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While the radio guys had some fun at the latest Herman Cain accuser in the first hour, things got a little more serious when they interviewed Amy Jacobson of WIND-AM in Chicago. Jacobson actually witnessed the accuser and Cain interact while at the event, and she explained what she thought happened on radio this morning.

Jacobson described that at a Tea Party convention in October, the accuser, Sharon Bialek, rushed Herman Cain backstage. She held his attention for 2-3 minutes, and after what appeared to be an intense and in-depth discussion Bialek stormed off.

Amy said she doesn’t know what was said, but that it looked like she “has a point to make” and then left quickly.

Jacobson said she has no reason to doubt Bialek, and that the number of women coming forward leads her to believe that Cain has done something inappropriate. She did acknowledge that it was going to be a ‘he said/she said’ situation.

Jacobson said she herself had experienced similar harassment and that she personally would have trouble going to someone like Gloria Allred because of the toll it can take on family.

“It’s a stigma,” she said.

“My family has been though enough already,” she told Glenn.