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How bad to the anti-police sentiment get during the Oakland mess last night? At least one man threatened the to personally get the Oakland PD. Sadly, this probably isn’t the person that Oakland wants representing them. Why is that? Well, you should probably watch the video below (language warning):

“This is a video message to the Oakland Police Department. You have committed violations of state and federal law. If you continue with your activity, I will personally come to Oakland and arrest every single officer involved. You have committed not only civil rights violations but also criminal acts against the people of the United States. Further continuance of said acts will be a declaration of war. You have 24 hours to respond,” he says.

Scary, right? Um, not so much.

If you were a little worried, Mr. “Pokesomi” here also uploaded some other videos…and it turns out he’s just a little intense. But only over important issues….like a slight edit error in an episode of Deep Space 9. Please watch the ENTIRE video, it’s hilarious.