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Something incredible happened on radio today – a Colorado shelter for abused women that had recently lost it’s federal funding (because they refused to make their Bible study ‘optional’) had their prayers answered. The owners took a leap of faith and when faced with an ultimatum – drop the mandatory Bible study or lose funding – they chose faith over cash. They had no idea where they’d get the money, but trusted God would provide. That’s exactly what happened on radio today.

Glenn read s story from The Blaze which reported:

Mandatory Bible studies have led to the loss of federal funds for two Colorado women’s shelters. The Gospel Shelter for Women centers, which are non-profit organizations, offer assistance to individuals who are mentally ill. Additionally, they provide transitional housing for the homeless and those struggling with addiction.

Apparently, the women who go through these facilities are required to participate in Bible studies as a portion of their treatment. In the past, these studies were believed to be optional, so officials allowed monies to be allocated in support of the shelters. But the revelation that participants are forced to take part in religious activities has led to a major funding loss.

Faced with a tough decision, leaders of the organization decided to keep prayer and faith in the program. Of course, the other option would be to continue accepting federal dollars, while taking faith out of the equation.

Glenn interviewed Marilyn Vyzourek, the founder and executive director of Liza’s Place, on radio this morning, and during the interview he decided he would step in and donate the lost funds to the group.

After explaining what the organization did, Glenn asked Marilyn how much the organization needed.

“I’m probably about $20,000 in the red.  We laid off one staff member, we’re getting ready to lay off another one, and we just need to generate the funds in a different area.  We’re still open.  We’re still taking people for Hope Home and Liza’s Place.  We’ve consolidated the two programs in one building and we’re just looking for other areas of funding so that we can keep it open,” she said.

“$55,000 is what we’ve lost,” she explained.

“When you first heard that you were going to lose it, you had the faith that the Lord would replace it some way or another?” Glenn asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay.  Good.  We’re going to send you a check for $55,000.  My wife and I would like to make sure that you don’t lay any more people off and you keep those doors open,” Glenn said.

“Oh, thank you so much.  Praise God.  Wow,” Marilyn exclaimed.

Glenn then had one of his producers speak with Marilyn offline about getting her group the money they needed.

“Wow.  So what government program just mandated that you did that?  That was weird,” Stu joked.

“I have done the things that have put me in a situation where I can make money.  And then my wife and I decide what to do with that money,” Glenn explained. “And if the government doesn’t think that a faith‑based charity should get any money, well, then it is up to me, an individual who believes in small government, to make up the difference.”