Photos below were taken by George Lange and the crew at Lange Studio. George’s new photobook chronicling the Restoring Courage journey around the world can be ordered here!

As the sun began to set on the Mediterranean, the audience started to take their seats in the Cesarea amphitheater. The crew had been setting up since 2am, but the staff was excited to see months of planning start to take shape. Meanwhile, Amy Holmes and Erick Stakelbeck were holding a GBTV pre-show from the beach.

The crowd of over 3,000 people came from all over the world and were joined by a global audience watching live from viewing parties and on GBTV!

After stirring music form Vernessa Mitchell, Glenn took the stage to a roaring ovation, welcoming viewers everywhere to Israel.

Glenn was soon joined on stage by esteemed historian David Barton, who told the story of the amphitheater and the biblical history that surrounded everyone in attendance. Barton told stories from biblical history and discussed the importance of the Jewish people to modern society. He also joined Glenn in co-hosting the event.

Dr. Mike Evans shares his incredible story with the crowd in Israel. His story truly shows what it means to have the courage to love and how to overcome pain and adversity to do so.

Passionate fans packed the amphitheater to show their support of Israel!

Rabbi Riskin joined Glenn on stage to specifically about courage and how it relates to God. “We have never been alone, we have always been together with God – from the time of His Covenant with father Abraham 4,000 years ago – and to be alone with God is to be with the majority of the One,” he told those in attendance.

Jon Voight, who will play a key role in the Restoring Courage event on 8/24, watched among the audience members.

Pastor John Hagee also spoke at the events, and his speech was a burst of energy that moved the audience to cheers and to tears. “I am an Israeli,” he passionately declared on stage. He promised that Christians around the world stood with the people of Israel. “All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Israel. Therefore as a free man, I take pride in the words – I am an Israeli.”

Glenn returned to the stage to end the event. “We are not our governments,” he declared to the world. “We stand with you.” Glenn then invited many of the nights participants to make a public declaration of love and courage to the world.

After another roaring musical performance that had people on their feet and waving their hands, a firework display lit up the amphitheater to close out the first night of events for Restoring Courage!