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Please note, The 50% off special of Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 is only available as an online pre-order, not in stores.

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On Tuesday August 3rd, Glenn and his publishing imprint, Mercury Ink, are offering a special deal on the first book from Mercury Ink – Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25. For one day only, readers can purchase Michael Vey through Barnes & Noble’s website for 50% off! Click Here to pre-order!

When the announcement of Mercury Ink was made back in June, Kevin Balfe, SVP of Mercury Radio Arts, promised, “With Mercury Ink, we can work with the best writers around to bring their vision to our audience while maintaining the high standard of quality that Glenn’s own books are known for.”

“I am so excited about this book,” Glenn told listeners back in June. Glenn said that he had been looking new ways to reach out to kids, and Michael Vey provided a new way to connect with them. “How do we possibly do teach really good values and lessons without teaching. If a kid smells there’s a lesson – they’re done.”

Glenn said he was thinking of a book or a graphic novel that would accomplish this, but then he got a phone call from Richard Paul Evans who told him about the Michael Vey series. Glenn said that during his conversation with Evans, the author told him he felt that Glenn and his company should be the ones to publish it. After speaking with Glenn and Kevin Balfe, Evans sent a copy of the manuscript to Balfe, who passed it to Glenn’s agent George. George immediately walked it across the street to a thirteen-year-old neighbor. The next day, the kid told George it was the best book he ever read – and Michael Vey passed its first test.

Glenn gave it to his daughter, who raved about the book and ultimately convinced Glenn to publish it under Mercury Ink. “I think it’s as good as Twilight or Harry Potter quite frankly,” Glenn told fans.

In an interview with GlennBeck.com, Evans said that he first started had the idea of writing the book while working on his other book, The Gift, about a boy who also had a special power – the power to heal. Evans also has a long love of superheroes and felt that Michael Vey is “the book I always wanted to read when I was little.”

When writing the book, Evans said that he was transported back to his own childhood. While he doesn’t share Vey’s superpowers, Evans also grew up with Tourette’s syndrome and wasn’t popular with cheerleaders and the “in crowd”. Evans had been wanting to publish a Young Adult novel for a long time but had been looking for the right story. When he came up with Michael Vey, he knew he had discovered a story he loved – and the response from readers has been very positive.

Evans hopes that young kids and families will discover a love for reading through the book, and that parents end up enjoying it as much as the kids. He has already found children falling in love with it, as they sent advanced copies out to some schools. The children, who were not allowed to take the book home, would start coming to school early to get their hands on the book – and one student even tried to bribe their teacher with lunch money to get their teacher to let them take the book out of class.

Video from a school that got an advanced copy can be seen below: