Brian Sack teaches an important lesson to the Pumpernickel Boulevard gang

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Brian Sack has an important lesson for anyone who might be making a sign and getting ready to go out protesting – whether it be at an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ march or a Tea Party Rally. You can check out ‘The B.S. of A.’ every Friday night on GBTV PLUS at 7pm ET!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Oh this is rich, the mockery and sardonic humor is quite rich. Glenn and crew I have to admit that this one has outdone so much; and it teaches the fact we need to study history and exercise logical discussion in the matters of comparison of one to another — the Glenn beck comparison, humor poked at yourself is a nice twist…and no Glenn is not a Hitler like the left wants to portray him.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the usual suspects to have a condescending hissy fit over this, they’re just that predictable!!!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Spaz — what will interest me is that I can see the left trying to accuse Beck again of comparing Mr Obama to being Hitler even though the video clearly says that Obama is not Hitler, the distinction is made very clear for anyone bothering to listen.

      Of course Mr Obama is a radical, fanatical, ideological, mind twisted, narcissistic, ego maniacial, god-complexed, self declared desiring of dictatirial delusional dementia (he wants to rule a nation like the CCP does China) of a President who has completely disgraced, dishonored and almost destroyed the nation in three short years.

      (Sarcasm intentional) And as the left would say “…Thats life…”

      • Anonymous

        Snowleopard,  You are being too kind in your use of words.

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          Too kind? I must be losing my touch then. :)

      • Sunshine Kid

        What is wrong in making valid comparisons?  No one is saying Obama IS Hitler, only that Hitler did many of the same things, had a media organization headed by Goebbels that is so similar to what the left wing progressives have and historical facts for comparison with the present.

        The left is certainly touchy about Hitler comparisons for some reason.

        Perhaps because the truth hurts?

    • Ryan Frederick

      i wonder which sock he will put on today!

  • Harry G

    Excluding people such as Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein from the comparison is a mistake in my opinion. Those two would have murdered even MORE people if given the chance.

    • David Tabor

      But isn’t that the point.As evil as the two examples are even they don’t qualify for Hitler status

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Harry — I think another lesson that they are trying to get across is that evil is still evil; the only real difference is to the extent that good people will allow it to continue before standing up to it and bringing it to heel; or in the case of Hitler and his Nazi ideology, exterminate it root and trunk

      If I am seeing the chain of events continuing forward, the soon to be happening war in the middle east will force a Third great war unto us, and we will once again be called unto make a choice, to let the darkness and evil permeate into the world greater w/o end, or stand up to it and stamp it down once again.

      And under Obama, I cannot honestly say he would not have us join the darkness for the sake of his finishing the nation off once and for all.

      • Sunshine Kid

        I think like you, but cannot express myself as clearly.


  • Anonymous

    Brian Sack teaches an important lesson to the Pumpernickel Boulevard gang…@readers:disqus my friend’s half-sister makes $77 an hour on the laptop. She has been laid off for 8 months but last month her income was $8162 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read about it here –CashHuge. ĉộṃ–

    • Yankster

      Its good she’s found work.  Just don’t let any OWSers find out where she lives or she’ll regret making $8k in one month. 

      • Sunshine Kid

        What’s her address?  I want to post it on the OWS web site!

        (also, cut me in for 10% – I’m not greedy)

    • Marshall Huck Roberts

      Did you mean sitting on a lap. If she is a half sister, which half is she, top half or bottom half…Is she a lap dancer and how much does she weigh. If she make 77 and hour what does 10 mins cost. 7 dollars..Where is she from…Is you related to Eric Estrada and can you get his autograph…

      • Sunshine Kid

        Wrong, it is not $7 per t0 minutes, it’s $12.83 for 10 minutes. Remember, there are only 60 minutes in an hour, not 100.

        You’d never make it in business accounting!

  • Anonymous

    Hitler is a distant third…never allow history to forget Mao and Stalin are numbers 1 and 2. May they all burn in hell.

  • Anonymous

    Hitler is technically, by body count…. third.  Never allow history to forget Mao and Stalin are numbers 1 and 2.

    • commonsensewillwin

      The American Military have to be up there.  The attempted extermination of First Nation Peoples cannot be forgotten and so often is.

      • Connie Davis Francis

        Sounds like you are not very fond of our country…If you don’t like it ..LEAVE IT! But, NEVER criticize our Military who have fought and died for your worthless hide! 

      • Steve White

        The state of world affairs is in such a precarious situation if the American military were to mysteriously disappear,  then the whole world would burn. 

        A few examples…

        Why are Turkey and Greece not in combat with one another
        despite their long lasting territorial disputes?  They are members of the
        North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) founded by the US at the end of WWII
        to attempt to avoid another land war in Europe.  Why is the Korean
        Peninsula not back in combat?  The fear is that it would draw the US and
        China into direct conflict and that would be a disaster for the whole
        world.  So an uneasy peace endures.  Why is Taiwan not overrun at
        present by China, when they claim sovereignty over it?  It is because
        China has not yet reached a point of development where they feel safe to have a
        direct conflict with the US.  Again, there are  many examples, but the
        world stage is set by American interests which dominate other

        • Jamin Silva

          everyone shrugs eventually

        • Marie

          One could argue that the military industrial complex is what saved America, but the dopeheads in the MIC make money by selling their products to America’s enemies. 

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I’m afraid your wrong. You would first have to count ahead of any United states oppression (not excusing the treatment of Native Americans which was deplorable and most likely would never happened had we followed George Washington’s plan) but the bulk of oppressive damage inflicted upon Native American civilization is tied directly to the European continent. Spain and Portugal owned the bulk of Central and South America ( Not including the western US) for almost 400 years and  their reign of terror makes the Americans treatment of native Americans look like Pacifism in comparison. Lets not exclude England and France who owned and facilitated the governing policies for North America and the Caribbean up until almost the advent of the19th century but never mind the atrocities committed by them lets focus only on Americas mistakes. Heck why stop there? How about the butchering of the aborigines by the Australians or the Apartheid in South Africa or the British rule over India.What about Shaka Zulu and his genocidal  butchering and enslavement of other South African tribes? Lets really go deep now Mongolia owes a debt to China for Genghis Kahn, England? heck who do we give it back to? The Normans? The Saxons? The Celts? The Romans? How about Spain and France fine and demand reparations on all muslim’s when they invaded from northern Africa. And Israel you sue the pants of Egypt for 400 years of slavery that was never paid for. News Flash people History isn’t pretty and it is one big endless tail of oppression, conquest, injustice, and corruption. The only difference is that America unlike the rest of the world which tries to sweep it under the rug or rewrite history to make themselves look good. We actually try to correct it and expose it. The only thing more disgustingly hypocritical than apologizing for history is having a bunch of ignorant fools sit and pass judgement on past generations who lived under totally different sets of rules and conditions who can’t defend themselves against a bunch of arrogant, self righteous, self deluded hypocrites who look back in hind sight judgement and don’t realize they are as guilty as any of the past generations for not correcting their own problems before judging others. When the modern world attains the perfect world conditions and writes all the wrongs of its current time then it can speak in judgement of the past otherwise as one teacher of history stated Judge not lest ye be Judged. 

        • Frank Nicholas

          The world has indeed been ruled by wickedness; there is fault in all governments devised by man. This is not a new insight, the Bible said millenia ago, when men work outside of God’s arrangement there will be futility.(Jeremiah 10:23-25) Unfortunately, many profess to be religious, but put political interests first. Instead of relying on God’s Kingdom, for which most of us pray, we settle for man’s efforts and pledge our allegience to the ruler of this system of things, rather than God. The apostle John spoke of him as “the wicked one.” (John 12: 30,31 and 1 John 5:19) he is Satan the Devil and he is working overtime to bring down all societies; as he knows his days are numbered.(Revelation 12:12) We should take Jesus’ encouragement to heart, that when we see these horrible conditions, realize our deliverence is near. The 21st Chapter of Luke speaks to our day and we are encouraged to remove ourselves from Satan’s world by drawing away from any government or religion not doing God’s will. Jesus revealed to John that we had to get out of Babylon the Great, this world empire of falsehood and secularism, and return to God’s “Holy Mountain” (his government.)( Rev, 18: 4,5 and 8) This WILL call for a  judgment on our part. Do we really believe in God’s Word as pertinent in our day? Do we see all governments, save God’s, as flawed and in need of replacement? If so, we do it one person at a time, one changed heart, one mended spirit and gradually a nation of righteousness is formed world-wide, under the banner of Christ, our King. Such a crowd exists today, when they knock on your door ask for details, it WILL change your life forever.

          • Anonymous

            It is said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” But history is history. It is past and cannot be changed. The way history is thought about and analyzed is indeed changeable, but when the facts are known, they cannot be changed. The history of the Hebrew people as recorded in what many call the “Old Testament” (that I prefer as a Christian to call the Hebrew Scriptures) is repeated generation after generation to the present. Read any segment of the Prophets and you can be reading tomorrow morning’s newspaper if you just change the names of the combatants. The sins of God’s people continue unabated and God’s judgment will befall every time. Yet the Record shows that every time the people repent and return to faithfulness and righteousness God’s blessings abound even more than God’s judgment fell. 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Christianity is the only “religion” that teaches unconditional love that yields gracious forgiveness and reconciliation.

          • Anonymous

            My favourite part was when the puppet sang.

        • iCanReadCanU

          Well Said. It is my contention along those same lines, that America, for all its errors, has done more good in it’s short history to raise the the level of overall human well being than all other nations combined throughout the annals human existence.  Those INDIVIDUALS who were wronged in the past are no longer with us, just as those INDIVIDUALS who did the wrongs are no longer with us.
          Let us return the the America of George Washington and the Founders– to their principles of liberty and to values of our Constitutional Republic.  Let us leave the errors of Jacksonian Expansionism and century of Wilsonian Progressiveness behind and return to that America who’s only focus was to lead by example and protect the Natural rights of INDIVIDUALS.  May we never again carry out the Colonialist types of actions for which other nations are better known, but lets us also cease the bizarre behavior of Anti-Colonialists like Obama the academics he spent his life studying and modeling trying to emulate.  Let us not look to social models of the past that led to atrocities but to ones that led in goodness for all mankind.

        • Anonymous

          Excellent message and way to go on putting things into perspective. I’ve said the same things myself before. The history of the relationship between Native Americans and the U.S. government is not something to be proud of as an American. But in a world with a history of violence this nation still stands apart and upright in comparison. May we ever strive to improve, especially our relationship with the native peoples of this continent.

      • Anonymous

        What are “First Nation Peoples”?  Sounds like a bank merger….ridiculous comment

    • Anonymous

      you’re right. Hitler is mild compared to Hussein-Obama.Hussein-Obama is a combination of Mao,Stalin,Chavez,Achmindinijad,

    • Anonymous

      Pol Pot sure did his part. Kim Jong Il is still working on his count. But do not forget history. Who can count the number deaths Genghis Khan was guilty of? Oh yeah, and we should never forget Muhammad. What is his number exactly? Then again, perhaps his number isn’t so great as the next 80 years following his death. Who were the guys in charge of that? How about the British in India combined with the population of Native Americans in Canada and Aborigines of Australia? The Spanish sure did a number on Native Americans in North and South America within just a couple generations. The Portuguese and English killed millions of Africans in the slave trade within a 100 year period…

      Overall though, I’d agree that Hitler has a solid claim on #3, as close as we can get to official numbers under distinct individual dictators… Between him, Stalin, and Mao, they were definitely efficient killers, for as many people as they were able to kill within just about 30 years each.

      Heck, Mao’s human death toll could be considered double Stalin’s number if we consider the number of Koreans and Southeast Asians that died as a result of Chinese communist participation in military conflicts at that time.  

  • Michael Ballenger

    Very funny.  BTW commonsense-The “American Military” is just one of many tools for U.S. diplomacy.  Blaming them for the destruction of the Native tribes is like blaming the weapon when you kill somebody. Look to the policy makers and the people who made the decisions. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness there’s another voice entering the fray. It’s not until Conservatives and even Middle-of-the-Road folk start getting really adamant that the Left is going to stop being able to drown them out with their constant squeakiness getting all the oil.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    A girlfriend of mine has a wonderrous job. It is wonderrous enough to provide for herself, for her wife and their three children. Isn’t it wonderrous to work history hard and to learn kinder words?

    • Sunshine Kid

      If your girl friend has a wife, were the children by insemination?

      • Sandie

        No, by imagination.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Hood will  save the planet. Live it,  and never underestimate the power of prude.

  • Anonymous

    Catchy little tune, can’t get it out of my head, but the left will never understand, what they’ve done to

    destroy this country.  None of them are bright enough.  Oh, the evils of self reliance and stop with the

    coddling of everyone.  I never had all the crap they are pushing and I turned out fine.  Buck up folks !!!

  • Ryan Frederick

    that was funny.

  • 4joachim

    Great work! Great Litmus Test on what qualifies to be called that. Hmm..I would never equate GW’s presidency with the current one.

    GW had no where near the awful presidency that has taken root stateside these past 3 years.
     No Take-Overs like we have witnessed in our banks, auto industry, health care, student loans these past 3 years.

    GW was a gentleman of integrity.
    There was No factually challenged tele’prompted’ fancy orating filled with misinformation and blatant disingeuous statements as we have witnessed these past 3 years.
    GW acted for U.S. on the best information he had to keep U.S. safe.

    GW didn’t go around the globe misrepresenting and bad mouthing the United States of America.
    He did not use our military as political game pieces for his own political gain as we have witnessed these past 3 years.

    GW loves America.
    Most importantly, GW didn’t orate craftily to cause the most gosh awful divisiveness
    between races,
    between classes of people,
    between faith groups
    as we have witnessed these past 3 years.

  • Ryan Frederick

    here that left Glenn is not hitler.

  • Anonymous

    Moreover, GW was a very reluctant president who had “real life” experience to bring to the office and then returned to it after serving.

  • Anonymous

    Moreover, GW was a most reluctant president who had “real life” experience to which he returned after serving!

  • Anonymous

    Sheer flippin’ genius.  And evil, ’cause it’s been stuck in my head since I heard it.

  • Anonymous

    If you didn’t re-move God and
    keep the people dumb as a clod then
    You’re not Hitler….

  • Anonymous

    If you didn’t re-move God,
    Keep the people dumb as a clod,
    Then you’re not Hiltler…

  • Anonymous

    That same teacher who said “Judge not lest ye be judged” also said “Judge with righteous judgement.” Do you know the difference between right and wrong? He also said “A good tree does not produce bad fruit, does it? You shall know them by their fruit.” The wicked often quote “Judge not lest ye be judged” to attempt to silence their critics without knowledge of good and evil.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Glenn,

    I miss your program on Fox, but time marches on. I’m enjoying telling people how accurate your predictions of how riotous protestation is turning out to be.

    I’m here because I was a Boy Scout, an Eagle, and then a professional scout executive with the Boy Scouts of America. When I saw B.S. of A., I was curious as to what you might be saying about Scouting. Oh, well, It introduced me to Brian Sack.

    Keep up the good work, 

    John Webber, Lafayette, IN

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