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Glenn spoke with one of the more interesting people he knows on radio today – Trevor Loudon. Here’s a man who’s dedicated his life to calling out radical leftists wherever he can root them up. Turns out there all over the place and they just keep on coming. Glenn talks with Trevor about the latest connections he’s found.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Visit his websight sometime, just yahoo search his name for a link; I have visited it in the past and have found his research amazing and accurate along with many of those who have articles shown on the sight as well. If you follow the research done, there has been no doubts yet found, and you will see what the true faces of darkness such as Agenda 21, and several of Obama’s executive orders waiting in the dark for the suprise show as he grabs and consolidate power.

    The only way we can find and defeat the darkness is to expose it in the fullness of evil it is to the light of truth and unroot the corruption once and for all.

    • Ryan Frederick

      will do snow!

  • KayAZ12

    Documented facts are such a nuisance.  When inconvenient facts emerge, the progs refocus on the ever present conspiracy theories to deflect these nuisances.  Their tactic is to make us look insane so the general public will fear us more than them.  If we appear insane they look rational.

    To defeat Pres. Obama we need to point out well documented marxist ties and other facts.  Let the facts speak for themselves and demand answers.  What exactly is progressivism and what are their governing and economic philosophies?  These questions have never been cogently answered.

    To defeat them we MUST show we are intelligent, well informed, calm, and persistent.  Above all we must fearlessly press on and respectfully demand answers not rhetoric.

    The progs greatest weapons are deflection, deception, and fear.

  • Ryan Frederick

    this guy rocks!

  • Anonymous

    i have been sayin this for three years obama was molded by the socialist labor party from thr time he was born the evil seed his mother his father grandparents weather underground  Trevor Loudon isnt tellin me amything that i havent known for sometime and most of the people that know me no this to be true i just dont understand how  he fooled so many people with his shit and the liberal quilty lovin him because of the puttin down of the black man what shit that is the only thing that keeps the black man down  is the black man

  • Pat Toth

    Our biggest problem with exposing anything about him is the liberal media. They are in love with this guy because he is one of theirs. I think we need to start praying for our super hero to come forth and overcome Obama’s evil. Along with all his croney’s.

  • Anonymous

    Those of us who participated in the New Left activities of the 60’s and 70’s know absolutely that Obama is the front man for the organized Left that goes back in American history to the Communist Internationals of the 1800’s. The most shocking thing to those of us who woke up and grew up and left our Left illusions behind is that these hardcore ideologues are still parroting the same nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is not only a marxist socialist, but he  has admitted that he is a muslim. On ABC’s George Stepho’s program, before the 08 election, he said, “my muslim faith”! George’s eyes gave a shocked look, and Obama talked on and on the way he often does, while George Stehpo wanted to interupt him and then again Obama said,”my muslim faith”. At that George S. jumped in and said, “you mean your christian faith! To which Obama replied, ” uh uh uh yes uh my christian faith.” I have since then never heard this covered on any news outlet. The insanity of the muslim faith makes socialist/communist doctrines seem pale and weak.
        The muslim faith does not care for socialist or athestic communism, there is even a more sinister motive lurking behind the socialism drive. It is world conquest as espoused by their dear leader Muhammad. You convert to the muslim faith or lose your head.  Even now Iran’s dear leader is waiting for the 12th imam, to come out of a well and lead their global quest. This evil faith is basically longing and looking for the anti-christ, to come and vindicate their insanity. This is the goal and all the other socialistic distractions are the smoke screen.Their iman  is not coming out of a well but out of hell!1 Even so come quickly Lord Jesus——–

    • Anonymous

      Would someone let me know what and why is the choice on my above comment unlike all other comments, in as much as mine only has the choice posted to either edit or reply and all others is like or reply? I’m just curious no big deal —- thx —–   reggie

  • Anonymous

    Pretty scary.  Are we living in the end times?  The evil ones don’t realize that we win in the end, doesn’t make a difference what they do!!!!   Look up your redemption draws nye!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I wish you would address the Obama natural born citizen issue with an open mind. You do such a great job of connecting the dots on so many other issues, but given the growing body of evidence of PhotoShop-tampered documents, obvious citizenship issues with Obama’s parents, and other indicators as strong as some of the evidence you have used to draw predictions and conclusions on other issues, it raises a legitimate question, “Why?” Hopefully, you’ll pay attention to, and possibly join Sheriff Arpaio and other patriots who have refused to back down and instead bravely pressed on with this important issue.

  • Eric Bonk

    Scary Stuff from Trevor Loudon. MY GOD,You will shite yourself blind.

  • Eric Bonk

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!

  • Gerald Scott

    He’s not there by accident.He’s fulfilling scripture. No he’s not the messiah. He’s the Judas.Has anyone seen the clip of Henry Kissinger saying that Barack Obama has been groomed to and will usher in the new world order?

  • Anonymous

    None of it is any surprise. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been reading Trevors blog since the 2008 primaries.  If American’s knew the documented facts then, as  Trevor so astutely presented them, we may; not have the Marxist controlling our lives. Through his blog, I learned more about the early infiltration of communism to include my state, the state of Obama’s supposed birth. 

    Trevor Loudon is one of the most brilliant investigative reporters of our time.  you can get his daily blog and KeyWiki at

  • World Citizen

    Why are the left so disappointed in Obama if he is a Marxist Liberal Commie. Many that voted for him have become completely disillisioned. Meanwhile the rich grow richer and the poor poorer under his presidency. Is he a failed Commie? Corporate profits have been at their highest ever!

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