UPDATE: Episode is now ON DEMAND


Today, Glenn hits the road for the CMAs and will be talking to some of country music’s biggest stars from Nashville! GBTV will bring you a behind-the-scenes tour of the ‘Home of Country Music.’ It’s a live celebration of everything country. Don’t miss tonight’s special broadcast live at 5 pm ET only on GBTV

It’s been an early morning for the GBTV crew down in Nashville (this writer’s hometown). The trucks arrived late last night/early this morning in downtown:

The production crews will be working out of the mobile controle room

Eric, VP of TV Operations, was out this morning touring downtown Nashville. Check out some of his pictures

Guitars like this are all over Nashville commemorating different aspects of the town’s culture and heritage. This one celebrates country music and honky-tonk’s:

A statue of Elvis outside one of Nashville’s many downtown honky-tonk’s:


The production crew gets ready:

The chalkboard has arrived!

And Glenn arrives to tour the set!