Hear portions of Glenn’s broadcast on 9/11/01 here.

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, Glenn once again continues the tradition of playing the bone chilling audio of the day’s events. It’s hard to hear – but it’s necessary to help us remain vigilant and keep the promises we made to each other in the days after the attacks. Check out the audio, Glenn’s monologue from 9/11/01 and his emotional reaction today from radio in the clip above.

“It is the weekend of 9/11 and in New York City things are a little tense.  They are stopping cars, they are stopping trucks, they are stopping cabs.  There are choke points, there’s SWAT teams at the tunnels.  Things are a little tense.  We are on upgraded alert here in New York City, but we have confidence and we know who wins in the end.  If we truly remember 9/11, we begin to do that,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“For the last few days we’ve been talking about what we were going to do, how we were going to remember 9/11 because unlike the president, I don’t believe 9/11 is a National Day of Service.  I do believe it is a National Day of Remembrance.  We must remember first and then we can serve.  So 9/11 is a National Day of Remembrance.  Let us remember 9/11 and then on Monday we can serve.  Today, because we’re not going to be here on Sunday, today we decided today this program should pause for a moment and remember where we were. The sights and the sounds, the fears and the hope of 9/11.”