Thirteen days that shook the world and shaped America


What if a reporter was embedded with George Washington during the height of the Revolutionary War? Josiah Teasdale was hired by James Rivington to do just that. For the next two weeks @NYGazetteer will take you into the trenches, across the Delaware, and into the Battle of Trenton, in real time.

The Backstory:

James Rivington was born in London in 1724 to a family of successful publishers. 37 years later, upon his arrival in New York City, he became a publisher himself via a newspaper called Rivington’s Gazetteer.

According to historical accounts, The Gazetteer started out as a balanced source of news (it’s slogan, printed at the top of the front page, was “Open and Uninfluenced”), but things quickly changed once hostilities got underway.

According to King’s Handbook of New York City 1892, “Rivington’s Gazetteer stigmatized the patriots as rebels, traitors, banditti, fermenters of sedition, sons of licentiousness and the like.”

That kind of talk did not go over well with the patriots.

Rivington was burned in effigy by the Sons of the Liberty and, in 1775, angry colonists forced him to flee the city and take refuge aboard a British ship. A few months later, another group attacked his press, destroying it and using its parts to make bullets. But that did not stop Rivington from finding ways to print his paper.

And that is where our story begins.

It’s now December, 1776 and the war is in full effect. Tired of what he considers to be patriot-propaganda, James Rivington has an idea that is well ahead of its time: He decides to embed a reporter with George Washington’s unit under the auspices of reporting the “truth” about what is happening.

That reporter, the intrepid Josiah Teasdale, arrives in General Washington’s camp on December 23, 1776 and spends the next thirteen days live-tweeting everything he sees and hears. While he didn’t know it then, those thirteen days—encompassing the crossing of the Delaware River, two battles of Trenton and the battle of Princeton—turn out to be some of the most decisive of the entire war.

They are the thirteen days that shook the world. And now you can relive them, live.

Follow Josiah Teasdale on Twitter at: @NYGazetteer and ask him questions via the hashtag #TweetingGW. His real-time tweets cover December 23, 1776 through January 4, 1777 and will be published live from November 28, 2011 through December 10, 2011.

What has Teasdale said so far today?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Put yourself in the place and time of these soldiers who faced what was to be one of the greatest of moments in the history of humanity; the time when the best soldiers of the old world — the Hessians, were to be confronted by a “rag tagged, battered, bruised, dispirited, dirty, unkempt, hungry and defeated army of poorly armed and led rebels.”

    What many forget is that during the time of Valley Forge, the place became the literal fulfillment of its name for the place; the rag tag army was forged into a tempered metal, to be shortly tried by fire in the heat of battle with the Hessians.

    This was their day when George Washington was also forged to being more than a leader, and a hero to many; this was the day he commensed to become a legend — a man called upon to do the impossible, who did not want nor seek to do so, and with God’s providence, succeeded.

    Also for all of them, of the armed forces that went forward, and all involved across the land, this is the one point of history where they went from a movement, from a cause to a calling to be fulfilled.

    This was the forging of a people.
    This was the forging of a nation.
    This was the forging of AMERICA.

    As it is today, we face a hostile media, in league with the administration and a massive government who seeks to collapse the Republic and impose by force of arms and coersion their wishes upon our lives.

    Now we are A NATION, A PEOPLE tempered as steel.

    2012, WE RESTORE the nation.
    2013, WE WIN her back for good.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that, snowleopard! Just as George Washington did, we have to put our faith in God to help us win this nation back. Without Divine Providence we do not stand a chance. Let’s pray that we can take America back to its roots peacefully, “with malice towards none.” God bless!

    • Irina Krasnyuk

      and break her neck for malice

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        Your mom is from the moon and was reared on green cheese!!!

  • Ryan Frederick


  • George Schryer

    I don’t tweet so please let me know when the book will be published.

  • Anonymous

    If the media we have today covered the revolutionary war we would have lost that war. Same goes for WWII. We didn’t lose the war in Viet Nam. The media lost the war in Viet Nam.

  • Brett

    On Nov.5th 1989, I met with Gorbachev and formed Europe but the Americans have no place in the New World except wanting everyone dead,,,what a embarrassment!!.    The the world stopped though and WWII was over.  It was something that everyone hated to do   LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever are you talking about?

      • Anonymous

        I think he (she?) thought they were on FB and are playing farmville or something!!  The the ?????

  • John Poirier

    Our media today would have been totally in the tank for King George!

  • Anonymous

    and to think all may be lost, pushed by a few individuals with a pocket full of cash!

    the ACLU would have NEVER stood for this moment in history and George (if captured today) would be at Guantanamo.

    FIGHTING for what you believe (today) has become illegal within the US Justice System.  To CLAIM that everything will change with your vote every 4 years is naive and stupid, WHICH is what ALL US taxpayers have been for a long time, THROUGH “DISGUISED” COMMUNISM under the blanket of Freedom.

    Just as most criminals USE the “system” against itself everyday and get away with it!

    FBI, CIA, Mossad and all crime catching entities catch criminals in ONLY one way, FOLLOW THE MONEY,  which we no longer have when the US Dollar collapses!

    • J.w. Appling

       The system has been rigged by closed primary states where only party dogs get to chose who the rest of us get to vote for. We are being given the illusion of free elections. I personally do write in votes (that most likely get thrown away and not counted) but most just make a choice between the lesser of the two weasels they are offered. This is why we keep getting two progressives on the ballots. Both parties got hijacked and now there is only one party masquerading as two.

    • Anonymous

      It was illegal back then, too. I don’t know if you realize how many of the Founding Fathers (not to mention the rank and file of Sons of Liberty and the Revolutionaries in general) lost EVERYTHING they owned, were imprisoned, and tortured (to the point of being cripples for the rest of their lives). Actually, it was probably worse then than it is now: you didn’t have instant communication, so things could happen that no one would ever really find out about or, if they did, it was way long after the fact. Months or years later.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        MMSands — that is one thing the founding fathers knew and understood that if you believe in a cause enought two questions need to be asked at the outset; is what you believe worth fighting for? And if so, is it worth dying for?

        Many of them indeed gave everything, for the cause, losing all, and one even gave his life for the cause if I recall correctly. (Handcock or Henry?). So it is today, and why a couple of years back Glenn called for the refounders to come forth and pledge their fortune, their lives, and their sacred honor.

        What I think Glenn has come to understand since then is that WE the PEOPLE, are the refounders, and not just any handful of people. WE will restore or condemn the nation to liberty or eternal serfdom.

  • Anonymous

    I thank God I am an American. We, as Americans, must stand up for our beloved country or one day we will wake up to a police state that does not support our current freedoms. When Congress succeeds in banning guns we are lost. Only the military and criminals will carry firearms.

    • Anonymous

      The current generation of schoolchildren aren’t learning about Locke, but they sure are learning they’d be “better off” under a “benevolent dictatorship.” 

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  What a concept!   Would have liked to see history through a BALANCED, UNBIASED viewpoint.

    Wonder how this tweeter man would have viewed Jesus in his last days in Jerusalem?  We can probably

    guess that it would be less than favorable/flattering.

  • Anonymous

    One wonders what the reply would be if he’s Tweeted and asked to describe the Revolutionary Coat. It was worn by both men and women. It’s not a soldier’s uniform: this was worn by civilians. How many people today even know there was such a thing — and yet, it was fairly common knowledge a generation ago.

  • Tim

    Wow this is a cool idea…

  • Anonymous

    Loose Lips sink ships.

  • Anonymous

    You know the real reason they beat the Hessians.  They wanted to get into the barracks the Hessians had and get by the fire and eat some hot food.  If the Hessians would have let them in we might have seen the same truce we saw in WWI at Christmas. If they had bribed the Hessians with some good old Ky bourbon, we might have even got the Hessians to fight for us.


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Here’s the problem: As England, America actually is “Israel” by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), but does not know it because it broke the covenant that came with the name! While England already had received the unconditional promise to become the most succeessful civil empire in history, America had nothing left for it but to have our women appoint not only the “forbidden foreigner” of Deuteronomy 17:15 and he also is the self-professed marxist(Anti-Christ) of Revelation, chapter 11 as we all will know, or at least should know by next September 16, for on the Hebrew Feast of Trumpets(war)! No? Watch!  P.S.: Remember that date: September 16, 2012. As written, prophecy only becomes prophecy when it has been fulfilled! Also remember “Hebrew” is the ONLY inspired language, not even Greek, let alone Latin(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6)! Just saying… 

  • Anonymous
  • catllers

    great way to learn hx

  • catllers

    GB always saying we need a George Washington, we have him, we just have to get to know him again, may his death and the death of all those that died in battle may not be in vain. It will not be fixed in D.C. By remembering and learning about our first president and the founders/defenders of this wonderful revelation/experiment, we do have hope. The experiment is a  success. 

  • Anonymous

    I had a Revolutionary soldier in my family tree.  He went to Valley Forge –to report in and then leave.  I understand that not all troops stayed with George Washington through the winter.  He  survived and later moved westward.   He was true to the cause.

  • James Fletcher

    The Little recognized but decisive battle took place 5 miles from my home. It was the Battle of Oriskany ,described as “The Bloodiest battle of the revolution” In the battle the the Relief forces of General Herkimer held the field against the Ambush  Tory,British, Indian forces of Berry St.Leger who were beseiging Fort Stanwix,(the only fort Not to fall to the British during the revolution) It was the first True victory for the americans, St. Legers forces were turned back to Canada thusly stoping them from Joining with Burgoynes forces at Saratoga, Making the victory there possible! These two battles stopped the British from Joining a three pronged attack at Albany with Clinton(under Howe’s command)that was to split the colonies. Alot happened here in the Mohawk Valley, “It didn’t all happen in Concord and Boston”
    During the seige of fort Stanwix disinformation was used against the British, We let them learn of a superior force heading to releive the beseiged fort led by Bennidict Arnold who at the time was one of our BEST Generals. Arnold received little recognition for his acheivements, and this led to his Betrayal

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