We shared some incredible video with you last week of idiotic Occupy Wall Street protesters mindlessly chanting whatever Cornel West said. This time, the protesters wanted to show off their intellectual prowess. Take a look at what happens when Frances Fox Piven (wait – wasn’t she supposedly busy baking cookies and generally being peaceful?) showed up to incite the crowd. Prepare to vomit when watching this clip.

“So what are they doing? The neoliberals. First they’re purifying the party. They’re now turning on the president and the very system that they have entrenched themselves. They’ve got to separate themselves from the system. They have to make it appear as though they are not part of the Obama administration. Bottom up, top down. What we’ve done ‑‑ do you know why they hate us so much? This is all becoming so very clear. Do you know why they’ve hated us so much? Look at what we have exposed. We have exposed a social justice. We exposed where they are in your churches. We are encouraging them to get you to get into your church and make sure that you’re not part of some crazy social justice, unbeknownst to maybe even the pastor. We have gotten into their churches and exposed them there. We have gotten people into the streets and told them, you’re not alone. Connect with people. You’re not alone. We’ve connected history again. They did everything they could to destroy our history. Reeves said go back and read it and study it and look for the original sources. Go back and do it. My gosh, why do they hate us so much? Then SEIU, we exposed what they were doing and how they planned this Wall Street thing,” Glenn said.

“We showed you. It’s SEIU, they’re in the White House. Nobody else was showing you that. Nobody else was showing you that. Nobody else is showing you Richard Trumka. Nobody else is showing you Frances ‑‑ who else is talking about Frances Fox Piven? Who else was talking about Van Jones? The people who are leading this. SEIU, Frances Fox Piven, Van Jones, the people who are putting this whole thing together. They’re part of the problem in the administration. They’re surrounding this president. That’s who’s advising him. The reason he doesn’t listen to his counsel is because that’s his counsel. He’s not listening to his cabinet. He might as well go talk to his kitchen cabinets.”