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Radical leftist protests are sweeping Tel Aviv, Israel – but Glenn noticed and odd pattern. They sound disturbingly like communist propaganda! “ Increase personal tax brackets for top earners, enshrine the right to housing into the law, introduce rent controls, boost mortgage relief, stop further privatization of things such as health facilities, provide free education for all from the age of three months. And raise the minimum wage to 50% of the average pay,” Stu read. What did Glenn think? He sarcastically said there’s no need to look and see if there is any financing or groups organizing these protests, or even a need to look and see if radical Islamists are participating or encouraging the protests. “It couldn’t be – why even look? Why even look to see if there’s any leftist global financing involved there in Tel Aviv? And you know what, Stu? Whatever you do, do not look to see if there’s any kind of Islamist movement that is joining them,” he said.