It’s hard to believe that a company associated with America and working class values would use global revolutions and progressivism to sell their products, but that’s exactly what Levis is doing in their new commercials. Unfortunately, they aren’t even trying to disguise their efforts to commit to the progressive cause.

You can watch the commercial, courtesy of The Blaze, below:

“An amazing ad that you may have seen last night, banned in London but playing here in the United States,” Glenn said.

“I love Levi’s. I’ve loved them since I’m a kid. It’s my favorite jean. I don’t know why I don’t buy Levi’s all the time,” Glenn said.

Unfortunately, he’s choosing not to support them anymore.

“I am turning my red tabs in. I will not wear a pair of Levi’s,” he said.

“Glenn Beck demands all of his fans stop buying Levi’s immediately! Glenn Beck calls for boycott of Levi’s! Glenn Beck boycotts all denim!” Stu mocked.

Glenn, however, made it clear this was only a personal choice and that he did not support nor would he ever call for a boycott.

“Are you saying that a deny anymore jean company shouldn’t use Molotov cocktails to sell their product?” Pat asked.

“Oh. And then saying that they want it to be the uniform of progress?” Glenn responded.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. I love Levi’s. Never again, Levi’s, never again will you get a dime from me. I know you’re not disappointed. Never again. I won’t wear your stupid red tab. The quintessential American piece of clothing doing this. Just for what? Because you just want to sell, because you want the controversy? I don’t think so. You believe it. You say you want your jeans to be the uniform of progress.”

“Nope. I’m not interested. Thank you.”