A disturbing pattern has developed among the left – they are now actively calling for a shut down of the US government.

“This is not conspiracy theory. We have it all on tape. These are the things we started talking to you about in July of 2008, and it is about come here. This is why I say you need to be prepared,” Glenn said.

First, he played the audio of David Swanson, Washington Director of Democrats.com who has worked for Dennis Kucinich and served on many progressive organizations.

“We’re planning to model our behavior after the actions in Cairo, Egypt and Tahrir Square,” Swanson said. “We’re going to be at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C.. we’re going to occupy it beginning October 6th, and we’re going to remain, and we’re not to nonviolently interfere, and shut down the offices of our government until we begin to get some movement. You know the actions in Egypt are very much an ongoing struggle and they’re very much trying to get that momentum they had in Tahrir Square. So we’re going to be there until we begin to take back control of our government.”

And their demands?

“There will be will be demands made including getting out of Afghanistan. As well as for the beginning of next year’s austerity budgets coming out of Washington. But the general themes are the same that everybody comes up with that the major opinion in this country is demanding and that our government won’t answer to. The same demands that other more partisan, and less principled movements are making, and that is to tax the rich, to end the wars and cut the military, to protect Social Security, and give us Medicare for all. To protect workers’ rights and to strike and strike in solidarity. To protect our environment. To build our environment. “

“It’s the same agenda that everybody has.”

“Here’s some really important thing. Their model is Cairo. Their model is Cairo. This is something that President Obama said to do. Rise up. Youth rise up. They’re starting to rise up,” Glenn said.

Glenn then played audio from Stephen Lerner from earlier in the spring. In the audio, Lerner proposes that homeowners make a “good business decision” and go into strategic default. If more people did it, the banks would go into insolvency.

“The shape shifters are here and they will say anything to get you on board. They are organizing the unorganized. What we’re talking are flash mobs,” Glenn said.

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