes like this, It is time for all good men to come to the aid of thier country.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately you can’t impeach someone who has no right to be there in the first place. We have to get him on fraud.

  • Anonymous

    I would think that everyone that loves American and would fight for her,  is on some kind of list.  My sis has ovarian cancer and I have been taking her every other Thurs for chemo for over a year and has never been denied on her insurance.  She is on Cobra and the premium is terrific, but has never been denied or turned away.  Shame on him for all his lies, but he will have to pay for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Mills/1387372799 James Mills

    And who is the father of lies? Oh yeah that’s right….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YCOFLCLBRKCUG7CVZ27ZWJMVOI lifey

    Say all you like, blame all and anyone, but if you like to put on the shoe and walk it. Make it right and good. otherwise, get the hell out of it and let those who could step up and put it on. I have seen enough lamed leaders in my freaking life and I have no sympathy for them because I am the one who is suffering. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.gobeli Richard Gobeli

    Obama talked the economy down in his campaign before he was elected and has not stopped to this day.  Why doesn’t Obama get blamed for that?   They blamed Bush before he was elected that he talked down the economy.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, it is self-evident that Obama easily engages in a plethora of embellished comments, inflated hyperbole and evolving overreach. In short, Obama freely engages in deceptive rhetoric designed to hoodwink the public.

  • Philip Spencer

    What lie? Obama said that the insurance company didn’t pay everything, and the article confirms that. “Once she was back in Hawaii, the hospital billed her insurance company
    directly leaving Ann only to pay the deductible and any uncovered
    expenses, which she said claimed to be several hundred dollars a month.”

    “Deductable and unpaid expenses.” Sounds like a typcial insurance complaint.

  • Anonymous

    Why does he mention his white mother who raised him when he clings to the black father that abandoned him?

    Oh yeah, he has points to score with the emotional party, er, the liberals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Faith-Bates/100000169500492 Faith Bates

    He took an oath but I guess he had his fingers crossed when he said those words………to uphold the Constitution of the USA.

  • Anonymous

    Daily, I have suggested the synonym prevaricator as a more suitable term for our president. Now, I readily admit the terms divisive, deceptive, cocky and lying come to mind.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6GABW233B73O75BO4U4BX7F24M Laneva


  • http://www.facebook.com/lk.kellyhouse Liz Kelly

    I doubt this president (small p intended!) can tell the truth about what he has  for breakfast, let alone the truths about his real agenda and crimes against Our Constitution and indeed all of us.
    Liz, San Jose, CA

  • Anonymous

    And Obama says Nethanyahu is a liar!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-M-Zaborowski/100002326419787 Daniel M. Zaborowski

    liar, liar his big ears are on fire!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.mozzachio George Mozzachio

    I love it.  Obama is so evil he uses his mother’s death for political gain.  Liberals don’t want to see it but who cares.  I just wonder, after all his abuse of the President’s authority, and a Republican majority in the House, where are the Articles of Impeachment?  After all he is now Barack Kardashian Nixon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessegmckay Jesse McKay

    Anything that George W. Bush said was always fair game, no matter if he had been awake 22 hours in a row, or just happened to be standing in front of an ill-conceived military welcome-home-type banner.  He was always expected to say the right thing at the right time to the right crowd, know where the door is, and pronounce every word correctly.  Seriously, the guy has an MBA and the folks in the peanut gallery claim he’s an “idiot” because he pronounces NU-KEW-LER instead of NU-KLEE-ER?

    But we had awfully high standards for Mr. Bush.  We have no standards for Mr. Obama.  After all, he’s a mixed-race child from a broken home.  So we don’t care about some silly paperwork birth certificate or where he was born.  My, but isn’t he cute.  It’s what’s in his heart that matters.  We don’t care what he just said, or how many digits were in that budget figure.  (Was it 12, 13 or 14?  Nope, doesn’t matter.)  We’re gonna swoon because he’s so won-der-ful.  If he doesn’t pee the bed we should give him a Nobel Prize. 

    (In fact, they did give him a Nobel Peace Prize for no accomplishments whatsoever.)

  • Anonymous

    obama needs to leve  this country

  • Anonymous

    say send him to syberia

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