Obama’s pathological lying continues in debt speech

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The debt talks still seem to be stalling, and President Obama is still trying to make excuses about how he can’t be blamed for the state of the economy.

“For the last decade, we’ve spent more money than we take in. In the year 2000 the government had a budget surplus. But instead of using it to pay off our debt, the money was spent in trillions of dollars in new tax cuts. While two wars and expensive drug prescription program were simply added to our nation’s credit card. As a result the deficit was on track to top $1 trillion the year I took office. To make it worse, recession meant that there was less money coming in and required us to spend even more.

“Did you get that? There’s less, there’s less money coming in and it required him to spend even more. What? So there was less money coming in. So that required me to spend even more. That happens in my house all the time.” Pat exclaimed. “ Listen to the lies this guy spins.”

“Every new generation of politician that comes in is less responsible with our hard earned money because they don’t appreciate the freedom, they think it will always be here. They think that money is just a never ending Gobstopper that they could just take and suck on all day long and it will never change. They’re wrong,” Glenn said.

Pat and Glenn also criticized Obama’s call for shared sacrifice, as only the rich were being asked to sacrifice the money they’ve earned.