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  • Anonymous

       A note to a uninformed believer!

       Just think about all these scriptural words, and your words you are
    writing, to and for yourself. that’s the way I see them. These are
    written to warn yourself! Fallen Immortal Angels do not exist!
     Immortalization would be only given to His perfect beings! How can a
    perfect being fail? But the knowledge you lack will not reveal this in
    your thoughts. Which perverts real understanding in truth. When
    you refuse to turn yourself around (Repent) You then become like
    Peter.  A Satan or Adversary like in Mark 8: 33. and especially Luke 4:
    8. This is what the adversary of God does to Truth, and actually unfortunately to themselves.
    Satan and the fallen Angels are: You, and Me, and everyone! Last I knew! We are still not yet immortalized. 
    All from the first Lie! That Man excepted as truth! from the Serpent.
    all started at creations, beginning of Man, and God is giving us the
    option to earn our way back to Man’s Original Created Body! Like they
    never ate from the tree… Then we can eat from the tree of Life! To live forever with God!!! What’s not to understand???

    Want it simplified?

    God Creates Man with the perfect Body.
    Man is Deceived and believes the Deceit and the Body deteriorates even till today.
    God’s Mercy, and Grace offers Man a way to save ourselves through
    proving our worthiness.
    Man becomes worthy to receive the original intended Body, and to live
    for the rest of eternity With Yahweh!!! It is! as simple as that! Really!

    The catch is: You have to prove your Worthiness!!! You can’t just live your life in sin and still be accepted! Sorry Man!
    Oh! BTW. God’s Intention was that He Created Earth as our Home to live on forever with Him. But there is more of course… 

  • Anonymous

    You all have to know that God has it all under His control and in the end of it all God Wins!
    Providence leads to His Plan! and Purpose for our righteous eternal
    existence! In Reality Nothing else really matters but your soul purpose
    is to exist in God’s! Reality.
    That is our Father Creator’s, Kingdom, that He offers us eternally. A Home and place, Here! on Earth.

    Otherwise: Truth is! if you don’t believe! or follow God correctly, your reality eventually wont exist!

    Do you get that?!

    It is! as clear as it can be. And! You have the free will to consciously decide your reality.
    Are you a gambler of chance? Maybe what is written is false, and just go your way. OK bye!
    Or you could possibly take it as truth, but you are not sure! So just partially have half faith and hope
    God will accept your half! faith.
    Or put in all you can do to search God out. for your true salvation in God’s Reality.
    This call needs your personal attention. Please consider. God’s Love be with you. 

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