Biden reveals corrupt Corzine key to Obama fiscal policy

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Video of Joe Biden surfaced in which the Vice President is singling out former NJ Governor John Corzine as a key contributor to the Obama fiscal policies we are seeing now. That would explain a lot, considering Corzine’s bankrupt company MF Global can’t seem to find $1.2 billion of investor money. It just vanished – just like the success of the stimulus package.

“When they were trying to figure out what to do with the economy, they called the smartest guy they know. They called the guy who lost $1.2 billion, Jon Corzine!” Glenn joked.

“So he helped design the stimulus package. Which we’re not really sure where all that money went,” Glenn said.

Wow, wonder if Biden is regretting this today!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So we see another portion of the web of intrigue, graft, theft, cronism, bribery and vanishing funding that is the Chicago Way for the administration; they willingly bleed the country dry and shift funds to those who commit massive crimes and will be able to get away with them under Mr Obama and administration.

    Does Mr Biden regret this video showing up, or that the $1.2 Billion of money has vanished?

    Most likely not, for he is as much of a ideological blinded narcissist as Mr Obama and their administration friends; who share and care only for one plan right now, ruling America as they bring her crashing down to the ground…as hard and swift and catastrophic as they can.

    • Max_80919

      They’ll just print more Benjamins, like they think it grows on trees. They seem to have no idea about the value of taxpayers money or that taxpayer money has value or that taxpayers’ money is real (except there own.)

  • Ryan Frederick

    first how the hell did he lost $1.2 billion of investor money. can anyone say ponze. second point who idea was it to let moron Biden near anything inportant oh thats right moron in chief Odumbass.

    • Anonymous

      Lost? Like hell its lost….just squirrelled away somewhere…..

      • Ryan Frederick

        yah all the way to the bank LOL!

      • Anonymous

        newsel,  Re: my post on buying a vacation get-away. (no extradition place)

  • Anonymous

    I hope they all go to JAIL!!

  • Erik Osbun

    And then…, and then…., HE WALKED ON DOWN THE HALL!

  • EARL S

    Biden is like the dork we all knew in high school:  IF HE HAD A BRAIN, HE WOULD TAKE IT OUT AND PLAY WITH IT.   You remember  the WORSCHAK  of your class.   ROOM 222!!!

  • Max_80919

    This gives a whole new meaning “good enough for government work”. I mean, really: Geithner is an admitted tax fraud. Corzine ran NJ in to serious debt that Gov Christi is fixing. Also Corzine is missing $1.2B of investors money (who would trust him anyway is a fool) and isn’t in The Big House yet on fraud charges.

    And the Dems are trying to recall Gov Walker, who is fixing THAT budget mess that the DemocRATS created with the help of unions.

    See a pattern? Or should we just let the Dems continue like a blind bull in a china shop?

    These, and many others, are All The Presidents Men.

  • Max_80919

    The facts are: Obama and Biden under the financial mentorship of Jon Corzine were like lemmings in that Disnet movie… Biden has the nerve to say “Christi is wrong, and Jon was right, Jon was right, Jon was right.” This needs to be part of the 2012 GOP’s POTUS campaign ads.

  • Max_80919

    Also, checkout the Sheila Jackson Lee video for Gov Corzine is 2009! A friend of Obama! This is too rich.

  • Anonymous

    This is just another typical day in the never ending story of Obama/Biden in Wonderland. We cann’t afford  another five years of this.

  • Roger Berens

    Blago was just sentenced to jail time, maybe more Obama associates will end up behind bars.

  • A.C. Nunn

    When you elect stupid, you deal with stupid ! Corzine’s well, Biden can’t find planet earth. Show us your college grades Barry !

    • Buck Buchanan

      AC… funny stuff… literally

    • Anonymous

      Don’t care that much about his grades, A.C. (though they may reveal how much time he

      spent in class), but, I’d like to know what courses he took and who his profs were.

      Transcripts!  Where are they hiding?

    • Anonymous

      Right-On AC Nunn Barry Is AWOL With “Fat Cakes” Yikeess, How About Barrys Birth Certificate And “Stolen” SSN 042-68-4425 Which He Used For 2010 Tax Form And Buying His Home, What?? Thats Fraud In The First Degree.

      • Anonymous

        Why is everyone letting him get away with the fraud and lies? Just one more year ….. if he wins a second term we deserve everything we get.

      • Linda Gregory

        Who is Barry?  I just read this about the stolen SSN and want to know if this is ligit?  If this can be proven what is wrong with our congress that they don’t do something about this, because this is big time fraud.  

  • Anonymous

    Seems there is an enemy within – God help America!!

  • Anonymous

    corzine should be in jail next to madoff. the adjoining cell should hold biden and obama.

  • Anonymous

    Just look at how many of Obama’s advisers were tax cheats. Just look at Jeff Immelt who helped write the law that banned incandescent lightbulbs in favor of his toxic mercury bulbs, and then closed down the last US lightbulb plants (after promising to retool them for the new bulbs) and shipped all production to China. Go down the line and they are all crooks or crazies or both.

    • Anonymous

      This is where the OWSers should go – in front of Immelt’s house and camp out.  This light bulb thing is the DUMBEST thing done to us since….since….I can’t remember when.

    • Harry G

      And GE did not pay ‘their fair share’! Talk about a hypocrite. Obama should make Immelt pay HIS fair share. Instead, he gives the guy a job as his right-hand man! Or is that his LEFT hand?

      • Truth Be Known

        I haven’t been able to find any articles by Glenn Beck pertaining to the

        Senate Bill 1867.  Has this been passed as originally written or have changes been made to it?

         This Bill gives the ability to detain American citizens without charge or trial,
        anywhere in the world. We are now officially a police state and our country is
        considered a new part of the “battlefield.”

        In part of a article comment:  “why the Army National Guard is investing money into training Internment
        Specialists. Let’s think of the role of the National Guard. It is all means the
        military arm for the states.

        So why is the National Guard is training soldiers as Internment

      • Anonymous

        Some $14 billion in profits last year but not one penny paid in taxes. I’d like to have GE’s accounting staff for my business.

  • Anonymous

    Lost….yeah right! Lost in Obama’s $1 billion campaign war chest. When you lay with pigs…pretty soon you smell like them and right now Obama and Biden smell alot like
    Corzine and they ALL stink to high heaven!  

  • Anonymous

    Yea stimulate your pocket books, you greedy bastard politicians!!!!!!!!! While I stress about keeping my house! Throw these crooks out as they shame our country!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buck Buchanan

    If you watch very closely… I think I can see Corzine stuffing money in his pockets in this video… and in his armpits… literally!

  • James

    That is exactly the reason why unknown, inexperienced community organizer became our President. These thieves brought him in to power because he was expected to give them what otherwise they would never get from anyone. This tape should be one of the most primary tools for undecided voters to get informed of what we all really face. And if this wouldn’t convince them – means our country fully deserve the disaster that calls “Obama”.      

    • Anonymous

      Well, James, the voters got the man they voted for without much, if any, checking out on

      this person.  The media was all over him and ignored the necessary vetting on him.  If

      he’s reelected, then some of those voters must still love him.  Oh course, the Chicago-

      style antics the ”handlers” will use is what they are counting on for his reelection.

  • Anonymous

    What an embarassment hand job Joe Biden is .. Just more ineptitude from the Oblama administration. Corzine is a crook and needs to have a cell next to Madoff. This country needs and entirely new administration and a great deal of senators and congressmen and women need to go also. Throw the bums out!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is Joe Biden regretting this today? I don’t think Joe Biden knows what day it is, who he is, or where he is at. I don’t think Joe has a clue!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    $1.2 billion of investor money down the rabbit hole, and into a vault with Corzine’s name on it.
    No real mystery there, he stole it and isn’t about to give it back. Charge him with embezzlement  and convict him to the maximum penalty under federal and state law.

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be millions and billions of money just disappearing into thin air.. all tied to Obama.. businesses just fold up after the government gives them millions or billions.. and tell me what is the rest of Washington doing about it.. isn’t it time they did something.. its obvious whats going on.. you know bankrupt the system… create a world wide depression and get rid of millions.. God in Heaven help us wake up and remove all of them in Congress and the Senate and let us replace them with someone who will do something!

    • Anonymous

      There have been complaints from the Reps. in Congress, buttons.  They say there are

      a lot of bills in the Senate that Reid is holding up.  On the orders of B.O.?  Or???

  • Wanda Bilbrey

    Now we know what happened to our stimulus . How did a GOOFY man like Biden become VP ?It’s unbelieveable. With all the intellegent men in America , how did we wind up with  Biden as VP ?

  • John Prewett

    Looks like one POTUS pardon is locked up.

  • Bruce Van Brunt

    All of these wishes will come true. Biden will be gone, Obama will be gone and Corzine will be in Jail. 

    • Anonymous

      I want all in jail-on trial for treason as enemies of our great nation.

  • Anonymous

    Now, that’s funny!  Except for the taxpayers.   Guess B.O. recognized one of his own.  Will this

    missing money be spent for some vacation get-away on an island/place without extradition?

  • Nautilis

    OK the Brain, that wrecked New Jersey’s economy, The same Big Brain that was behind the Super Pork Stimulus Bill,  The same Genius that wrecked MF Global– It makes my head spin around to think that Our Countries’ Leadership is so incompetent, That Corzine appears to  be the smartest guy in the room.  It is like watching the movie Idocracy coming to life

  • Barbara Beck-Azar

    It is truly time to take the entire Obama gang, fire them, drag them into the square, and send them to Iran. How long and how much will it take for something to actually put these people out of the White (now tainted) house…????

  • Anonymous

    You Know what I think?  Litteraly Corzine,Geithner,Holder, Bidden and Obama should be  Treason. Yes, when a country is in a state of war and economic fiscal dissaray those are legitimate charges.  The enemy  within, And you know what hurts the most? We trusted these individuals.  It’s a sad time indeed.  But  there’s hope, We AMERICANS can do anything we have been put to a test before and came out fighting. Been there, done that !

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder we are in trouble-Corzine will probably blame memory loss due to his horrific car accident for money loss.  He should be in jail.  Somebody needs to go to jail.  I suppose Biden will blame President Bush as his normal MO. 

  • Joseph

    Remember Obama’s election campaign?  E.G.  Yes, we can!  Well, look out for the guy who won’t tell you what he can!  You are just supposed to believe!  Well, believe what?  So many were anxious to see a black succeed that they could not bring themselves to ask those important questions.  So we bought the farm, sight unseen.  Will we ever learn?  Hope so, our whole future as a country is at stake.  Gingrich kept his promise to America as speaker-we need something like that again-right now!

    • Anonymous

      As I’ve said previously, anyone of the candidates would be an improvement.   This has to the scariest administration in his history.   Nixon, a crook by liberal standards, was saintly compared to this jackal!    Chris Cristi is right;   Obama is an onlooker who, in my opinion,  rallies his troops to bring down this country.

  • Anonymous

    Obummer has done more that any other living person to set back the cause of b l a c k voters at least one generation. Obummer has done more than any other living person to set back the cause of the Democratic party at least one generation. Nice going Obummer. You are a real winner.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best America can come up with? God help us.

  • Tom Lowe

    If John Corzine is the author of the Obama economic plan, he should be in jail, along with several others in the Obama regime.

  • James Poulsenbaseball

    Joe Biden should be fired for incompetence! If I could do his annual review I would detail all his failures and tell him “you are fired” and an investigation will follow before you receive any pension or benefits” , have a nice day Joe.

    • astds

      You still can do it in the election of 2012

  • Anonymous

    What I would like to know is , what is this and the money lost in the solyndra debacle being used for?    Obama’s army perhaps?   

  • Debi Jones

    You cant clear up the water, until you get the PIGS out of the creek~! 

  • Anonymous

    It’s simple. Anytime a Chicago politican says their administration will be transparent (Rham Emmanuel said the same thing) it will be exactly the opposite. If only we could ban these Chicago cronies from being elected to any federal office the country would be much better off.

  • mitchkabibble

    ifin I didn’t know better I’d say biden, like in biden my time, is an AHOLE. joe crawl back to the womb

  • Michele Michaels

    Can anyone tell me how the most stupid man on the face of the planet actually ends up being the Vice President of the United States of America? The wall streeters should look at this and realize if this idiot can do it than anyone can. Kinda puts a crimp in their argument of inequality.

  • lonn

     And now behold, I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges.

  • lonn

     And now behold, I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Corzine’s bankrupt company, MF Global is another disconcerting example of business and politics as usual. Is there any doubt that the invidious relationship between politics and business is crony capitalism? Clearly, as noted by Schweizer’s book,”THROW THEM ALL OUT,” honest graff by politicians has “made politics a business…the Permanent Political Class is itself prosperous to a degree that should make us all suspicious.” Needless to say, I READILY suggest reading this provocative and compelling book.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Corzine considers his bonus $1.2,000,000,000.00 (for helping to destroy this economy)   like so many bankers have done even though needing bailouts. So liberals what do you have to say about corporate bonuses. Sure, I don’t like the bonuses so many corporate leaders get. Don’t blame Republicans, blame both sides. I say don’t buy there stock, don’t buy there products. Don’t enable them. Bankers that show they’ve done wrong should go to jail. Insider traders should go to jail. How many would be left in Congress if that were to happen? On the next elections we need to find out any that did profit on insider trading and 1st not elect/re-elect them and 2nd JAIL time. And no future amendments to their “legal insider trading” will be passed to protect them when they are found guilty. Oops, I spoke to soon, how is that possible. What a wonderful world for criminals this would be if they could write their own” legal crime laws” too. 

  • Ron Heal

    It is easy to see that Joe Bider is the VICEpresident.

  • Anonymous

    Folks, this in not news to me, these people are corrupt. Here we see a man a heart beat away from the presidency calling a man who has embezzled 1 billion + plus from people that put their trust in him. As the one to go to for answers about the economy, least the James brothers used a gun. Now  lets look at the other side of the isle, lets not forget Oran Hatch this devout Mormon, supposedly the face of good morale’s. Remember back in 08 as we were all told that with out all these bail outs & stimulus money the worlds economy would collapse, this man of morale’s said the only man to oversee these things was Timothy Gietner, well Oran could you have picked a bigger crook. CONCLUSION , Oran this  stink of corruption comes with a R or D behind its name. I think Rick Perry is wright about the uselessness of our governing body & I am not a Perry supporter!!!!!!!    

  • Anonymous

    Jon was right!  Jon was right!  Corzine was right, the man was right……he knows how to steal other people’s money and how to hide billions of others people’s money…..try ShoreBank in Chicago?  Chicago?  That seems to be the “missing link” in all of this corruption and union scandal and community organizing and thievery…….billions of dollars simply disappearing and turning up in other people’s accounts…..It’s time to audit ShoreBank in Chicago and maybe somehow link Jon Corzine with Maurice Strong (TIAA-CREF funds) who was investigated by SEC for fraud (missing money in TIAA-CREF accounts) which by the way disappeared due to WTC 7 bldg coming down…..SEC was on the 4th floor… and Van Jones and John Podesta…..friends for life are thicker than thieves…oh, wait, they are thieves, every single last one of them….Just as Tony Rezko who sold Obama his home, losing hundreds of thousands off the asking price..I’ve heard of asking for too much but who asks for hundreds of thousands too little?…and who is now in jail????? for corruption in, wait for it, CHICAGO???…..Tony Rezko!!!!!! And Maurice Strong and Al Gore (Chicago Climate Exchange) using fake science for “global warming” to grow their own wealth when cap and trade goes through making them rich because of their companies from which we would be forced to buy the carbon credits from…get it?   Faux science lines everybody’s pockets except the shmucks who have to pay to line their pockets….smart meters will calculate how much CO2 our homes put out and we’ll have to buy carbon credits if the govt feels we are using too much energy or emitting too much CO2….this will make Franklin Raines more wealthy (rec’vd $90 million as CEO at Fannie Mae–also one of 7 people who hold the patent on the smart meter–bought with Fannie Mae Money–taxpayer money)….also GE who will make all the appliances for residential cap and trade market and then Wall Street (traders–bankers) will make millions trading carbon credits…and who will be screwed?  the poor taxpayer who already pays for everything…the small business man, the backbone of America….we’ll pay more and get less… they will turn off our power (energy) when THEY feel we use too much!  Americans, we are going down…..Martha Stewart, I’d sue the SEC for discrimination, picking and choosing who they target and who they let walk….

    • Keith Rabinowitz


  • Soulphoenix

    This was HILARIOUS – one of the best sequences I’ve heard from Glenn, Pat, and Stu.  And Biden could EASILY have been a stand-up comic – he doesn’t even have to try to be funny; he just has to try to be CONVINCING and he’s naturally roll-on-the-floor funny.

  • Keith Rabinowitz


  • Anonymous

    Joe Biden, stand up liar.

  • Anonymous

    I missed this; kinda feel like I fell  asleep at the wheel momentarily.
    I am a serial capitalist and when Joe says ” no state is big strong  and as wealthy and as powerful enough to be the economic engine for national growth”. Holy Cow! STATIST anyone.
       Raging against The Wealthy, The Rich, The Capitalist class of We the People, WHILE openly and agressively building our government into a WEALTHY STATE…be th economic engine? No more subtly here ; THEY ARE COMMUNIST!   

  • Charlie Barta

    Robert Rubin was told over and over again while CFO of City Group that sub-prime loans were sinking CG but yet he turned a blind eye, just like Corzine

    The Justice Department hasn’t the moral authority of a Black Panther

  • Joe Borzacchiello

    Its pathetic that these moron’s would “Trust this guys judgement!” This shows how stupid this whole administration is. Why did they not do their own research, why would they call him….Oh yeah he “knew” knew how to loot and lie.

  • Jorge Sarduy

    Go figure…

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t this say it all about Obama and Biden?  The manner in which Corzine has run this company into the tank is just a small example of what Obama and Biden are doing to the once great USA!!  And, it is being hidden under the covers, just like Corzine did with this company—including the missing $1.2 billion.  What a group of dirtbags and theives!!  Has this once great USA ever seen anything like this group of thugs?

  • James McIntyre

    Yes boys and girls…. more evidence that this country is run by the Keystone Cops headed up by Obozo, the divider in chief.

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