Obama Rewrites History

“This is essentially his main argument for re-election—this ridiculous bailout of the auto industry, in which we, the American people, are going to lose twenty-four billion dollars.”

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Romney Wins in Michigan

Despite the mainstream media’s claim that Romney won BIG in Michigan, he didn’t.

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Epic Smackdown: Glenn, Pat, and Stu tear apart student who thinks Catholic college must pay for her birth control

Glenn played some mind numbing audio on radio this morning from Sandra Fluke, a self-described reproductive rights activist, who recently spoke about why Georgetown University must pay for her contraception.

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Obama wants to get into a Volt but Secret Service won’t let him

Photo of the Day: Post-It Pain at The Pump

GBTV “The Next Generation” Internship

Special Extended Preview of New GBTV Documentary: 6 Hours in Greece

Watch an exclusive sneak peek at the new GBTV documentary!

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Anonymous Declares War

“Fill your heart with love, and do not be indifferent on things. Ask yourself ‘does it matter?’ The answer should always be ‘yes.’ When to stand? Now, now is the time to stand.”

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Rick Santorum preps for big race in Michigan

Rick Santorum has the opportunity today to pull off a big upset in Michigan, Mitt Romney’s home state.

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‘Ethicists’ justify after birth abortion

“Why don’t we just wait to see if we like the baby”

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