While some politicians may see the need to endorse and support the OccupyWallStreet protests, they may soon see the protestors turn on them as quickly as they have the financial industry. Take, for example, Congressman John Lewis, who went to the Atlanta rally to offer his support. Instead of letting him speak, many of the protestors tried to block him until he finally ended up leaving.

The video of the Congressman’s visit, and the resulting “democratic” blocking, can be seen below:

“I disagree with almost everything John Lewis has said or has done but not in his civil rights era. John Lewis is not a guy who is a friend to the right, he is not a friend to the constitutionalists, but he is an American icon. He is a hero for what he did in the 1960s,” Glenn said.

“The look on John Lewis’ face, you can see the wheels are turning. I mean, here’s a guy who marched with Martin Luther King and they are doing the (call and response) can you imagine?”

“If John Lewis isn’t behind closed doors today saying to the people on the House in the House, ‘We’ve got to get away from these people. They are dangerous, dangerous people, what have we been thinking?’ If he’s not saying it today, he never will.

“Don’t laugh these people off. I know it is really tempting, but don’t laugh this off. Remember how we were all laughing three weeks ago. Look at where they’ve come in three weeks.”