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  • Charlie

    2nd Chronicles 7:14

  • Charlie

    thanks and i posted to fb

  • Harry Fox


    “violently attack individuals”

    Does the phrase “I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore”  mean anything to you.

  • Anonymous

    Actuallu, there were reports of people having 5000 mac books stolen. 2000 dollar slr’s and an iphone without contract is about 800 actually. so if its stolen that is how much you are paying to replace it as they do not have insurance plans to cover loss/theft. at least from verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Also jeff, the kkk is a democratic group. They have said they supported the movement. So have the nazi’s and multiple other communistic groups including Obama’s administration.

  • Harry Fox

    “our Department of Justice only prosecutes Americans in the CIA or Border Agents, while they give immunity to […], al-Qaeda”

    Obama has just ordered a bunch of Navy Seals to turn Osama bin Laden into a piece of frigging Swiss cheese. WTF do you read for news? The backs of ceral packets? 

  • Harry Fox

    TO DEBBIE RIVERA (below)

    “The OCCUPY WALL STREET movement sure resembles the political strategy of the Nazi Party”

    Did you notice the race of the author of  “Steal this book” that beck claims is used as a guide by by “anti semitic” OWS? Probably not because ,surprise surprise, Glenn boy didn’t tell you

    Abbie Hoffman is jewish. By the way, his politcal partner in the ’60s was the late jerry rubin. Have a guess what race HE was.. 

  • Erik Thornton

    Today, they keep forgetting what the 3rd thing is.  But what they fail to understand is that the BEE’s KNOW!

  • Dennis S

    Jeff your comment about having an intellectual discussion with strong liberals is an oxymoron because they are brainwashed and therefore can’t hold an intellectual discussion because they have already been programed to respond in an anti manner verses any views against what they believe in and stand for.  Socialism, Nazism or Communisum it makes no difference they all have basic fundamentals to remove individuals rights to freedom, take from those who work hard and give to those who don’t.  Any view against the rights of freedom to individuals have no leg to stand on either you want freedom or you want an anti freedom way of life no other choices exists.  So to say we should discuss things intellectual is a joke it doesn’t take intelligence to know whether you want to live in a free society or live in a society that controls all aspects of your life.  A caged animal doesn’t need intelligent understanding about freedom vs non freedom the minute it gets a chance to free itself its gone………………….so if animals can understand freedom what in the *&^( is your problem JEFF! 

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