Glenn talks family, faith, and ‘The Snow Angel’ on The Today Show

In this clip below, Glenn talks to Kathie Lee about abuse, his childhood, alcoholism, and his own personal struggles and successes.

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And earlier in the program he talked about his family, his motivations for writing The Snow Angel, as well as leaving FOX and launching GBTV.

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Glenn was on The Today Show this morning and he talked about faith, family, GBTV – as well as his new book The Snow Angel. Watch both clips above.

  • Diane M

    God Bless you, Glenn … Lots of love and prayers for you and your family …  from a San Antonio, TX fan.

  • Cheryl Miller

    I really do not care if you like him Kathie Lee. It is too bad that you have let the media decide and dictate to you who Glenn is. Most are not as stupid as those who believe what the liberal press reports on. Americans need to listen to the truth and do their own thinking! I have liked Glenn Beck for years and still do. Our country is blessed to have his wisdom and voice. God Bless you Glenn and your family & friends.

  • Pam Priver

    Read the snow angel.  This is my life, without the “physical” bruises.  The bruises are on my heart, my soul.  The man who says he loves me is a drunk and an abuser.

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