Jay Carney confirms no White House plan

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Fox News’s Ed Henry went after the White House and Jay Carney about their (lack of a) debt plan.

“What’s the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an Obama plan and say neither of these other plans can work?” Henry asked, critiquing the President’s speech that offered no plan.

When Carney responded saying that Obama had laid out details during a speech at George Washington University, he added som insult, “The president stood before you. I can’t remember if you were here Friday night. Some of you weren’t because you cut out early. But a lot of you were. And he put forward in detail -” before being cut off by the press chatter.

Glenn said that points made in speeches were not concrete solutions to the debt issue. “Principles are not a plan,” he emphasized.

“That’s an outline. What’s the plan?” Stu added.