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Jon Stewart says that no one would be down with somebody throwing trashcan through a Starbucks – but last night thats the kind of thing that happened at ‘Occupy Oakland’ which is quickly becoming the epicenter of the protests as things begin to cool off in the Northeast. But even though the place descended into full scale riots, the news was still trying to say that the protesters were “mostly peaceful”. Does it matter that a small number of protesters actually gave into their violent tendencies? Does it matter that they embraced the radical pose to achieve the radicals ends?

One group, the Oakland Liberation Front, put out this message:

Are you a passivist? How dare you even ask for nonviolence when violence has already been used by the police. Will you still be standing there with a peace sign when all the police spray the crowd with water canons? What if they fire teargas from a helicopter? Will you be able to stop the LRAD, the Long‑range Acoustic Device from confusing, controlling, and then arresting comrades? The answer is no. You two will experience the terror and more. Your efforts, your bodies. Your bodies? Wow, that sounds almost like “blow yourself up. ” Your bodies, your peace signs are the exact forms of medication the State requires to neutralize people’s individual assertion to their own desires, goals, reclamations, joy and anger. If you desire economic justice, then we encourage you to pursue it. Meanwhile, we wild ones will go beyond that demand. We seek total transformation of society. We seek the complete annihilation of capitalism. We want to start over together. We’re going to begin that process on Wednesday. We won’t stop if you don’t stop us. Are you with us or against us? Signed, the Oakland Liberation Front.

“For the most part people are not members of the Oakland Liberation Front… but there are some that are,” Glenn said. The important question is if their statement matters. What does it mean for the people of Oakland.

“By the way, Van Jones is from Oakland, California. That’s where he really planted his radical roots. By the way, completely unrelated: Oakland is now being called the capital of the Occupy Wall Street. That is strange. There’s a capital now,” Glenn said.

In the middle of the riot, a man was trapped in his car when protesters surrounded him and wouldn’t let him move forward. The man slammed on his gas and ended up hitting one of the protesters but he was ultimately released by the police to the fury of protesters.

“This is a real problem because you’re going to now start dealing with things that you never thought you’d have to deal with. Have you ever thought that? ‘What do I do if somebody blocks my car in the middle of the road. What do I do?'” Glenn said.

“Look, there is a point where you gun it. I don’t know if this guy made the right decision about where that point is but there is a point,” Stu said.

“I don’t know what the right thing is. I do think he made the wrong move. But what do you do? God forbid I have my children in my car,” Glenn added.