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Al Gore thinks that whoel Arab Spring this is pretty swell. After all, what isn’t great about revolutions, violence, and rape? Gore likes it so much that he thinks we need to import some of that revolutionary spirit to America! But Tea Partiers – your peaceful protests against big government don’t count!

Gore said:

We need to have an American spring.  You know the Arab spring, the nonviolent part of it isn’t finished yet, but we need to have an American spring, a kind of an American Tahrir Square where people from the grassroots get involved again.

You know, they are people who are genuinely upset in the Tea Party, I understand that.  But that movement was funded with seed money from rightwing billionaires the Koch Brothers and promoted on Fox News.

Shockingly, Glenn, Stu and Pat didn’t quite agree with Gore on any of his points! Let’s dissect his argument.

  1. The non-violent part is almost over – While its difficult to figure out how you could classify the Arab spring as nonviolent, Glenn warned that the truly violent part was on it’s way.
  2. An American Tahrir square where people from grassroots can get involved again. Does getting involved mean violence and sexual assault? Al Gore must have forgotten about Lara Logan, the CBS reporter who was raped in Tahrir Square by dozens of attackers. Glenn said, “It should be known for the rape of a CBS reporter, but it wasn’t.  Because everybody said it was peaceful.  While they were saying that, a CBS reporter was being raped while they were showing the footage of the square where she was being raped.  I mean, it’s amazing.”
  3. The Tea Party is funded with seed money from rightwing billionaires The Koch Brothers and promoted on Fox News. Glenn pointed out the progressive left movements have documented funding from George Soros, the Tides Foundation,  The Apollo Alliance, and more!

Al, you’re clearly full of crap.

Glenn said that the American Spring is the Tea Party! The people who came to Restoring Honor all paid for their trip, and Glenn  and his staff worked for every nickel and dime that paid for that event and still used millions for the Wounded Warrior foundation. On the other hand, the proponents of Globl Warming like Al Gore are making money off the fear they spread to the American people.

“You have to work hard, and you have to live your life with integrity.  If we believe those things and we stand for those things and we stand for those things without fear, we will prevail.  Darkness cannot conquer light.  Darkness doesn’t understand the light.  And that’s what you’re seeing.  And that’s why they are so fearless.  They try to make you feel.  It is a trick of the darkness.  When you turn on the light, you realize there are no monsters in your room.  Darkness has been playing a game with your head since the day you were born.  Turn on the light,” Glenn said.