Glenn’s interview with Congresswoman Bachmann

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Presidential candidate and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann took time out of her busy schedule and stopped by Glenn’s NYC radio studio today for an interview. Glenn believes Bachmann is one of the few trustworthy people in Washington, D.C. and it’s hard not to admire her when hearing just a portion of where she derives her beliefs.

She told Glenn:

I’m not ashamed of that. I became a Christian when I was 16 years old. I bowed my knee and gave my heart to Jesus Christ. Our family had gone from middle class overnight. We lost everything. We lost our home. I watched my mom put all of our wedding gifts and pretty things on card tables in the driveway and it was all sold. And what I saw from that situation is really the American ethic, which is no one owes you a living. You know, we were down to nothing and so my mother said to us, we don’t have anything, we’ve got our faith, we’re going to make this. And I mean no condemnation to anyone, but my mother said to us, no one in our family’s ever taken public assistance and we won’t, either, and I didn’t see my dad for six years after that. And so when I was 12, she made $4800 a year and she couldn’t buy my glasses, she couldn’t buy my clothes, I had to buy my lunch at school and so I got jobs babysitting. And so I had to learn very quickly what it was to raise the responsibilities of adulthood. And I just want to say that sometimes suffering and deprivation are the greatest lessons you can ever have. You know, it was a gift for our family. My brothers all became very successful people. We all learned what it was to hold together as a family and make it. And what that did is it broke my heart, too, for children that are in challenging situations. So when my husband and I got married, we started taking foster children into our home and over the years we took 23 foster children in. We raised them, we launched them into the world, and we saw that they were failing in school and so we started the first K‑12 charter school for at‑risk kids in the country. It’s still going on. And that’s what we’ve tried to do.

Bachmann also said she would be a staunch supporter of Israel if elected.

“It is a modern miracle that we are seeing in Israel. And the United States has traditionally stood with Israel. Harry Truman, eleven minutes after Israel declared her sovereignty said that the United States recognized Israel’s sovereignty. That’s the greatest thing that he could have done to stand by Israel. President Obama’s the first president in modern history not to stand by Israel. That’s the difference.”

The candidate also feared for the future of the country.

“I think that we are headed for harder times than people realize right now. We are seeing on the streets already Occupy Wall Street and like I said in our previous segment, there’s a guy that I just talked to here in New York City who said that he was at his union meeting and the union voted to give $5,000 to Occupy Wall Street. “

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Honestly, I feel now I need to take a further and deeper look into Bachmann. Just to see more of what she is truly about then I will make up my mind one way or another. Thank you Glenn for allowing her to speak…may we all know the truth as led to it by God and His grace.

    • Shelley

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      • Sunshine Kid

        What does your ad have anything to do with the statement to which your replied?

        People, please flag Shelley as inappropriate, as I have.

  • Anonymous

    I like her. But I don’t like her on foreign policy.

  • Anonymous

    i like Michelle Bachmann very much but i’m afraid that the media will just tear her apart like they did Sarah Palin. i believe she is very trustworthy and would do right by our country but i don’t think she will get the support that she would need to make thing happen.

    • Sunshine Kid

      The left don’t like her because she is prettier than Hillarity Clinton.

    • Craig Newton

      Last Sunday, our pastor’s wife said that she has learned to follow promptings of the spirit even though she has also learned that it is not easy to follow the Lord. For Bachmann to make a big difference, many more of us will have to get involved in this fight. We need to be a bigger presence in the media, a brighter light.

  • Ryan Frederick

    she allright lets see what happens.

  • NickDeringer

    Glenn missed the big question: did she ever participate in insider trading in Congress? What does she think about it and what is she doing to stop it?
    I had high hopes for her, but she has been a big disappointment.

    • Sunshine Kid

      She’s a politician, not a common person that has true desires to remove problems from government, and one of the very reasons I would not vote to re-elect her.  We need NEW blood in the government, not the same people promising what they’ll never in a million years deliver, because that would hurt their power and income.  After all they spend billions to get elected to a job with millions they report as income.  I certainly wouldn’t pay lots of money for a job that pays a little unless I know something you don’t know, like how to make LOTS MORE money!

      I’m not accusing her or anyone of getting paid under the table, heavens no!

      But I still question facts.

  • John Nichols

    We are heading into the War of Gog and Magog!!!

    • Craig Newton

      Which side are you on? Fear thou not, O Jacob…Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war. (Jeremiah 51:20) We Win!

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding. I sincerely hope the GOP nominates this moron as its Presidential candidate. Her nomination will be the final nail in the Tea Party coffin.

    Keep up the great, lunatic work America.

    • Ned Williams

      She seems to be smarter than you bonehead.

      • Anonymous


        ‘What people recognize is that there’s a
        fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the
        rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our
        loss militarily going forward.’Read more:–20-years-dissolved.html#ixzz1eQQc3h5NMy understanding is that the US won the cold war, and that the Soviet Union was dissolved. Bachmann was accused of hypocrisy in June for opposing federal farm
        subsidies while she and her husband collected those very subsidies for
        their own farm. She deflected the criticism by saying, “The farm is my
        father-in-law’s farm. It’s not my husband’s and my farm. It’s my
        father-in-law’s farm, and my husband and I have never gotten a penny of
        money from the farm.” But the financial disclosure forms that Bachmann
        herself filed with the clerk of the House of Representatives say she’s gotten a lot more than pennies: between $15,000 and $50,000 a year in 2008 and 2009.Et cetera, et cetera. The FACT is that she’s better known for her factual and historical errors, wild hyperbole and outrageous claim to Christian devotion than she is for her solid reasoning, grasp of facts and historical record, and her knowledge of foreign policy.Go ahead folks. Nominate her.

        • One_Man_Army

          You may not realize this because of your utter idiocy, konehead, but Bachmann is known more for her factual and historical ACCURACIES, NOT errors, and God for honest Christian faith and devotion.  She is also known for her solid reasoning, grasp of facts, and the historical record, areas the current idiot in chief is COMPLETELY clueless on.  Bachmann gets nominated, and we get someone of actual intelligence in the White House.  Nice of you to prove what a bonehead you are.

          • Anonymous

            Just so long as she doesn’t attack the Soviet Union, which I’m sure we can all agree is a terrifying threat to world peace, and that she maintains her hard…er, firm…er, resolute position (oh shit…) on equality for queer folk, meaning that she doesn’t want them to have any (equality), and so long as insists on waving her Christianity around like a big pretty flag of (self) righteousness, the GOP can be sure to tank miserably in the next presidential election. You can bet your ass that Obama is PRAYING to ALLAH that this dim-witted broad gets the nomination, because you can bet your ass that when it comes time to debate the issues, she will sink like a stone.

    • Anonymous

      That must be why you have the internet name you do!

      • Anonymous

        Brilliant retort. Genius.

    • David Muegge

      Dude you are soooooo funny.  I bet you’re the life of the party,  like the ACORN  Christmas party.  OOPS sorry I meant X-Mas there is probably no Christ in your life.

      • Anonymous

        There’s plenty of Christ in my life. Do you think that you have a corner on the Faith market?

    • Sunshine Kid

      Watch a lot of Saturday Night Live reruns, don’t you?

      Yep, this explains your intelligence and screen name.

    • Craig Newton

      She will be another nail in your coffin

  • Diane Thompson

    Very good interview today with Michele — I’m not backing her for president, but I do like her!

  • Michael

    Nice website guys. Give this to your homeschooling kids.

  • Jeffrey Daly

    What distinguishes Michele Bachmann from other candidates and from President Obama is that her faith reaches so deep that she continues to have real Wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  Obama may have a certain amount of brain cells, but Michele Bachmann, like the first elders in Acts 6:3, knows how to seek the true Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, as did our Founding Fathers. There’s a difference between intelligence and Wisdom. Of the entire group of candidates she would make by far the best President, given her humbleness and connection to the Holy Spirit. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you are right, Obama does have a few brain cells. But so does a pig or a mad dog. 

      There are some people who highly praise Obama for his ” high IQ”, 140% or something like that. Yet, they do not realize that IQ, or so called intelligence doesn’t necessarily means wisdom. 

      I am glad that you pointed out that there’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Sadly, in the name of the “IQ” business, everything can be easily sold to the great masses. No one really knows the difference anymore between IQ and wisdom, many thinks that the two terms have the same meaning. But it isn’t so.

      Sometimes a “high IQ” only refers to the fact of how much a person’s brain screwed up, twisted: I mean, some people have high level of knowledge, but they are using their knowledge to do evil, to oppress others. They are smart, highly educated, but very evil. Hitler and many dictators had high IQ. 

      IQ without compaction and civility is meaningless. 

      My mother used to say that some people confuses IQ or intelligent level with wisdom, but the simple truth is that a moron with education is ONLY an EDUCATED MORON. I guess, this describes Obama and his IQ quite well. (though, I also question his education, if he had any)
      We should elect someone to be our new president who has wisdom and not someone who only has a high IQ.
      President Kennedy had wisdom, so did Abraham Lincoln, just to mention two. And what does Obama have? Stupidity, which by politically correct term is described and sold to the American people as “exceptionally high IQ”. We all can see where did Obama’s so called “high IQ” led us. LOL

      Michele Bachmann on the other hand, seems to have a lot of wisdom.


      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Aliza — let me put it this way…

        Intelligence (IQ) — the capacity for rationalization, logic, and systematic comprehension of life and events within it we encounter.

        Wisdom — common sense, along with knowledge (book learning) combined with the application of understanding (real world practice) brought into one balance.

        Mr Obama — brains yes, ego yes, narcissistic and delusional demented demagogary with an self inflated ideological idiocy for destruction — emphatically. Wisdom – nope. In short, when his brain is in gear, the smoke from his ears and the fires from his eyeballs and mouth set off the fire alarms in the White House almost hourly.

        • Anonymous

          Obama is the Anti-Christ check out

        • Anonymous

          You have wisdom that I have rarely seen where other people are watching. I wish that the country in general had HALF as much wisdom as you speak with. I often wonder how this country “allowed” itself to slide so far down the inteligence scale to let these idiots get elected and run this country into the ground. Glenn Beck has been speaking the truth for years and people have the ability to see  for themselves but still elect idiots. GOD help us all, and thank you for your qoutes.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            SunandFun — if I honestly had 1/100th of the wisdom most credit me with in posts I could have figured out this mess years ago and possibly have stopped it. I want to tell something that at times does frighten me a lot to the core; some people comment on occasion when I finally understand parts of Soros grand schemes, that I think just like Soros and Van Jones.

            And that is terrifying indeed.

            God help us all, for more and more I see the nightmare we are heading into completely; and I do not want to wish it on anyone.

      • Jaclyn Barnes

              Alizatamara613,I agree with you just because a president,has an extremely high IQ.Does not mean that he’s intelligent or has good common sense.Which Marxist Dictator Barrack H.Obama has neither as your mother says,he’s an Educated Moron!As for Michele Bachmann she’s had a rough childhood and had to grow up fast.I’m glad that she has G-d in her life I’m sure that,has given her the strength she needs.I mean taking care of 23 foster children from different,countries can not be easy!But I give her a lot of credit just like I do for standing her,beliefs in Congress!But when it comes to if she’s the parties nomination I,do not think.That she can stand up against Marxist Dictator  Barrack H.Obama!

      • Anonymous

        if you believe gb in saying repubicans are corrupt as well and have failed, then you would not consider bachmann trustworthy.  bachman is part of the establishment and not anti-washington or anti-government, just anti-obama in order to get elected.  she would create the same wars that obama has and will.  her main tools as she said in a recent interview is to have the world be in “fear” of the us to gain “respect” and use ever arsenal against Iran versus using peace and diplomacy and sactions, etc…. 

        bush used prayers and “lord” to guide him into iraq war and bailouts, etc..  why should we trust bachmann when she says she uses the same tools of faith as bush versus her brain?  bush failed and so will bachmann.  not only to mention the fact that she has had no accomplishments in congress.  she was an average tax lawyer like thousands out there.  she made her money running christian counseling.  just because she says she believes in the holy ghost doesn’t mean she would be any better than bush or obama. 

    • Anonymous

      Bachmann would have this country burn due to her radical political beliefs.  She recently said that this country needs to be feared and respect is gained thru fear and the rest of the world should fear us.   This is thoughts from a lunatic.  No, you do not use fear upon other people, especially thru a large military establishment that she wants to keep developing and expanding into other countries like Obama.  How about this same us government that she says wants to be more fearful use fear on its people so that its own people fear their government?  Bachmann would be worse than Bush and exactly like Obama on foreign policy.  Her support of Israel is also on the level of radical extremism.  It is fine to support them and help them with wars, diplomacy, etc… 

      Bachmann also said she would sue every nyclear/military arsenal against Iran.  That is quite dangerous.  Iran does have amny friends around the world and some of them are also our friend, but are far more sympathetic to Iran, like China, russia, and Pakistan.  Using every arsenal is equivalent to creating world war iii and given the fact that the US has military capability to destroy thhis world several times over makes Bachman dangerous and makes me quesy to think she would pull the trigger at any moment.  She is beholden to the GOP corrupt leadership.  There isn’t much she disagrees with likes of Cheney, etc… except on bank bailouts in 2008.  Other than that, she agrees with all of the things Fed and Congress do.  I think I want someone more calmer and less war mongering in the White House like Huntsman or Paul, whose focus is on building this nation and not others (ex – Iraq war). 

      • Anonymous

        I hope that people realize that the President has been disarming America since he took office through government policies, open borders, the health care bill, and totally trashing our Constitution.  If you look at Egypt which was supposed to become a Democracy by ousting Hosni Mubarak, you will see that Egypt is still in chaos as the Muslim brotherhood are fighting the Military who are in charge to collapse their system too.   We see the same thing happening in America by the riots, chaos, and Occupy Wallstreet which is anything but Democracy and designed to collapse our system as too many people are freeloading off the system that do not have jobs.    For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, But the Face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”  1 peter 3:12.   “But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast mire and dirt.  There is no peace, saith my God, to the Wicked.”  

  • Rock Steady

    Beck and Bachmann both were great speakers at the Zionist Organization of America Dinner last night.

  • Rock Steady

    Beck and Bachmann were both great speakers at the Zionist Organization of America Gala last night at the Hyatt.

  • Anonymous


  • Liberty is Freedom WON

    If anyone has half a mind, consideration to the events which took place in the early 70’s.  X-Senator Dan Roustinkouski was head of the Senate Finance Committee.  Under his rule a special “Top Secret Plan” was hatched to bring a colored person to the Office of The President,  as the elected “President of these United States Of America.  All done thru the corporation of the same people who helped him (Senator Roustinkouski) with his voter registratin Fraud.  Which after many many so numerious complaints to the F.B.I., THEY (the f.b.i.) finally took action.  Prositcuited Roustinkouski and allowed all the other players ( who all were democrats) TO BE IGNORED an continue to play their game with registration.  Just didn’t do a thing. Let them retire with benifits !

    Did his mission fail ?  Well their choice of the one whos name “RINGS LIKE ALABAMA” is President.  I tried and tried to book a bet in 1980 on this but there was not a Vagas casino who would touch it.  To bad I could have paid the national debt.  

    • Sunshine Kid

      That just goes to show the Vegas casinos know where their money is, and why they routinely fleece gamblers.

      You should open a casino yourself.

  • Darlene Holmes

    Ok I like her,But what was her view on Agenda 21 and Sharia Law?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Michelle Bachmann would make a great president , but because of the MSM and the Republican elite she is being minimalized  .  We HAVE to have either Michelle Bachmann , Herman Cain , or Ron Paul in the white house to save the country , none of the other candidates would it because party is , to them , more importannt than country .  Right Now I am pulling for Ron Paul because he is in the best position in spite of the MSM minimilizing him . So here goes <   RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT !!!    The very worse choice we could possibly make would be to put Romney in there , he is Obama light .

    • Sunshine Kid

      I notice that the left is leaning heavily to wanting Ron Paul elected.  I’ve been getting email from Oboma supporters that say they won’t vote Obama, but will vote for Ron Paul (as if I would believe anything those liars would tell me).

      If the liberals start supporting someone, be aware – be VERY aware!  Start checking their web sites for their preferred opponents and see who tops their list.  I’ll bet my last dollar it is the one they think can be defeated most easily.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Bachmann is the MOST COMPETENT CANDIDATE 2 run our Nation! More Americans who want 2 keep everything we have EMBRACED about America better think about who they’re VOTING FOR! The truth is that the others DON’T share the same VALUES I TREASURE LIKE MICHELLE BACHMANN DOES & I agree w/her 100%!!!! I HOPE & PRAY 2 GOD SHE’LL BE THE ONE WE SUPPORT!!! the woman is NOT SHADY AT ALL!!!

  • Anonymous

    The only person in the Republican Party that I would consider voting
    for is Ron Paul and he will not win because he is not a good debater.
    I want out of all of these wars.  I want our debt paid down.  I want our
    borders secured and something done with illegal immigration.  I do not
    want a one World Government.  We are just about there.  All the US
    has to do is get rid of our constitution.  Many minions in Congress are
    voting to the tune of the men like Soros, the Bilderburgs and other high
    ranking political figures from all over the world and the some billionaires
    who are a part of that group.  I believe from what I have read that most
    of those men and women are liberals and socialists.  Perry was invited
    to the Bilderburg Group in Istanbul, Turkey.  You can research it on the
    internet.  Perry also wanted a dual Health Care Bill with Mexico on the
    Texas/Mexican border.  Gingrich may be an excellent debater but I do
    not trust him to keep his work.  That may change.Santorum has no
    charisma nor good debate skills.  Michelle Bachman is an excellent
    debater but the press won’t give her air time.  I do not know enough
    about where Herman Cain stands on many of the issues.  I understand
    that he doesn’t like guns for the people.  I’m not sure about that.  Need
    more info.  Huntsman is too liberal.  Romney will have a hard time de-
    fending his health care plan in Mass.
    The only person who has charisma, courage, understanding of America’s
    constitution,  love for Americans and who could beat Obama is Sarah
    Palin.  I would have helped her to win.  She is not a part of the establish-
    ment.  Is her own person.  I really believe she can turn this country around
    to a better America.  A conservative who whould unite America.  Too bad
    she isn’t running.
    I believe the American people should stop watching TV, stop the twittering,
    stop the Facebook and stop playing with all of their games and start paying
    attention to what is going to be the most important election of our lifetime.
    I don’t pay any attention to the media anymore.  They are telling the American
    people how to think.  If the American people believe the media they are lacking
    in moral character.
    God Bless All

  • Anonymous

    I believe that people underestimate Michelle Bachmann.  Why assume that she could never be voted in and have that opinion prevent you from seriously looking at her?  She is brilliant and clearly understands the issues we are facing both inside and outside the US.  She has an excellent background and is a strong debater.  She isn’t afraid to speak up and fight for what is right. She also tells it like it is, which is more than I can say for several of the GOP contenders.  She is God centered.  She should be taken seriously and could very well be the best thing for this country.  We need to take the time to do our own homework (not left or right media opinions) by closely examining each of the GOP candidates, and give them each  solid consideration. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why Michele Bachmann is running so low in the polls. Is it the MSM? Is it the Republican party? I’m not really sure. She is competent. She is charismatic. She is bold and forceful. She is intelligent and knowledgeable. What’s going on? She should be running at or near the top. I like her.

    Give me Lt. Col. Allen West as the presidential candidate and Michele Bachmann for the VP candidate. What a combination!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that the media is  giving a fair shake to Michelle.  I have always found her to be the most truthful and thoughtful of the candidates.  Of course the “other” media wants nothing more than to denigrate and call her fabricated names.   I fervently hope that this knowledgeable woman that was not raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and thus knows what being a staunch american is, I pray that the voters understand what a great president she will be for the country.   And when she is president I hope that she appoints Sara to a cabinet position or maybe could make her the “media watch-dog czar”.  That would be the perfect way in which to send a message to the elites that americans are not to be played or messed with.   We like, want and love our freedoms granted to us by the Constitution.  Even if it is filled with negative clauses which limit the power of the government and those elected. 

  • Anonymous

    She is the Obama of the Republican party.  She always throws out vague broad generalizations while never actually getting into the heart of the issues.  Obama did it because he didn’t want his policies to visible.  I think Bachman is doing it because she doesn’t have the mental compacity to understand the issues.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see Michelle & Newt on the Republican ticket.  They hold the leadership qualities and the character needed to turn us in the right direction. 

  • Ryan Hutchings

    I don’t think there are enough pictures of Glenn Beck on this page.

  • Stephen Luftschein

    Unfortunately, Bachmann is not quite right about American support for Israel.  Truman clearly said that the US would be the first country to recognize Israel, and we were, but he also said, that would be the last help they would get, and it was.

    In the 6 day war, Israel defeated the Egyptian Army using, of all things, French equipment, mainly Mirage jets.  It was not until AFTER 1967, when Nixon saw that Israel was a good counter to Soviet expansionism in the Middle East, that we began to support them.

    UNQUESTIONABLY, the most pro Israel candidate running this year is Newt Gingrich.  Not JUST in the votes he has cast in the past, but in his true understanding of the history of the region.

    Another amazingly knowledgeable voice is Alan West, who I do hope will be someone’s VP pick.

  • Tom

    Michele is THE only credible canidate in the Republican lineup. 

  • Craig Newton

    I think Michele would be a great Vice President with either Gingrich, Cain, or Romney, even Perry. But I like Gingrich the best. The Left will be so angry, there may be rioting in the streets. I remember seeing that in the 60’s; it seemed the Right wasn’t ready for it, then. But now with millions showing up for conservative rallies all across America…bring it on! For: Ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then ye are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. (Gal 3:28-29) Then you have to read AND BELIEVE the promise..(Gen 12:2-3)

  • Marc K

    Although Michele Bachmann makes many salient points, I would not ever vote for her because she voted to extend the Patriot Act.   Please see link:

    A candidate cannot say they are for limited constitutional government and extend this unconstitutional monstrosity as this is too wish-washy for me at best and disingenuous at worst.

    Mr. Beck, I am a huge fan of yours and I understand why you support her candidacy (true fiscal conservative, staunch supporter of Israel).  How can you overlook her action of voting to extend the Patriot Act.  You have spoken many times about how this country saying it has fallen off a cliff due to our political leaders enacting unconstitutional laws over the past 100 years.  You have shown with vigor and zeal all of the progressive strategy to usurp past the constitution to transform this nation into their progressive utopia.   Why would you overlook her voting record on the Patriot Act?  Why didn’t you at least ask her why she voted for the extension?  I think the people that follow your programs deserve better than this interview.

  • Marc K

    Although Michele Bachmann makes many salient points, I would not ever vote for her because she voted to extend the Patriot Act.   Please see link:

    A candidate cannot say they are for limited constitutional government
    and extend this unconstitutional monstrosity as this is too wish-washy
    for me at best and disingenuous at worst.

    Mr. Beck, I am a huge fan of yours and I understand why you support her
    candidacy (true fiscal conservative, staunch supporter of Israel), but how
    can you overlook her action of voting to extend the Patriot Act.  You
    have spoken many times about how this country has fallen off a
    cliff due to our political leaders enacting unconstitutional laws over
    the past 100 years.  You have shown with vigor and zeal all of the
    progressive strategy to usurp past the constitution to transform this
    nation into their progressive utopia.   Why would you overlook her
    voting record on the Patriot Act?  Why didn’t you at least ask her why
    she voted for the extension?  I think the people that follow your
    programs deserve better than this interview.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul, Herman Cain, and Michelle Bachmann are the only three candidates that will really make positive changes in our government and our country as a whole. I really do dread the thought of either Romney or Perry getting the nomination. Gingrich’s nomination wouldn’t be the end of the world, as I believe he is a righteous man, but he’d only be a slight improvement over Romney and Perry.

    Bachmann is honest and willing to make real changes. She definitely deserves a look. Ideally I’d like a team of Paul and Cain, but Bachmann teamed with either one would be almost just as good to me. She’s young enough and energetic enough that she’d be perfect as a VP and a future President, a perfect teammate for any candidate.

  • Karel Komarek

    I have never felt so strongly and emotionally about any candidate in my life.I had a chance to meet Michele at one of her rallies a few months ago in Costa Mesa,CA.I hope that wasn’t the last meeting.She’s the real deal.A true,rock solid,constitutional conservative whose voting record speaks for itself,it’s well-documented.Her passion and unwavering,firm positions on issues are unmatched.She can put her character up against anybody in the race.Thanks Glenn for inviting Michele on your show.No overlapping and jumping into the other side’s thoughts,just a nice chemistry between you two.Love you both,guys.To bring America back to what our Founding Fathers intended it to be-Bachmann 2012.

  • Anonymous

    I like her and trust her. I just wish her numbers in the polls were higher.  I would love to see her as President of the USA!

  • MichaelK

    Michele is the salt of our earth.

  • MichaelK

    Michele Bachmann is the salt of our earth, and I can both appreciate and identify with her background.

  • Anonymous

    If Michelle Bachmann voted to extend the Patriot Act, I would never
    vote for her.  For any of you who do not know what the Patriot Act is
    all about, please do some research.  It takes away each individuals
    right that we were promised by our constitution.  The President of
    the United States can take away your money, your house, your car,
    your children, separate familes, stop all elections,  your job, your guns
    Our Constitution.
    and essentially become a dictator.  It is the most awful bill that
    Congress has passed.  Another case of not reading the bill.  We have
    to vote out of office any Congressmen, House or Senate, The President
    and any of both Congress’ appointees and Presidential appointees who
    have the power to do this to us.  Do yourself a favor and do Research on
    the Patriot Act.  If more people knew what it is about they would very
    quickly take action and vote in office for Congress and the Presidency
    those people that would rescind this awful bill.  Tell your neighbors, your
    familes, your friends, people in any political party about the Patriot Act
    before it is too late.

    God Bless America

  • Anonymous

    I believe Michele Bachmann is a very capable woman and legislator, mom, and humanitarian.  She speaks truth and knows the lateness of the hour in America.    There are some people who actually walk the walk, they don’t just speak it, her faith, her love for country, family, honesty in government, and support for Israel make her a very viable and respected candidate.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Jesus and the Disciples for the gift of the Good News through them and the Jewish people, and we should be United as One with Israel now, as they are persecuted and attacked by enemies who want to destroy both Israel and the United States.   Let us stand strong with Israel in these tumultuous times and elect a President whom we can be proud of and who will stand for righteousness, peace, and accountability in Government.

  • Anonymous

    I have known many people in the last half of my life, some 30+ years, that were very intelligent, however, they couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  Most were seriously useless as they could only think of themselves and their ‘fellow elites’.  Being that most went to Ivy League schools, they were brainwashed with liberal idealistic thoughts from all of the Marxist believers.  For the last 100 + years, these types have been ploting and planing the take over of America from their secret, shadowy lives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the USSA. 
    Show no mercy, Take no prisioners. Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Oorah. raygun, “Doc”, US Navy, 1966 – 1969, HM2, Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate, USS Lexington (CV-16).

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Michele Bachmann, but can she beat Obama?

  • Josh Linn

    You just chided Romney for not being honest in his add
    then you have Bachmann on your radio program. Do you have a problem with her
    false statements during the debates? That is what turned me off of her. She has
    made inaccurate false criticisms of people during the debates and out on the
    trail if you are going to make negative statements about someone make sure they
    are accurate.

  • Anonymous

    All of the GOP/Tea Party candidates have baggage from their past.  What we the voters must do is filter those facts and determine what is important for America and the future.  I can guarantee that the liberal agenda is NOT in our best interest.  Most candidates are a better deal than BHO and his commie comrades.  Don’t let the trivial stuff ge in the way of your vote.  MR is BHO lite. NG is an insider. Several have good ideas. My money is on a Tea Party vote or Rick Perry. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, your trust in Bachmann is impressive, considering how she constantly makes stuff up.

    She irresponsibly claimed the HPV vaccine was government injection through executive order and that it caused mental retardation.  Wow, that nonsense was so misinforming that the medical community quickly and strongly condemned her.  What an embarrassment.

    From the House floor she claimed Dr. [Ezekiel] Emanuel “says medical care should be reserved for the nondisabled”, which was a gross distortion of his position.  

    She claims that the Affordable Health Care Act gives free healthcare to illegals.  The bill actually states: “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

    She claims death panels will decide who gets care.  But, the Bill specifically prohibits rationing of care through comparative effectiveness research.

    Well, Bachmann’s blunders are to be expected from someone who actually thinks gays can be “de-gayed” with enough therapy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll take wisdom over high IQ any day!

  • Mark Cline

    When Barack Obama first came onto the national scene I immediately became very impressed with his ability to speak, so I believed then, and still do, that he is a very intelligent man.  Since then, we’ve seen everything go south for us.  Therefore I must conclude that Obama does not have failed policies, as many believe, but that his policies are very successful.  A great many of us want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just isn’t very wise.  But I believe the truth of the matter is that he has succeeded in doing what he set out to do.  He’s not dumb, but diabolical, and openly shows contempt for our people by saying we’ve become lazy, when he’s bound up the country with so many new regulations that businesses no longer have the confidence they need to grow and hire.  It’s not a lacking of our president’s wisdom that got us to this point.  Rather, it’s the fact that we handed the presidency over to an evil man.

    But having said that, I must also say that I believe in divine providence, that God is in control.  It’s not our destiny to interfere in the middle east when the final battles are being faught there.  And so we are being brought down by God.  Just as He used Adolf Hitler to force the Jews to get back to their own land and  create their own state, He has used Barack Obama , as well as many members of our government, to bring our nation to its knees.  We are being sacrificed so that end-time prophicies can play out without our interference.

    Glen asked Michelle Bachman if she thought there will be a civil war. I believe strongly that if Obama wins this next election, then there will definitely be a lot of blood in the streets.  It’s a common saying among many that we can’t stand another four years of Barack Obama.  But that’s not just meaning that we’ll be going through tough times.  We may not even be able to hold together as a nation, which will be going right along with what I believe Obama’s true agenda is: the destruction of the U.S.  But again, just like Satan himself, Obama is just a pawn in the hand of God, and we’re not the most important players on the world stage when it comes to end-times events.

    My wife once said she thought Obama might be the anti-christ.  I believe he’s not necessarily fitting the bill as THE anti-christ, but that he certainly is AN anti-christ, just as Adolf Hitler was AN anti-christ, but he obviously wasn’t THE anti-christ.  I’m not ruling him out as being THE anti-christ.  But I’m not willing to go that far at this point in time.  And because I believe the church will rapture out of this world before the anti-christ is revealed, I don’t believe I’ll ever see him and know for certain.  I’m going to be out of here and enjoying being with the Lord by that time.

    Remember the ram caught in the thicket, the one that Abraham sacrificed instead of his son Isaac?  That’s the way I see us as a nation.  Our left and right horns are so entangled in the issues of the day that we are paralized.  We are a great people.  But we are a divided people who can no longer figure out how to govern ourselves.  As a nation, we hardened our hearts to the way of God and have become a corrupt people.  Obviously, there are many good individuals and groups.  But on the whole, we’re very corrupt.  And just as Pharaoh first hardend his own heart, and then the LORD hardened pharaoh’s heart, in order to ultimately prove to the Egyptians that He is God, so the same is happening to us now.  When the Iranians and the Russians and Turks come down against Israel as prophicied in Ezekiel, we’ll be in no position to do anything about it.  We might participate in the bombing of Iran’s nuclear sites, but after that hornet’s nest has been beaten, we won’t really be in any position to challenge the might of Iran’s allies.

    Now is the time to not only prepare for the worst, but to look to the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you think He’s not the only way to heaven, as Barack Obama aparently does by accepting Islam as a valid faith, then you’d better think again, bacause you’re playing with your eternal destiny.  And that’s forever and ever.  

  • Anonymous

    I honestly have a real problem with Michele Bauchman and I use to admire
    her. She is the teaparty queen; yet here in Missouri the teapartys
    across the state were endorsing Chuck Purgason for Senate; yet dispite
    all the calls that were made to her office she went against the will of
    the teaparty and endorsed Roy Blunt!!! It left many of us asking…A
    typical political favor?? A typical politician? She let many people down
    here in Missouri. Not only that when she was scheduled to have a dinner
    meeting with Roy Blunt in St. Louis; the teaparty was waiting for her
    to confront her as to why she ignored us… and  she was a no show!!!!
    No explanation was ever given for why she went against the teaparty!!! Look it up on the internet; we in Missouri witnessed it first hand.
    We do not need anymore slick talkers and politicians who scratch each
    others back. I will admit she comes across with good intentions but I
    could never vote for her at this point.

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