Texas Governor Rick Perry has made quite a stir since entering the 2012 race last month, and though his poll numbers are fairing quite well, the GOP establishment has spoken, and Mitt Romney is their man.

“Rick Perry may be surging in the polls of Republican primary voters, but his party insiders aren’t convinced he’ll be the best general election candidate. More than two thirds of Republican insiders say Mitt Romney has a better chance than Perry of defeating President Obama,” Glenn reported on radio this morning.

Its all well and good that the party leaders have their pick, but should we really be listening to them?

Seeing as this is the same establishment that has lended its support to the like of Bob Dole and John McCain, probably not.

PAT: So, same party insiders, I’m guessing, they always know what they’re talking about. So

GLENN: Well, they — one thing they failed to recognize is Americans don’t buy into their bull crap anymore.

PAT: I think they do fail to recognize that. I think they really do. I think they believe that they’re just as relevant.

The bigger question at hand is why the GOP would be so quick to support a Romney, over say Perry, Bachmann, or other Tea Party favorites?

Glenn seems to think the characterization of the Tea Party as extremists might have something to do with it. Right now the progressive left AND right are monopolizing the political spectrum, and at the end of the day 70% of Americans, whether it be the Tea Party or moderate Democrats know that the current situation is unsustainable.

“The people in the middle, it’s not just the Tea Party. The Tea Party is being miscast by the people on the left and the right and that’s why the Republican establishment is taking on Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry. That’s why the Republican establishment is taking on people like Senator Jim Demint. They’re not extremists. They’re being painted as extremists,” Glenn concluded.

“Real leadership empowers people… We don’t have that. We don’t have that from the John McCains or the Karl Roves, we don’t have that from the Barack Obamas or the Nancy Pelosis, but that’s what the American people, both moderate left and right” want from their government.

Ultimately the middle 70% – the moderates from both sides of the aisle – need to stick together and buck the establishment if need be.

“What the Republican insiders are doing are they are trying to split the vote of Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin,” Glenn said. “I don’t know who their candidate is. I’ve talked to a lot of Republican insiders and they don’t like Mitt Romney. But Mitt Romney is the guy who is – I love this one – looks the most presidential. Oh. Okay.”