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Glenn has shown interest in several of the 2012 GOP candidates over the past few months. He’s spoken in favor of Rick Santorum many times, and after an interview with Herman Cain he had praise for the Godfather’s Pizza CEO as well. But there is one candidate Glenn has consistently held in high regard – Michele Bachmann. After speaking with the Congresswoman over the weekend and interviewing her on radio, Glenn again sent quite a bit of praise her way and said that of all the candidates for the GOP nomination, she possessed the qualities he’s looking for in our next President.

Before going into the details of why he trusts Bachmann, Glenn was clear that he was not making an endorsement and would continue to evaluate all the Presidential candidates.

“I know and like many of the candidates for the Republican nomination. I’ve never campaigned for anybody, nor will I. I will never stop calling them as I see them, and I will never endorse a candidate,” Glenn said.

(Of course the mainstream media is still going to take that to be an endorsement, but you know the truth.)

Glenn continued, “I still don’t give my complete trust to anybody. But I will tell you that last night I made a decision on who I would vote for If I were voting for the candidate.”

“It is somebody that I think believes it to the core. I believe understands compassion, somebody that understands God, somebody understands the situation that we’re in.”

“There is somebody I think that is exceptional and truly comes the closest to embodying the spirit of Lincoln or Washington in this field. And I believe that it is Michele Bachmann.”

“We have to trust somebody. That’s not to say that there aren’t good candidates elsewhere. The others, many of them are good, decent men. But this woman is exceptional and I would ask that you would take a look at the character and the true life of Michele Bachmann. I believe she means what she says and says what she means.”

While he is not endorsing her and won’t endorse a candidate, Glenn did say “She’s exceptional.”

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