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Glenn played some of the most pathetic audio you’ll ever hear in your life – two men weeping at the thought of their Occupy Library being taken down. A little ironic how the same people constantly begging for more government intrusion and regulations are upset that they cannot build a makeshift library without getting any of the proper permits to do so. Hypocrisy aside, these two saps had a good cry on radio today.

In Toronto, two ‘Occupy’ protesters wept at the news their camp would be dismantled.

“Spent the last three weeks building this library into a place where people can come together, where they can share ideas, where they can meet each other and where they can just be in peace together. And now it’s all being torn apart, for no good reason. We’re not hurting anybody here. We’re not hurting anyone. We just want to be here and meet each other. And learn together. We just want to try and build a new world,” they cried.

For anyone who missed the video, Glenn did a nice little summary of their complaints.

“We just wanted to take over a city park and build a library without any permits, without anything, without even a toilet, where we could just all read together, learn and build a new world. Is that so wrong? Umm…,” Glenn joked.