Could it be that reading the Bible actually increases a person’s interest in science and social justice?

According to a new study conducted by Baylor University researcher Aaron Franzen, yes!

The study finds that people who read the Bible daily are more concerned with a variety of social issues. While this may seem like common sense to those who actually read the Bible, this information is considered revolutionary.

“The study claims that social consequences of reading scripture reveals the effects of Bible reading and transcends conservative liberal boundaries,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “What they’re saying God is bigger than the GOP or the democrats.”

The research finds that the amount of time one spends reading the Bible is “one of the most powerful predictive factors associated with the citizen’s attitudes on social and political attitudes,” Glenn said.

It seems that those who interpret the Bible literally, but spend rarely read it, are often ideologically opposed to those who read the Bible more frequently. And as people read the Bible more often their political attitudes transform. According to the study, those who read the Bible more often actually have an increased interest in science and seek social and economic justice.

Glenn took issue, however, with the lack of definition for economic and social justice.

“I’d like a definition of the economic and social justice,” Glenn said. “On the surface I’m for social justice. I’m for economic justice as well. I want people not to live in poverty. I want to make sure we take care of each other. Is that social justice?”

“It [social justice] is that we want to take care of each other, and we all have a responsibility to do so,” Glenn concluded, though he cautioned listeners not to fall into the trap of defining the term.

“I recommend you don’t because you are watering down what is really happening,” Glenn warned. “You’re buying into — remember when I got on the air and I said social justice and the sky opened up. That’s because we shot a howitzer right into the open heart. We didn’t know. We didn’t know how deep that went. Don’t use the word social justice.”

The Blaze also reports that literalists who read the Bible more frequently become more moderate in their conservatism over time, while increased readership also trends toward an opposition to the death penalty and abortion no matter political affiliation.

Regardless of what the study may say, none of this information should come as a surprise to those who actually read the Bible.

“Reading the Bible makes you care about your fellowman more,” Glenn said. “It’s why conservatives give more to charity than liberals. This is nothing new. This is nothing new.”