Is the media out to take down Rick Perry? Chris Matthews has devoted quite a bit of attention to the Texas Governor and claimed that the media needs to devote every nickel they have to an investigation. Even Robert Gibbs, ex-White House Press Secretary and all around buffoon, has attacked Perry in recent days. Is the left shaking in their boots at the possibility of a Perry Presidential run?

“Chris Matthews said the media needs to spend every nickel to investigate Perry. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. And believe me, they will. They will spend every nickel, they will turn everything upside down,” Glenn warned.

“If you want to be in the public eye and you want to have an opinion that is different than these thugs, well, you better be clean. You better be clean. And nobody’s perfect. So admit your mistakes right off the bat. Don’t be beholden to anybody. Do not cower in fear of your past. Everybody’s past has a few things in it that suck. Move on,” Glenn said.

What is Matthews saying about Perry? “He dresses very fancy. There’s something about the way he puts himself together that doesn’t look authentic. He looks like, I don’t know, a wax figure pretending to be a governor or something.”

“Can you tell me how this is intellectually stimulating at all?” Glenn asked. “Have we really gotten down to this in American politics where Chris Matthews, who is supposedly a genius and a very respected, in some circles — and that circle is getting smaller and smaller, respected pundit, he’s down now to the way he dresses.”

“So he should conform and be like everybody else. He should just be a politician. There’s something wrong with him. He’s trying to be different. He wears clothing that people don’t understand in other parts of the country,” Glenn said mocking the liberal media who subscribes to this kind of ridiculous and insular thinking.

And what about Robert Gibbs?

In a recent interview, Perry was asked if he thought Obama loved America. Perry simply said that they should be asking Obama.

“The substance and the appropriateness of what he said. One, when asked if the president loved America he refused to answer and said go ask the president,” Gibbs said.

“There is no correct answer to that question, there is none. How many times do people ask Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton if George W. Bush loved the country? How many times? Zero. Come on,” Pat said.

“I don’t believe he hates America. I believe he sees America differently. He sees America’s past — I think he hates America’s past. That’s why he went on the apology tour. He hates America’s past. He thinks that it is a past that was built on oppression. A lot of people believe that. Okay? But he believes in the American potential, just not the individual, but the potential of this group of people fundamentally transforming this nation into something that is about the collective,” Glenn suggested.