Cain paying for action?

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GOP hopeful Herman Cain has not had a good couple weeks as far as Presidential campaigns go. After botching seemingly easy questions on Libya he’s been hit with a flurry of sexual allegations, the latest being a 13 year affair. Would be a little easier to dismiss the claim if Cain hadn’t admitted to paying the ‘destitute’ accuser cash? Did he mean to say prostitute?

“I heard this morning that he’s still saying he’s thinking about it. But the latest is that he was paying her. He was paying this woman because she was destitute,” Glenn said.

“In the release yesterday when he said he was reassessing his candidacy, he said first thing I want to do is say to you what I have said publicly, I deny those charges unequivocally. Second, or secondly, I have known this lady for a number of years. And thirdly, I’ve been attempting to help her financially because she was out of work and destitute, desperate,” Pat clarified.

“Are you sure you have the right word? Because prostitute and destitute sound alike,” Glenn joked.

“I feel sorry for his children and grandchildren quite honestly because whether he’s guilty or not guilty, look what’s happened to this man,” Glenn said, quickly adding that if he did it then he’s “the dumbest man alive.”

Pat and Glenn both wondered why Cain’s family, and more specifically his wife, had not yet come forward to support Herman Cain’s story that the woman was only a friend.

Glenn said, “If you’re still thinking about Herman Cain you have to make the judgment of, ‘Is he telling the truth.’ Because character does matter. That’s all there is. At this point that’s all you have left. Judge a man by the content of his character.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here is the end of the matter with Cain, if there is actualy evidence to show he has lied and cheated with this lady or others, and broken the trust and his integrity, then he has to go.

    If not, then these accusations will cast aside to the wind, and he will be vindicated.

    No matter what happens now, innocent or not, this assassination of character will be bound to him for all of time; and shows just how far the Democrats will unleash anything to silence any and all opposition to their agenda.

    May God allow the TRUTH to come forward.
    May God allow the falsehoods to be banished.
    May God allow the shadows to flee from the light.
    May God have mercy on the souls of those who tell darkness as light, and light as darkness whomever they may be.

    • Irina Krasnyuk

      May God allow the content?
      May God allow no pretent?
      May God show darkness in contempt
      Whoever needs a day in tent.

  • Anonymous

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  • Ryan Frederick

    i just don’t know anymore if he did or didn’t lets let god deside.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little appalled at Glen’s snide comment above. He seems to be acting like the MSM on this subject.

    • Anne Gelinas

      Being appalled at Glen’s remarks still does not change the fact that many Americans who believe this is still a Christian Nation, try to follow some semblance of morality. No, we aren’t all going to make it when it comes to morality, and for sure we do try to do the moral thing.  
      It appears though that as soon as anyone person or a group of persons wants to involve God in our moral dilemmas folks get antsy.  A reminder of where we got our morals from certainly can’t do anything but just play a role in keeping the rest of us on the straight and narrow.
      One can only wish that anyone who goes about destroying another’s life and livelihood with allegations such as against Mr. Cain, are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her God.  If it is proved that someone is deliberately trying to ruin Mr. Cain, then all those involved should lose their jobs. If any of it is the whole truth, then Mr. Cain owes his family an apology.  He doesn’t have to apologize to me. 
      Those who throw the first stone or the last stone, may God save them if they have secrets involving their morality. Surely God will see fit to make sure their secrets become known to all of us. What goes around, comes around.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. My wife and I have been very supportive of Glen Beck but, we are starting to wonder about his agenda in all of the things he professes to support. He has become very involved in making money on everything a la Bill O’reilly. His comments above show no respect for Mr. Cain especially since there are only allegations, no specifics, no proof. He claims to be a Christian but, I’m not so sure any more.

        • Anonymous

          Glen Beck is a Mormon and they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God or the only way to salvation.  A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ and a believer in Him.  Just sayin’ . . . .  it is between Mr. Beck and God what he truly believes.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, Mormons are Christians. The name of the Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. How many churches acknowledge actually carry his name. You have your facts wrong. If you want to remain ignorant, that’s fine, go ahead.

          • James Harold Edwards

            If I were you, I would research Mormons and then you wouldn’t being calling someone ignorant.

          • One_Man_Army

            You do realize that that is exactly what Mormons believe in, too, don’t you?  Do some research on the Mormon faith, please.  Being baptized may not make one a Christian, but baptism is a step made by someone for Christiandom.

          • Anonymous

            Please don’t say that Mormons are not Christians.  It is not true  – and we certainly don’t need to start that war here.  I was baptized Mormon this year – I was raised as a baptist.  I am now a more faithful follower of Christ than ever before.  Christ’s church has been restored.    

          • Anonymous

            I’m concerned that the Mormons are violating Revelation 22:18 by having another book besides the Bible. May Jesus reveal Himself to all that profess to be Christians by granting us much discernment to keep the deceiver away.

          • Anonymous

            to AndreandLorraine:

            Revelations 22:18 – “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll.”
            John was very specific about adding to “this scroll” which means his revelation as written in his book Revelation.  That is all this passage means.

            Where in the bible does it say that God would never speak to his children again, or provide another holy scripture?  

            The Book of Mormon is a testament to the truthfulness and holiness of the Bible.    Have you even read the Book of Mormon?  

          • Anonymous

            Yes, the ‘Mormons’ name is really The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints They do believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born to Mary. You should go to or and see facts rather than what you here from the news media.  The people of the Mormon faith are very Christian and are followers of Jesus Christ. He is the Savior of all mankind and the ONLY way to Salvation!  We all need to show Christlike love by looking for the good in everyone. Merry Christmas to all and may Christ fill your heart with LOVE. Only Jesus Christ is perfect, the rest of us have our human faults.

          • Anonymous

            I’m concerned that the Mormons are violating Revelation 22:18 by having another book besides the Bible. May Jesus reveal Himself to all that profess to be Christians by granting us much discernment to keep the deceiver away.

          • Aaron Willis

            Funny, I’m a mormon and I believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father and the only way to salvation.  …Just sayin’…

          • One_Man_Army

            First, I will make clear that I am not a Mormon.  However, I am a Christian.

            Second, you are dead wrong.  Mormons DO, in FACT, believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and the only way to salvation.  That is one of their many stated beliefs, for crying out loud.  Ask a Mormon.  That IS what they believe.  That is also what makes them Christians.  I don’t know where you get you “facts” from, but it’s obviously not from TRUE Christian sources.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not going to go so far as to question Glenn’s beliefs in God, however I see nothing wrong with his selling books, merchandise or anything else for that matter. It takes money to run an business, and he is just trying to get the most money possible. As long as no one’s forced to buy the merchandise he’s not hurting anyone. You don’t like, don’t buy, this is still America. I too think he’s being a little too quick to buy into these questionable accusations, but then I don’t rely on Glenn, or anyone else to tell me who to vote for. I can think for myself. I listen, and watch to be entertained, nothing more.

          • One_Man_Army

            Don’t forget, Dixie, some of the money actually goes to charitable causes, as well.  O’Reilly makes that point clear about buying his merchandise.  Most of the money used to buy O’Reilly’s merchandise goes to charity, for crying out loud.  O’Reilly doesn’t even make much of his money from the merchandise he sells.  His money comes mostly from his salary deal with Fox and advertising on his program, not really from his merchandise.

        • Anonymous

          Colossians 3:12 says to put on therefore bowels of mercies.  Remember all Glenn Beck’s faltering is publicly exposed, ours is obscured, let’s stand together and weed things out. Galatians 5:15 “But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.”

      • Anonymous

        Very true, Anne, and well said. Finally, a voice of reason midst all of the trolls.

      • Anonymous

        Anne,  Still waiting for all the hidden secrets to come out on B.O.  When do you

        think that will be?

  • Jim Bromley

    I have helped friends in financial trouble before.  And friends have helped me.  That does not mean that there was anything more than friendship involved.  That is what friends are for.
    I think the media is so afraid of a non political insider winning the white house that they are dipping to new lows to keep this from happening.

    Glenn Beck, shame on you for throwing Herman Cain under the bus.  Did any of the other candidates go to Israel for your “Restoring courage” event?  You are getting just as bad as the main stream liberal media.

    If claims like this came out against you, How could you prove your not guilty?  What ever happened to “You’re innocent untill proven guilty”?

    This whole smear campaign is straight out of the Saul Alinski play book.  You should read it again.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like you see things clearly here, Jim.  Yeah, it does look like the media (and those

      they support) fear a Cain candidacy. 

    • Anonymous

      The 13 yrs go past the time of his cancer. He was way to ill at that time to even think of having an affair!! The others clearly were lying. Look at the one who was on TV with Alred. If Cain would have done what she claimed he did, she would not have had such a big smile on her face!

      This one who is accusing him now said she had to speak out because it was going to be out anyway. By who? That is what I want to know.

  • Gretchen L Hunt

    Where is this story in the media:
    or this one?
    and this:
    Herman Cain is so far the only one who has the trifecta, no previous political experience to taint him, he is a man of morals and principles, and he keeps his own financial house in order as well, look him up, he has no debt either.

    • Anonymous

      Good links!  Thanks for posting them, Gretchen.

    • Christine Kroeker

      Cain lies.  He stated in one of the debates that anyone who wants to audit the Fed is ignorant.  Just go ask a PR representative and they will tell you what the Fed is doing. (Yea right)  Then when asked about it he lied and denied calling people ignorant.  He lied and said that the Fed, under Greenspan, did not try to manipulate rates to influence the economy.  He told the truth and said he thought Greenspan was the best Fed Chairman.  The problem is that Greenspan has said that we don’t need the income tax, we can just print more money.  He said the income tax was to control people’s behavior.  If Cain supports this stance, can you truly support him?

  • Anne Gelinas

    When you look back , now and forward, there will are many stories like this. For some reason when these things happen to Democrats, progressives, radicals, communists, and so forth, they are expected that they would be involved in this kind of behaviour, but when it happens to be a Republican it changes.  It proves the truth is this: if you are a democrat, progressive, radical, communist, marxist, leftist, and so on then you are excused from this behaviour because you didn’t know any better. But if you are a Republican then you should have know better and therefore you aren’t excused.   Do you see the simplicity of the left’s thinking,?

  • Anonymous

    The question I have for Herman Cain is how he could bother to help a scumbag like her.  She lied and slandered her former business partner and had to publicly admit that everything she said was a lie – she was even held responsible for the legal fees of the lawsuit.  Can’t hold a job, can’t pay her rent.  Where are the sexual emails and texts on that phone??  Why didn’t he hire her for his consulting business like Edwards did?  Does she really expect us to believe that she was having a fling with Herman while he was fighting for his life for a year against cancer?  The best thing Glenn has said is that Cain would have to be “the dumbest man alive.”  Clearly he is not. There isn’t an idiot alive who wouldn’t have a “burn” phone if they were having an illicit affair.  The fact that he answered his phone when the news guy called seems like proof that the relationship was innocent, if very misguided as to judgment of who is worthy of help or emotional support.  

    • Anonymous

      mktngmama you have it exactly right. It is amazing that Beck has so quickly decided to throw Cain “under the bus” after all the pos stuff. I do agree that it would be nice for Mrs. Cain to come out and state her support for husband and his candidacy. I’m kinda wondering about his campaign manager at this point. Where is he??

  • james s cockerell

    Mr. Beck before you start getting holy here just remember you are no saint by your own admission and second Cain kept his promise to you and came to stand for Isreal in where were the other candidates in august…in short the prostitute and destitute joke was something that Jon Stewart would have done so until you achieve perfection status Sir give it a rest and stop being a jackass…

    • Anonymous

      Well said!!  Beck needs to get off his high horse.

      • Anonymous

        We need more people like Glenn Beck!!!!! At least he sticks up for what’s right. And believe it or not, he sticks up for your freedom to be able to have free freedom of speech. At least Glenn admitted he did wrong. I am not saying that I don,t like Herman Cain, I am saying we need more people telling us the truth! If we don’t tell it, the gospel says it will be shouted from the house tops.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I’m beginning to rethink my GBTV membership….hmmmm.

    • David

      Beck isn’t running for president of the united states. we don’t need a saint to be president. just an honorable man!

      • Anonymous

        Well said, David. Seems like there are a lot of trolls on here tonite. I guess they’re bored now that they had to leave downtown L A.

      • Anonymous

        If you’re an honorable man then you wouldn’t sexually assault three women and have an affair with yet another woman.
        We will never get a saint in office, but we need someone with morality. If Cain did commit these acts then we should not put him in the oval office.

        • Anonymous

          Cain has denied all the accusations, remington.  Apparently, these

          women could not be found until Cain started getting traction.  They did

          not file any charges many years ago when these alleged events took

          place, yet, you are prone to believe what is said by them without proof.

          Bring the proof to court and file charges, then, I’ll believe.  If it’s true.

          • Anonymous

            I, too, want to see evidence of these supposed incidents. I wasn’t intending for my post to sound like an accusation as Cain but trying to point out that we need to be careful who we put into the oval office. Like Glenn was saying, we need to look out for the character of our candidates.
            It is my sincere hope that Cain is innocent of these charges. Unfortunately, today’s society is more concerned about the personalities and the personal lives of our presidential candidates than they are about their policies. It’s a shame…. 

          • Anonymous

            and that’s the truth!

        • Gary

          What you say is true, but this discussion isn’t about John Edwards or Bill Clinton or Teddy Kennedy or any other Democrat.  None — not one — of the allegations against Herman Cain has been corroborated in any meaningful way, and all have questionable aspects which, in a court of law, would likely rate them as inadmissible.
          Civilized legal tradition is based in large part on the presumption of innocence, the idea that someone is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.  That’s because, since we’re not always right, we find it better to wrongly defend than to wrongly destroy.

          • Harry G

            And I still have not heard anything that proves to me Mr. Cain did anything wrong. I knew that he might not be elected President, but I sure as hell was mad at the way they tried to take him down! What kind of person attacks a man’s dignity. When you try to be a decent person all your life. Then they criticize the way he handled it. No matter how he tried, everyone criticized. 

        • Anonymous

          Well GOOD LUCK with THAT!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hold on, there. Of course nobody’s a saint, but if Herman Cain actually did do all these things then he should be reprimanded for it. Remember the ordeal with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Should we have just claimed that “nobody’s a saint” and let Clinton off the hook?
      This is a very big deal. If Cain did do these things then we have to question his morality. Would he continue to do such things to women if he were president? We have to be careful about who we put into that office. I certainly do not want another Bill Clinton.

      • Anonymous

        I guess there may be some truth to the allegations, but why would anyone pursuing the presidency throw himself into the fire knowing his own background, included a line of bimbos who nobody in their right mind would trust to keep quiet, and  to not exploit the relationship or whatever you want to call it?  Just because Obama got  pass on the vetting process, being both black and conservative causes a reverse reaction for Mr. Cain. 
        It is hard to accept these allegations as truth after the horrible thing both black and white democrats said about Mr. Cain before the gold diggers struck.  Hannity played numerous sound bytes on his radio show today, and they were disgusting. 
        We need to know the truth of this man before we accept or dismiss his credibility.  He deserves his chance simply because he paid his dues facing the Democrat’s unbelievable cruel and disrespectful comments about him while in reality, knowing nothing..

        • Anonymous

          I do agree that Cain deserves a chance to prove that he’s innocent of these charges, just like any other citizen. I sincerely hope and pray that he is. I know that the media and the progressives love to pull these stunts on our candidates in order to promote others like John McCain, but we cannot disregard these accusations either.
          Also, I wanted to reply to james s cockerell and tell him that GB is not trying to be all “holy” here but is doing his job in bringing the facts to us and questioning Cain’s innocence.

          • Anonymous

            Cain does not have to prove anything. I disregard them until I see something called EVIDENCE. None has been produced. Not a single piece of evidence. A cell phone bill? a signed book? Please 13 years and her business partner didnt know? Find me one accuser that isnt broke or have a questionable background. A CBS reporter said Blailik would have been the one to grab a crotch and that she was nobodies victim. He worked with her at CBS Radio. do some investigating. Nothing comes out until it looks like he is in the lead and may get the nomination. They cant buy him and he knows how to fix things by cleaning house. Washington D.C.s worst nightmare someone that can do math and run a business. My $ .02

        • Anonymous

          Well said.

          If the charges are true, Cain would have to be an idiot to run with all of this baggage out there. At his age he must know by now that all women kiss and tell…at some point. They can’t help themselves! 

  • Anonymous

    I have  doubts about this 13 year affair.  She says she has texts, well what do they say.  I can text someone and it will show I sent one even though it is nothing.  I want proof.  So far I haven’t seen anything that is proof of anything except that he knows her and talks to her (or as least used to).

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, when I heard you make the “destitute”/”prostitute” joke, I cringed. I couldn’t help but think how insensitive it was to Cain’s family, possibly even more than Cain himself. I don’t expect you, Glenn, to be a Cain supporter. I respect your right to voice your opinions about the candidates as much as anyone else. But you of all people should know this is no ordinary election. It is likely that one of the candidates will be our next President (unless by some horrid fluke or action, Obama gets in again!).

    You encourage us to “judge a man (or woman, implied I am sure) by the content of his/her character.” That sounds good. Now, Glenn–how do you propose we do that, practically? For who knows the hearts of men other than God? You may pray and choose one candidate, I may pray and choose another. Which of us is choosing the man or woman of true character?

    Have you considered for even a moment that he may be innocent? If this attack had been aimed at you, how would you feel? How do you think your wife would feel? How would you feel if someone supposedly on “your side” made a comment such as the one you did?

    You already know how it feels to be falsely accused. You already know how it feels to be mocked and threatened.

    Let me remind you also: of all the candidates, which one went to your Restore Courage Rally? While some said they would attend, which ONE actually DID?

    He didn’t have to, Glenn. He could have visited Israel at any time. He, like you, has stood up for Israel–more than any other candidate, in my opinion.

    How quickly you’ve forgotten. You encourage us to “Be George Washington.” Are you truly George Washington, Glenn?

    Saddened by your remarks. . . :-(

    • Jim Bromley

      Kudos to you Just Peachy. 
       I watched Glenn all the time, and really respected him untill I read this article. This is something you expect to see on Chris Matthews, or some other liberal media wanna be comedian.
      Glenn just lost my respect for throwing Herman under the bus.

    • Anonymous

      You said what was on my heart. Sometimes Glenn can arouse in me a feeling of admiration as he challenges me to be all I can be, and other times I also cringe at some of his vindictive ways!

    • Anonymous

      ”Peachy,”  If Glenn wants to do the honorable thing, he really should apologize to Cain

      and his audience for the tacky remark he made.  It would go a long way to show some


    • Anonymous

      Wow… should write for a living!   If I were  Beck, I would be on my knees begging forgiveness after reading your comment.  The truth…very, very well spoken!!!

  • Anonymous

    A few things come to mind.

    Your sins will find you out.   Vengance is mine sayeth the LORD, I will repay.

    Whoever is wrong here will pay for it, one way or the other.  Until Mr. Cain is proven guilty I thought he was innocent.  One way or the other we will find out.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think there are people out there that don’t want a black man running against another black man (even if one is only 1/2 black, who by the way hated his white side)because than there would be an issue of who was the real first black man. I feel sorry that his (Herman Cain’s) family for having to go thru this, I’ve always liked him and felt he was an upright man. If these allogations are false, which I hope they are, someone should have to pay for the pain and anguish it has caused his family. If they are proven true, he has already paid for them, so let him be. If he is a true
    christian, which I beleive he is, he has most likely asked for forgiven and who are we to judge anyone.

    • Anonymous

      You are right, ”Mari,”  there are those who do not want to see another black man face

      B.O.—it might divide the black vote, for one thing.  Other countries have been laughing

      at us for awhile now, already.

  • Anonymous

    I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt but Cain is having all kinds of issues coming out left and right. I think people want to rationalize candidates potential mistakes either 1) they are making the same mistake or similar ones or 2) they are hard up for a good candidate that they want to believe it isn’t true. By their FRUITS ye shall know them. The fruits of Mr. Cain are people coming out left and right about things he is doing. Look at the past folks, these things usually end up with the guy admitting it later on. Wake up. I don’t think anyone would hesitate to forgive it there was proof he didn’t do it but you gotta come back with more than, “it’s false” , “I didn’t do it”. They all say that.

    • Anonymous

      szoom,  Guess you didn’t read the very good post from last night on this subject? 

      Those who oppose Cain are playing from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals book.

  • Anonymous

    men lie about sex.

    doesn’t mean he can’t fix our country — that’s all we should care about.

    think about an adulterous man, now couple that w/the left’s desire to not see a black man champion the right.

    mission accomplished.

    • Jim McClarin

      It does matter because if someone would cheat on and lie to those who are closest to them and even exposes them to to the possibility of dangerous STD’s, why in the world would they be faithful to an entire population of complete strangers, the citizens whose safety and well-being lies in their hands.  Newt is certainly in that category and starting to suspect Herman is too.

      As an OBGYN Ron Paul made a business of treating undressed women in the most intimate manner but he always had his nurse in the room with him.  Even on the campaign trail he refuses to be alone with any woman other than his wife.  If a female supporter volunteers to drive him to a campaign event she has to have someone else in the car.  That’s how a man protects his marriage and his soul.  A man who is that careful would be trustworthy as president.

    • Anonymous

      You have an immoral pervert in the White House now.  His relationship with Larry Sinclair is all over the internet in the form of a video!

  • Anonymous

    Beck is talking about his character, if he is hiding something then he’ll hide something from the country, that is already happening, we don’t need that. We need someone honest.

    • Anonymous

      szoom,  That certainly didn’t stop the voters from electing a man to the presidency who

      had a ”hidden past,” did it?

  • Anonymous

    If this woman is doing this and it isn’t true, she should be prosecuted. It sounds a little fishy. I believe Cain. I think all of these women want to make some money in book deals. Times are bad and people are desperate.

    Just seeing him respond to the charges, I see an innocent man.I would be really surprised to find out he was lying.

    I pray for Cain and his family. I pray the truth will set him free.

  • Anonymous

    Oh character you say? Let’s talk character! Would a man of great character claim to support Jews and Israel and then invite Pat f%&^*&^ Buchanan to his program and talk to him as a good friend and promote his racist book?  And please don’t tell me that you don’t know about Buchanan’s long history of Jew-hating! Here is the saddest part – I used to trust Beck and think he was a good man, and now he’s betrayed me.  

  • Anonymous

    Satan came to steal, kill and destroy… Just as in Christ they found two witnesses to destroy Him. He came to change the way of doing things, the Old Covenant destroyed, the New Covenant of Grace. Just in the same way they (Satan) are destroying  Herman Cain, who came to change they way Washington does things and both seasoned Democrats and Republicans fear him.  Does anyone really believe that Herman Cain would run for President  if he’d had a 13 year affair, while going thru stage 4 cancer?  PLEASE!!! Where is the church?  Honestly we don’t know the WORD of God, we are being deceived and not standing up for the TRUTH.  I am very disappointed in Glenn Beck, not less then a year ago he might have research this for us and found out whose behind these attacks, apparently his new GBTV has a new agenda and I will not be renewing my GBTV.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, Agenda you say?   Hasn’t declared it yet, but could this Mormon favor the other

      Mormon for the presidency?   Guess we have to wait and see.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I would like to ask you if you are going to require the same of Obama if he loses?  Will you ask where his millions of dollars went and insist you see a copy of his bank account record…or will you give Obama a free ride?  Why do some of you posters gloss over Obama’s immoral and perverted sexual life verified by Larry Sinclair’s video he made with his lawyer challengeing Obama to either admit or deny their relationship and rake Herman Cain over the goals when you have only accusations?  Even the press side steps this story, but it is all over the internet. Obama has no dignity and class…as the Queen of England has said.     

  • Anonymous


  • Capt Tee

    Did you hear that Cain has hired a lawyer from Germany to handle these types of issues with the press?

    All he has to say is: “Nein, nein, nein!”

  • Anonymous

    Seems like I remember a certain tv show host saying on October 20 2010… 

    GLENN BECK, HOST: You can judge a man by his friends and you can judge a man by his enemies.  
    Just look at Herman Cain’s enemies…
    Aren’t Cain’s enemies the same liberal media who slandered and viciously assassinated Glenn’s character during those difficult days on Fox?  
    Anyone can examine the dates this disinformation was released by each woman and figure out this was an orchestrated plan to destroy Cain’s important campaign milestones: Ginger White came out with her allegations the same day Herman released his important 9-9-9 movie to the American public. Glenn, of all people, should be defending him!
    Do you all remember what Glenn said following his attack in NY?
    “These people were some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I
    swear to you I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody
    have a rope? Because there’s a tree here. You could just lynch me,’ and I think
    there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have.” 
    I don’t ask Glenn to endorse Herman but, for goodness sake, don’t lynch the man by implying that wretched gold digger was his prostitute! Or has the arrogance of the liberal media now infected Glenn?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Glenn, you appear to have hit a nerve. Sorry, but I don’t agree with you on this one. Character matters, definitely…but so does actual facts. You appear to have judged Cain on what you have heard with no actual proof. Just like Pat says …let’s wait to hear from his wife. REALLY? You have definitely convicted a man before his trial!

    And as for judgement?…is this by you and by your standards? I thought that was reserved for God.

    Please, give the guy a chance to defend against “paid” accusers.

    Sorry Glenn, but you are losing me!

  • Anonymous

    All of these accusations are just that …ACCUSATIONS….keep in mind all the powers of Hell are going to do everything possible to destroy HERMAN CAIN just like what they did to Sarah Palin..and what they are doing to America….The last thing this corrupt, evil government wants is someone w/ Godliness, heading up our country!….If we are going to bring up accusations….What about Obama’s homosexual,cocaine lovers?…What about the book and pictures of Obama w/ Larry Sinclair his gay lover? ..What about the the accusations of his homosexual love affair w/ Donald Young, the choir director of Rev. Wrights church? ….How convenient that they were murdered before the 2008 elections!…Donald Young’s mother is still begging to have her sons murder investigated!
    And while were at it how can conservative Americans vote for Gingrich…a three time  adult-er,
    skips out on his wife and family when she is dying of cancer…..and has to go before ethic board while he was speaker of the house!… and that’s FACT!..It would be to long a list to name all the democrats that have had factual adulterous affairs….
    I have lost respect for Bachman, who makes snide remarks at her fellow republicans and Christians brothers…She thinks it make her look better than them…but actually the opposite is true….Romney is a rino…Paul is suicide..Yes I too am a little disappointed in Glenn’s remark I thought he was better than that….I do know that America is under a curse and that things will get a lot worse… We are up against the gates of Hell ..and the only thing that will save us is getting back to Christian values.

  • Anonymous

    He is innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.  Each of those women are “troubled” and have checkered past!  They have been encouraged to help take down one of the top tier candidates.  In this country, you are still not guilty until it is proven!

    I am ashamed of you jumping at this.  I don’t know if he did it, but it sure doesn’t look like it.  We have seen low class women do this before, and they aren’t afraid of what they look like.  Some sick idea makes them think they are looking good by claiming such a thing!  Did he do it?  I’m still very much in his court until he is found guilty.  It is sad what the media – and you are part of it – is doing to the honest people in the conservative field.

    How would you feel, Glenn, if this were happening to you?  You know it could.  How would you want your supporters to feel?  Would you want them to support you until you are cleared or found to be a bad person??  HMMM??  Put yourself in his place.  EVERY conservative has the chance of having that happen to him/her!  False claims don’t seem to come to progressives.

    THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!  Foot in mouth disease is pretty hard to cure!  It takes a little discretion and a LOT of THINKING!  That means you must engage your brain and honest thought before you ridicule and criticism.  You are preaching love.  Listen to your own sermons!!

    I think you need to breath more and think BEFORE speaking!

    • James Harold Edwards

      In todays courts “Innocent until proven Guilty isn’t so. Just notice everyone working on the court case including the DA, ADA AND OFFICERS, DETECTIVES, ETC. already assume the person is Guilty and then it takes high attorney fees just to show up for court and take the time it takes to try your case. It happens too many times..

  • Anonymous

    Except that you only have his word and hers, and there is no way for most of us to really know who’s truthin’ and who’s lyin’ as my granny used to say. So far, the thing that I wonder about, is why there are not more witnesses who come forth to corroborate the story of the accusers? Surely if they had a 13 year affair there would be others who knew about it? If not it was the caper of the century!

  • Rex Whitmer

    Yes Glen, but look at the baggage Clinton brought with him into the white house.  His security people bringing unwilling women up to his hotel room, other long term afairs and the wonderful stock plunge and it didn’t stop in office once he was elected.  He sent people out to quiet women whom he had even raped!  Of course there was Lewinski and that was all okay by the libs.  All of these stories about Cain are suspect to me.  This last one is highly suspicious.  Only one of the others has allowed herself to be identified and her story is completely bogus.  I’ve know a few lotharios in my day and this isn’t the way it’s done.  This was a Clintonesque sort of an approach.  And have we forgotten the misterious suicide of an aide without a means of doing so?  This was a well orchestrated deal by some one, most likely some one who didn’t want to see a conservative black man beat Obama.  The first two stories didn’t hold water, a third was brought out to tell a rediculous story and now a woman comes out with a story of a thirteen year long encounter!  I’ve been associated with men and women who’ve had long term affairs and there is always some one else who knows about it!  Lets us see some one besides the story teller and confirm it.  I have a feeling there is no one that can or will, truthfully!

  • Greg

    Cain is innocent until proven guilty.  Here is the bottom line for me… He is inexperience in foreign policy… and a President needs to have some experience in that or at least some idea of what he would do about certain issues in that area.  Cain has stumbled in that very area in the debates.  So, I would not vote for Herman Cain even if there were no claims of sexual misconduct.  Everyone else might want to think about that instead of wasting your time on this.  There are other more qualified candidates, period.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, if it wasn’t for Glenn Beck, we wouldn’t know 9/10s of what we do about whats infiltrated our government.  So think twice before you throw Glenn Beck under the bus for a few comments.

  • Anonymous

    You’re too quick to condemn the man, Glenn.  He was on Fox today (Cavuto) and he spoke of

    giving the woman money because she was having financial problems—couldn’t pay her rent.

    Then, he added, he has helped many people in the past who have had money problems.  If that

    is the type of man whom you don’t like and must make jokes about—knock yourself out.  Do you

    enjoy throwing mud on another person?   For shame, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    If Cain can’t clean up his own act we don’t need him to try to clean up the mess this administration has gotten us into (a full time job +) and NO it is not Bush/Cheney’s fault. We need some one w/ morals in office. He does not have to be perfect, but he needs to be stable and he needs to be honorable to his vows.  Too many excuses for these men who cheat on their wives. Enuff.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know what’s going on here, but my comments to others have been turning up elsewhere,

    rather than following the post to which I was responding.

  • Vinny

    Good riddance Cain, at least GB tells the truth in this vid and is honest for once. Cain is an uncle tom and was only in the race to take some of the racist tags that are normally associated with the Tea Party.  Now he makes the tea party look even worse.  …but the again GB is Tea Party so….ya know.   lol  This GOP race is better than SNL could ever do. 

  • Anonymous

    Having been in the focus of attack from those that plot to bring me down and being innocent of their charges… I would be quick to assume innocence and slow to judge guilty. I will still vote for Herman Cain in a heartbeat. He was there for Israel and he is a fiscally skilled candidate. God bless Herman Cain.

  • Donna Fiduccia

    Great job Mr. Beck….. obviously some people don’t see the real truthe in Mr. Cain, he is obviously hiding some true facts and now he is getting caught and can’t articulate properly.  If he can’t ariculate something like this………………How the hell is he going to handle the LIBERAL MEDIA as a GOP candidate????  HE WILL BE EATEN ALIVE BY THEM!!!   Sorry James Cockerell………….Mr. Beck is right… Give me ONE man/woman that has been COMPLETLEY HONEST??????   THERE ARE NONE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well said Jim,

    Shame on you Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Count me in on the appalled side of the ledger.

  • Mark Cline

    If Herman Cain did in fact help the woman out without his wife’s knowledge, and did so for an extended period of time, and he doesn’t get how inappropriate that is, then he has a serious lacking of understanding of the consequences of doing such a thing.  Even if it was a completely innocent act of generosity, it was at the very least an enormously foolish act.  And I agree with Glen that only Herman’s wife can unring that bell, which is extremely unlikely.  As much as I like Herman, I think his political asperations have come to an end with this one.  

  • Michael S. Pendergast IV

    I love how Cain speaks and am still not discounting that this is a set-up to discredit him.  I haven’t seen anything that even comes close to proving these charges and the credibility of these accusers is so sup-par, I cannot believe a single one yet.  

  • Anonymous

    We need to ask the Lord re: Herman Cain, I did and He gave me a dream, in the dream I saw Herman Cain’s office front was all glass wall and there was a mud splat on it.  I believe these women are slinging mud and this is an innocent man. The bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, unless we have sure evidence Glenn lets not join the mud slinging, nor insinuate. 

  • Anonymous

    What an ignorant statement.

  • Anonymous

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  • Bruce Ahmer

    Ann Coulter has stated that this is the typical M.O, of David Axelrod who helped get Obama elected to the Senate and then later to the Presidency. In both cases the sexual affair card was played and various women came forward to accuse the opponent of Obama of sexual misconduct. Obama is afraid of Cain for several reasons. Number one is that Cain is black and the Democrats can’t use the race card. Cain is a business man and every knows that Obama has nothing in his background in this area. If it came down to a debate on policies to get America back to work Cain would win. In foreign policies Cain would need help because he is not a career politician which is another reason Obama fears him. I hope Cain doesn’t withdraw but I understand his concern for his family if he does. So far all I see is a smear campaign from the Democrats that has been typical of the type of work Axelrod has done in the past.

  • Howard H. Wemple

    I have a couple of questions.  Where are Cain’s other accusers?  Has anyone in the media put ANY effort into determining the veracity of their claims?  What real proof has this latest one offered?  Is it credible?  Are any of the allegations verified as true?  Does everyone in the media let a man’s reputation be destroyed with no proof?  No verified truth?

    Nixon’s people were condemned and driven out of office for their “dirty tricks”.  Those activities pale in comparison to the Democratic Party’s actions today.  Has American politics and the media sunk so low?  Will we the people accept such vile, immoral and unethical behavior from the “liberal left”?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck seems to be on a dry drunk lately. He is arrogant and missing many things. He is looking for the easy way out. Human nature I guess. The easy thing to do is throw in the towell and everyone vote Romney. If any of the media accusations against Herman Cain were true there would be evidence. I have not seen any evidence. I have helped women with children financially. I guess that makes me a Whore monger. I always thought I was being charitable. People do get angry when you cut them off financially. I have family like that. Herman Cain has no problem admitting he gave her money because he is telling the truth. The devil uses many things to bring down his enemies and right now he is using arrogance against Glenn. I would like to see Glenn ask Michelle Bachman two questions. Did she receive Government money for the foster kids and does her husband and his family receive Government money. Women can buffalo him easy. It is time for Glenn to stop breaking his arm patting himself on the back for being right about some things. Mr. Cain was the only one that went to Israel politics be damned. He is the two parties worst nightmare and Glenn cant see it. I dont blame Mr. Cain for not coming on his show. Glenn is on a self destruct Dry drunk. I hope he realizes it before it is too late.

  • Ted Gambogi

    Beck this is no laughing matter. If Cain had perpetrated these acts would he be so stupid as to not prepare for the eventual? My guess is he’s the one guy Soros doesn’t want Obama to run against. If the accusations are true he’s a jack ass like you are for making fun of him.

  • Mary Bourquin

    Seems to me like at least 3 amendments of the constitution are being broken in terms of Herman Cain….Not proven guilty until tried by a jury, no harsh punishment before being tried, and he has the right to remain silent so as not to incriminate himself. Come on Mr. Constitution Beck. Why aren’t you practicing what you preach. Shame on you! Regardless, I do appreciate that you have inspired others to regain Constitutional standards. I have taken heed and DO NOT judge Herman Cain. I will wait until (if he is smart) until he sues these women, and the jury gives a verdict. 

  • Eric Bonk

    Just More Attacks by the LEFT on the Man they Fear Most that can Beat Obama in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Until  Glenn can decide whether he wants to be a “shock jock” or a man of character I am canceling my GBTV subscription and sending the money to Mr. Cain.  I am totally confused and disgusted by this split personality.  Prostitue and destitute sound alike YOU say to how many millions of listeners – oh but YOU feel sorry for his children/grandchildren.  Glenn you are completely right content of character does matter and you are proving you have none.

  • Anonymous

    Beck’s so called joke was not what a man of “character” would say.  A man with Beck’s almost guru like status should be careful to practice what he preaches….a lot of people are listening.  Cain deserves the benefit of the doubt until all the FACTS are in.  A man of honor would give him that benefit.  I like Beck….but I am calling it like it is.

  • James Johnstone

    This is THE classic Alinskyite tactic.  None of these allegations have been proven; no evidence has even been offered.  If this latest woman has sexual text messages from Cain let her release them.  I’ll believe these allegations at the first actual sign of proof.  Mr. Glenn Beck YOU ARE AN IDIOT on this issue.  You have been telling us about Rules for Radicals for years, and now that these tactics are being used – just as you said they would – you keep acting like you aren’t sure what’s going on.  Wake up Beck, you’re smarter than this.

    The fact that any Conservatives are buying this Alinskyite schtick for a second is proof that Glenn Beck is wrong.  At this point it doesn’t matter at all whether Cain is lying or not.  We have Conservatives who are willing to believe clearly Alinskyite progressive leftist tactics unquestioningly without one shred of evidence.  Clearly “think for yourself” and “question with boldness” are merely platitudes for many members of the Glenn Beck audience.  This country is going to aich ee double-l, do not pass go and nobody is going to want 200 federal reserve notes anyways.  We’re already over the cliff but like Wile E Coyote we haven’t yet looked down at the stone valley floor below.

    Stockpile the three Bs people.  You’re gonna need it.

  • Anonymous

    How sad! If I didn’t know in whom I believe, and where I was going after this, life I would be afraid. I am ready to die or ready to fly. In the mean time I will do what my Lord and Saviour wants me to do.       Jellee Beane

  • Anonymous

    Let’s talk about character and accusers. Like the character of the people who accused anyone who disagreed w/Obama as being racist, or who acussed the Tea Party of being racist, or that someone from the Tea Party rally spitting on a congressman, or that Herman Cain was a RACIST…??? How many accusations are put out there, that once they are, are almost impossible to disprove?!?

    I play music for a living, I’m in clubs, concerts, casinos, private events, all where people are drinking and want to have a good time. I don’t cheat!!! People may assume I do because the opprotunity is all around….they are mindless lemmings and without even having a conversation with me want to assume that’s just the way it is.

    Let’s look at the character of Cain’s accusers…how did the accusations go from 3 annonomys, to 1 groping, to a 13 yr. affair??? Was the 13 yr. affair waiting for someone else to go public? And WHY did the other story’s fall to the wayside? They should make the 13 yr. affair that much stronger…let’s find out more!!!  Ya know who believes in accusations? The one’s that wanna beleive….sure Cain has REALLY bad advisers and he’s handled this very badly, but why are people assuming that it must be true…or could be true…or there’s any truth to it? No one questions the character of the accusers….I find that amazing.

    Glenn & the boys say they’ve all met Cain many times & never saw anything like this in him…are they really that bad a judge of character? When Clinton had his flings, people went,”yea, that kinda makes sence”. I’ve been around musicians for over 20 yr’s. when you see a cheater you know it, by their eyes, their smile, their jokes, where their attention goes, be it musician, car salesman, CEO, politician or gardner…a cheater is a cheater!!!

    Herman Cain is not a politician, (THANK GOD) he’s not used to being in the media spotlight much less the political spotlight. He’s not used to the treachery of the poitical game. I wish him & his family well, I hope his wife does know about his dealings and can stand by his side with confidence, but for all of those who just assume his guilt……let’s just hope the same doesn’t happen to you, and you are left with the task of proving your innocence against hearsay.

  • Anonymous

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  • Rose

    Mr. Beck, could it be possible that Mr. Cain also has character?  My understanding is he has not only helped women, he has helped men as well.  And how does a married man have a 13 year affair (which should be easily provable, if it happened) with a lesbian?

  • Anonymous

    Any republican that had any immoral misconduct in their past would have realized that would be found out and displayed before the whole world.  They wouldn’t have wasted their time and money and they surely wouldn’t have put their family through that.  Now, as for liberals, well, that sort of behavior just seems to be accepted by those on the left as just a cute badge of some sort of warped honor.  Herman Cain would never have run if he really had all this bad conduct in his past.  It is sad what he and his family have had to endure.  I believe the left think he is a threat and may take many minority votes away from Obama.  If Cain does drop out I hope he gets on the ballot as VP.    

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I met you tonight in Fair hope AL(Mobile) I drove down from Tennessee to see you, and I feel a tad bit foolish. You gave me something from you front left pocket. In all my excitement you asked me if i knew what it meant. i said yes thinking you where refereeing to a military thing. but after looking at it its not. again sorry but could you please tell what yours means,

  • Joseph Mullins II

    Really don’t think Beck was taking a jab at Cain with the “prostitute/destitute.” Probably more of a jab at the MSM for their hypocritical bias to spin anything into a smear campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Sarah Palin and Glenn got their wish: Cain’s out. Mission accomplished. I thought they were different but apparently not. Ever wonder what phone and text records between Palin and Beck look like? Oh that’s right, Beck and Palin only comforted each other. But of course, THEIR relationship is plutonic – because they said so.   

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats have achieved exactly what they wanted. Now they will work on Newt. The devil doesn’t bother with those he already has. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, as of today, I am no longer a GBTV subscriber. I’ve loved Glenn Beck program for as long as I’ve known of it. But when Glenn and his pals begin acting like the MSM, then it’s time for me to go somewhere else. With what they did to Herman Cain, jumping on him for the allegations, with no real proof, I can see the two-facedness of Beck. I feel so bad for Mr. Cain. Breaks my heart that they’ve destroyed this fine man.

  • Anonymous

    With sadness I am commenting to you, Mr. Beck, I am somehow confused with your opinion of “Because character does matter.”  Every so often you mention that you respect Bill Clinton. I guess you respect him because he moved from far left to the center. He is a proven womanizer. He was an impeachable President.   Without any evidence Mr. Herman Cain was accused.   I just pray that God will reward conservative minorities. God bless Mr. Herman Cain and his family.    

  • Susan W

    Ive lost alot of respect for Glenn Beck, he is wishy washy
    He interviewed Cain and fawns all over him , then he throws him under the
    bus, Beck has a problem with loyalty and I still believe you are innocent until proven guilty
    Beck trys to pull himself off as some kind of holy than thou prophet,  cancelling
    subscription to his on line show

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