Obama blames economy on everyone but himself…

President Obama took to the stand yesterday to offer a “reassuring” word to the American people and the world, in hopes to offset what was turning out to a dismal day on Wall Street in response to S&P’s credit downgrade.

The Dow was in trouble long before the President addressed the nation, down over 400 points, but what was supposed to be a rallying cry to the public, clearly fell on deaf ears, for the Presidents speech resulted in an additional 200 point run of the market, leaving the Dow down 634 points on the day.

Way to go Mr. President!

Yesterday’s speech, besides being remarkably uninspiring, sought to remind us all that President Obama is in way, shape, or form to blame for the beating our economy and country has taken these past few weeks.

In fact, Obama blamed Bush (surprise, surprise), headwinds (?), earthquakes, the Arab Spring (even though he used to support that), conservatives (because when in doubt, blame the right), and just about everything else for the bad economy.

The President proclaimed that we knew “from the onset” about the damage the debt debate would cause “precisely because we were inheriting so many challenges.” He also pointed to the fact that there was a budget surplus in 2001, but a trillion dollar deficit in 2008 when he took office (apparently all the money he has added to that deficit is trivial).

“To make matters worse, in the last few months, the economies already had absorbed an earthquake in Japan, the economic headwinds coming from Europe, the Arab spring…” Obama continued.

The speech proved to be just another example of our President’s tremendous aptitude to place blame and divert attention away from himself. But Glenn is not convinced that the President is as uninvolved as he claims, and sees this as a coordinated effort to bring down the country.

“This is, as George Soros said, ‘We just need to have a changed decline of the system.’ That’s what’s happening right now. This is a managed decline,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“With that being said, it’s not by happenstance, it’s not incompetence that is bringing it [the economy] down.  You’re seeing it brought down now in a controlled way,” Glenn added.

Apparently the President has decided the best way to jump into action is to take the day off and clear his schedule, which is what he has done today. There are even rumors of Congress being called into session.

“Oh, that’s going to make it better, Mr. President,” Glenn said. “Just like when you started talking yesterday, the Dow was at 400 and now we’re down over 600. By the time you were finished talking, it had fallen 200 points. Shhh. Shhh.  Quiet, Mr. President, quiet.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WN4XJPTJJSAFCU4MVFRYF6B2I RickC

    Well truth is he inherited it from Bush and his neocon buddies. But all in all he is still a crappy installed president.But not quite as DUMB as Bush was, well maybe second to Bush. Thank God we have someone like Ron Paul running for president and only those with real brains get his message. The rest voting for the same old . same old like Mitt Romney ( Israeli owned neocon and puppet), Rick Sanitarium , another neocon Israeli owned puppet , an lastly Newt  ( Neutered)Gingrich who also is an Israeli controlled puppet.People voting for these cons are clueless and ignorant as to what is really happening to America. Only Ron Paul is the only constitutional  righteous man running for President who won’t lie to you or bow to terrorist Israel.

              All three of the Israeli owned runners  are nothing more than traitors to America and should be jailed. That is why they fear Ron Paul because a lot of people are going to pay when he becomes President and a lot of investigations and arrest are going to be made. Hey. does anyone know that Mitt Romney owns “Clear Channel ” and that is why the likes of Glenn Beck and Fox, Limbaugh, and many other stations fudge the polling numbers to the public in support of Mitt Romney. That is also why they have their orders to belittle Ron Paul and to defile his good name with made up stories as Glenn Beck is so accustomed to doing. Below is a bit from the original story.

    Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck broadcasts on Clear Channel. Clear Channel is owned by Mitt Romney

    Did you know that many of the talk radio hosts that you listen to on a regular basis use the
    same company to broadcast their shows? Clear Channel boasts names like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and even Coast to Coast AM! 

    Michael Savage is TRN, but is on a lot of Clear Channel stations.
    IHeartRadio is also Clear Channel for those of you that do a lot of online listening.

    Have you heard many of the hosts mentioned above mock Ron Paul and call him “loony”? I have. 

    Why does this matter? 

    Did you know that Clear Channel is owned (in large part) by Bain Capital? Bain Capital was founded by Mitt Romney. Mitt is retired now, but he still profits from Bain Capital according to
    the New York Times.   
    Think about that the next time you’re flipping channels on the radio
    and realize that Rush
    Limbaugh calls the candidates “Romney”,
    “Non-Romney”, and “Loony”… 

    Why do these other candidates get called “Non-Romney”? 

    Do you think you’ll be hearing about this story in most of the media sources you frequent? 


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