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Hank Williams Jr. was fired by ESPN after comments he made during an interview on Fox News in which he dared to make an analogy using the suddenly off limits ‘Hitler’ reference (see BUSH = Hitler). Of course, he wasn’t even comparing the two, he was making an analogy — but don’t make the media think too hard or they might fall over. Hank responds strongly with a brand new theme song that declares war and draws a clear line in the sand.

“I’d say somebody’s a little pissed off,” Pat said.

“It was absolutely abhorrent what they did. That’s a friendly space. Supposed to be a friendly space of truth,” Glenn said of “Fox and Friends”.

Glenn reiterated the fact that Williams was making a comment about how Obama was the polar opposite of Boehner, not comparing the President to Hitler.

“He’s not comparing the president to Hitler. He’s saying people who disagree on fundamentals that much don’t have golf together,” Glenn said.

“And then what ESPN did and what ABC allowed and what this country allowed, this guy has just lost his job.”

“That was a shot across the bow with every cultural icon: You back up or we’ll ‑‑ we’ll make sure you never work again. That’s what that is. Pass his song around. Push back. With love. Not destruction. ”