Perry/Romney may have been the main event, but Santorum/Paul provided some fireworks of it’s own. The two couldn’t have bigger differences on the Middle East, and Glenn thinks Ron Paul has it wrong “every step of the way”. Why?

“This whole idea that the whole Muslim world is responsible for this and they’re attacking us because we’re free and prosperous that is just not true,” Paul said in the debate. “Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida has been explicit. They have been explicit and they wrote, and said that we attacked America because you had bases on our Holy Land in Saudi Arabia. You do not give Palestinians fair treatment, and you’re bombing. I’m trying to get you to understand the motive.”

“I really believe that Ron Paul is real trouble in the Middle East. Real real trouble in the Middle East. He has it wrong. Every step of the way,” Glenn said.

“He has some things right. Have we — has our foreign policy played a role in the discontent, yes. When you say you stand for freedom, and then you get into bed with brutal dictators like Mubarak you’re sending a mixed message so you stand for nothing.”

” You can’t export democracy. They don’t want it. They don’t understand it. That’s fine. They attack us. We pound them into glass, and then we go home. We don’t fix their stuff. They don’t have stuff to fix. They don’t mind it. They’re fine with it. Who’re we to impose our values on them? Great. You live any way you want. You screw with us, we pound you back into the stone age where you already are. We drive back into your cave. We kill all the people who tried to kill us, and then we go home,” Glenn said.

“If you want to not mess with us we’ll be your friends. You want to be a friendly state to us. We’ll be friendly state to you. You want to be a jerk we pound you into sand. I’m not so I can spread democracy so I can protect my people, and my economy. I’ll trade with everybody. I’ll help anybody. But you screw with us. You screw with our economy. You screw with our people, I pound you into glass. Period,” Glenn said.

“Call that an neocon because I follow it I then come home. I don’t build a school. I don’t build jack. The private sector decides to build. Period. Neocon. Sorry Ron Paul you exposed yourself on your policies.”