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Glenn interviewed Senator Rand Paul on radio this morning, and the duo discussed the issues facing the country – especially the ongoing debate over the debt ceiling and out of control government spending.

Senator Paul started the interview by complementing Glenn’s New York Times bestseller Broke. “I’d like to make one statement about Broke. It was the first book I read after being elected to the Senate, and for $23 it’s a steal. It’s a very well done book,” the Senator said in reference to the Markdown deal offering Broke and The Original Argument at 50% discount. Chad Ochocinco, wide receiver for the Bengals, had praised the book on Monday.

Paul then went into the biggest problem he sees with the debt talks, which is that no one is seriously looking at balancing the budget. “They are talking about cutting from a baseline that adds 9 trillion to the debt. So the Boehner plan will add 7 trillion to the debt over the text ten years and the Reid plan is similar. So really we’re talking about adding debt. No one’s talking about ever balancing the budget under any of these proposals.”

“I’ve been saying for months that the president should take default off the table, he should reassure the markets that he will pay the interest. We bring in about $200 billion a month in tax revenue. Our interest payment’s about $20 billion,” Paul added. “It’s the president playing chicken with this default that has led us to this potential crisis.”

Senator Paul also discussed the backlash that will happen to Repblicans if a Republican plan is passed, as he said that he believes the US credit will be downgraded regardless of which plan is passed. “And the politics of it is if it happens right after we pass a Republican plan, will the country blame the Republicans. And I’ve been telling them over and over again that’s why we need to pass this full faith and credit act this week to inform people that it’s the president playing games with this, that no Republican up here has any intention of not allowing Social Security checks to go out.”

Glenn told the Senator, “The American people, there is a large number of Americans that are tired of the spin, they’re tired of the press, they’re tired of the half truths and innuendos and the smears and the lies. They are tired of the spending and they do believe in a peaceful America where we all do get along but we do first stand up for the truth. And don’t let anybody in congress lose sight of that.”