Imus to Beck: ‘Who is Kevin Balfe?’

Glenn went on Don Imus this morning to talk about his new book ‘Being George Washinghton’ – and of course things went off the rail pretty quickly. Did you ever wonder what George Washington would think about Glenn writing a book about him? Imus had some ideas. And of course, Imus makes sure to ask Glenn the ‘tough questions’ like ‘What do you mean he never chopped down the cherry tree?’ ‘Seriously, he didn’t have wooden teeth?’ and ‘Who is Kevin Balfe?’. Get more in the clip above.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    What are kelvin balls? – Not sure, but definitely larger than croissants.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    With the fiction of the stories of George Washington spun over the last few generations by those of the progressive movement, it is hard to tell the truth of history from the folklore and accepted versions of the tales…and like most of life, the real stories are quite more fascinating and lively than the ‘accpetable fiction and folklore’ of them.

    Look at the first century of the nation; Washington was the standard by which all Presidents had been measured against; as Lincoln was in his time and circumstances as well. In the good book of the Bible, the kings of old Israel were measured against King David, and most of us measure ourselves up to other figures of our family to try and be more like them.

    What needs to be clear is that people in the place like Washington is to do what God will direct us to do, wherever and whenever the cause; for God will be there with us.

    The main thing with these legends is we make them larger than life; placing ideals upon them that are not real, and disguise the fact they are still humans, who made mistakes as all of us, and yet in their reliance upon God, became the people in the place/time needed to change the world.

    Any one of us can be that person.

    Consider this, we hear the name of Valley Forge often, know the stories of the hardships the Continental Army faced, the time being near when many would have their enlistment end, and of the efforts of many people involved to turn them into a true army.

    When Washington decided it was time to act, to face the impossible and take on the Hessian troops, he knew the situation would be one of two outcomes “Victory or death.” There was no inbetween, so instead of shirking his calling, he went onto destiny and the history of the world changed yet again.

    Look at Valley Forge though, for this is where the real story comes into play; not just the famous crossing of the river…

    Our army was all but beaten…they went on the offensive.
    Washington was despised (Congress)…pushed on anyhow for the men.
    Washington was despised (Generals)…went on to battle with his men.
    Pushed forward to do the impossible…whipped the Hessians.

    The tales we hear are the folklore of the crossing of the river and the battle; the end of the stories of what should be a grander tale. For in “Valley Forge” was to be seen the story of a people becoming a nation, a band of volunteers becoming an army, and many hero’s becoming legends.

    For in “Valley Forge” was forged something greater — AMERICA.

    Now, in our own moment of “Valley Forge” to restore the nation; and face the darkness of Obama, will we run, collapse, or become the hero’s God wants us to be in the time/place we are called to?

    In the hottest crucibles of conflict, trials and afflictions, God put them to the ultimate test, and drew forth character of heros unto a nation as He deemed was to happen.

    That is the rest of the story.

    • Joseph Maloney

      The Truth has no Agenda.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Something else in that interview of Imus/Glenn; Glenn was asked about Obama being re-elected, and then Glenn said yes…due to them of the left knowing something is coming, something that they figure will guarantee them success.

    Here is one clue in the very words of Soros himself…

    “…You do not need to control the voters, just those who certify the votes…”

    He has at least 17 state members who certify the state votes for the elections in his pocket. Anyone else want to speculate on what will happen shortly?

    • Anonymous

      Obama’s re-election will be done by voter manipulation by his community organizers.

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Ryan Frederick

    i wonder if Imus thinks of himself funny.

  • Matthew Stiltner

    I howled with laughter when Don said “I’m fighting cancer” and Glenn came back with “Happy days, cause cancer is winning” 

    That was priceless laughs.  Imus is a good guy, that deserves all the praise he gets.

    • Ryan Frederick

      aleast Don can laugh about it. my grandfather did the same thing when he was fighting cancer. he enjoyed life all the way to the end.

  • Jan Dinkins

    Soros once made the remark that he intended to control the Secretary of State in all 50 states;thusly,controlling the votes. With all the “uprisings” of the OWS mobs(aided and abetted by Obama) more violence is on the horizon prompting BHO to declare martial law which would cancel the 2012 election….making him essentially a dictator.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Jan you may be onto more than you realise with the part of Soros, especially taking into account the latest statement of Van Jones starting a political party of the 99%’s and wanting to field 2000 or more candidates among the states and the Fed levels of governance.

      Consider what Van Jones once said “top down, bottom up and inside out…”

      Top down = Mr Obama or whomever Soros wants there.
      Bottom up = County/State/Federal elected Socialist/Communists of 99% party

      And for the master stroke…
      Inside out = a coalition of a third part (99s) and Progressive Republicans/Democrats forming into one voting block.

      Not as crazy as it sounds considering of Soros and Van Jones.

  • Anonymous

    Did Imus have a stroke or something? He acts like he is confused by everything  said and tends to babble on. It was like he wasn’t prepared to interview anyone. Maybe he is just that way without his giant cowboy hat.

  • Anonymous

    I thought everyone knew that the chopping down the cherry tree was fiction to show his honest character.  And I loved Glenn Beck’s ironic comment that we have a lie to show George Washington’s honesty!  Well said!  I never heard of Don Imus before, but he sure does have a problem focusing on the topic at hand! 

  • Anonymous

    Beck – is a
    HERO in a number of ways – however, this morning I listened to Imus and Beck speak
    regarding Beck’s new GW book. I was nauseated listening to how rude – Beck was
    to Imus. It was embarrassing to listen to. Then Beck goes on his radio show to
    rip on Jimmy Fallen and the rude treatment he imposed on Michelle Bachman.

    What a tremendous disappointment. I have ZERO expectations – of Jimmy Fallen
    having ANY class – but come-on… The show this morning, which isn’t depicted
    in it’s entirety in the above clip caused me to lose a tremendous amount of
    respect for Beck. Beck made numeros nasty comments about Imus’ cancer – and said Imus is looking worse every time he
    sees him. If Beck had cancer it
    would be the corner stone of every damn show he does, Beck is in AA and brings that up all the time. … Beck says he is
    trying to be the ‘BEST MAN HE CAN BE…’  Wow –  If that’s as good as it gets… what a shame.
    and a sham.


    • Anonymous

      Rude is what I’ll be if you ever get on this site again not so OK Katy

      • Chip Dienhart

        Dont be a moron.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll let you be that.

    • Josh

      You have to understand when they go on these shows conservatives have to be on the offensive or people like Imus will try to make you look stupid.  Glenn maybe went too far, he was just letting Imus know that he was not going to make him look like a fool.

  • Anonymous

    History teaches us that if we are not pleased with what’s going on, Just wait around and it will repeat itself, I for one think there were two people that had a lot to do with what we are today, Woodrow Wilson, And lyndon Johnson, Woodrow thought that the Government should run the lives of everyone, And Johnson took care of that with his GREAT SOCIETY, and we have what is known as my state, mine, mine. And what is mine is mine, but what you have is debateable, Because I was born in america, and because I didn’t have a choice in the matter. america woes me whatever I need and it has been proven that there is enough stupid people out there that will let me get away with taking from others. because I think you are stupid if you work, pay taxes, pay rent, pay for food. Hell I don’t do any of that, plus I get to protest when I want to. Now I ask you, which one of us is the smart one?. you get one guess.

    • Anonymous

      Oh so on target Mr. bullmoose1………..and Glenn had it right all along.   You get it, I get it.  What about the other 99%?

  • Anonymous

    I cannot stand Imus, never have never will…he is a very crude and rude man.  Let’s pray that Soros will bit the big one and go right where he needs to be, and I don’t mean Heaven!!   I am sick of the Republicans and  Democrats, so now where do we go?  We have to get out in numbers and VOTE and send all of them packing….I will be in pray for this great country until election time.

  • EARL S

    I hope ONE of you guys, Sean, Bill or Glenn can tello  us out here in the Good Ol” USA why the  Yellow Dog Demos  are NOT going after Mitt  Romney seeing as how everyone says he will be our candidate next November.   You know WHY:::  they know OBAMA will beat his sorry rich ASS!!!  Ro mney Care wil kill him.  Beware  be very beware******

  • Anonymous

    Glenn… you are above you insensitive cancer comments… it is no laughing matter. This is the first time I have heard you talk so cruelly. God bless you Imus in your fight against cancer. God bless you too Glenn with a more sensitive soul.

  • Eric Bonk

    ? Do you know? Do you Really Know the Truth about George Washington? I suggest you pick up a copy of the new book on the NY Times Best Sellers List. “Being George Washington” and Find out. Learn History Anew.

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