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This whole ‘Occupy’ movement is becoming downright scary. Why in the world would someone go down there when they are actively covering up rapes and intimidating victims into silence? Agree or disagree with their actions and motivations, no one can argue that the latest news shows a bunch of bullies willing to do whatever they can to achieve their goals.

The Blaze reports:

In an interview with Fox Baltimore, a distraught woman who had previously joined the Occupiers claimed she was raped and robbed Friday night at the Occupy Baltimore’s waterfront campsite.

She made it clear that none of the Occupiers came to her aid or tried to help her identify her attacker afterwards. The unidentified woman also told reporters that she couldn’t go home because her attacker had taken her bills and knew where she lived.

With her voice cracking from apparent shock and rage, the woman said of Occupy Wall Street that “If this is supposed to be a good organization, it isn’t. It’s a crock.”

Glenn gave his reaction on radio this morning.

“They don’t care. And neither does the mainstream press. I know which side of history we’re on. We’re on the right side of history, gang. ”