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Ever wonder what kind of people we are turning into? Hopefully the latest news out of the holiday weekend isn’t indicative of where we are headed as a nation. A man had a heart attack at Target during the big sale and rather than offer to help, people just stepped right over him to get housewares they just had to have.

The Blaze reports:

A 61-year-old man collapsed and later died while doing some Black Friday shopping in West Virginia, yet nearby bargain hunters continued to shop, some even stepping over his body, according to local reports.

Walter Vance collapsed in Target just after midnight Friday, local station WSAZ-TV reported. One witness told the station fellow shoppers, seemingly unconcerned, simply walked around him.

An ER nurse and an off-duty paramedic who happened to be among the crowd eventually assisted Vance and tried to administer CPR before an ambulance arrived. He died later in the hospital.

“If somebody’s having a heart attack and we just step over them to get to the sale, what have we turned into?” Glenn asked.

“America is great because America is good. We must be good. But we’re growing such contempt for each other,” Glenn warned.

“Quite honestly our president this weekend gave a Thanksgiving address where he called America lucky. Lucky? I’m sorry. No, we’re not lucky, sir. We’re blessed. And we worked hard. We deserved many of our blessings. I don’t know if we do now,” Glenn said.

“Turn back to God.”

Watch video of the report below: