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On radio this morning, Glenn played audio from Frank Schaeffer on MSNBC with Martin Bashir, and the two criticized the influence of religion on politics – specifically in the Tea Party. But it was his comments on the West Bank that really drove Glenn over the edge.

You can watch the full interview below:

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In the clip, Schaeffer says, ” So I think that the faith based politics is an immensely destructive thing. Or the settlers on the West Bank of Israel who refuse to move and are jeopardizing -“.

Glenn asked the audience why it was called the West Bank, explaining that the term the region was originally called Judea and Samaria – the place where the story of the Good Samaritan took place. “By calling it the West Bank they are trying to erase the well-known Jewish claims to that area,” Glenn explained.

“It’s Judea, and Samaria. Never call it the West Bank. That’s why he’s calling these Jews get in here, and they’re squatting in the West Bank. How can you squat in the land that you have all of that history written of that area is about you. In fact that area is named after you.”