Obama Rewrites History

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In case you haven’t heard, GM is back on their feet. At least that’s what President Obama told the auto workers in Detroit yesterday.

“They made a huge profit last year. Largest ever,” Pat told Glenn, isn’t buying the claim from the President.

“It’s pretty easy to make a huge profit when the government comes in and pays all my bills. America spent eighty billion—eighty—bailouts. We’re not getting it back gang,” Glenn said.

The only reason that GM is “back on their feet” is because America spent eighty billion dollars. But, that’s not all the President had to say. He went on, “The same folks who said if we went forward with our plan to rescue Detroit you can kiss the American automotive industry good-bye.”

Of course the President didn’t care to give any examples of people saying that. In fact, Stu points out that they were saying the opposite.
“We were making the argument if you didn’t give them any money, and they went through bankruptcy that they would still survive. The complete opposite of what he’s saying,” Stu said.

Glenn jumped in and pointed out that they may have said if the government jumps in, and tries to design automobiles that they wouldn’t succeed. Judging from the Chevy Volt, it’s a safe assumption that was another accurate prediction from Glenn.

“Remember when Obama said that Ford had to have the bailout? All of them had to take it, and Ford said up yours Mr. President. They took zero dollars. Ford is doing well,” Glenn said. (and their cars don’t look like Chevy Volts, I might add…)

“They [Ford] did not take the bailouts… They’re still around magically!” Stu added.

Pat, who doesn’t support the bailouts either, made an interesting point. “While I don’t support the bailouts, I don’t either support him taking credit for something he did not do. Bush did the bailout, and he has rewritten history to take credit for it,” Pat said.

President went on to make it seem like those against the bailouts were against the workers, and that’s who the bailouts were for. That is wasn’t about paying back the unions.

“Explain to me how the unions leapt over the bond holders. That doesn’t happen. That required someone in the government to make that happen,” Glenn said.

This is the President who during is campaign said, “I spent my entire adult life working with SEIU, I didn’t suddenly discover SEIU. Your agenda has been my agenda in the United States Senate. Before debating healthcare I talked to Andy Stern and SEIU members. Before immigration debates took place in Washington I talked with Medina and SEIU members. Before the EFCA I talked to SEIU.” …but he’s not a union guy.

“You know what kills me,” Glenn said, “the number one visitor to the White House is Andy Stern and Richard Trumpka.” Later adding, “ALF-CIO and SEIU, are number one, and you’re not a union guy?”

“It’s amazing,” Stu said, “This is essentially his main argument for re-election—this ridiculous bailout of the auto industry, in which we, the American people, are going to lose twenty-four billion dollars. His priority, this thing he thinks is his best argument, has us losing dozens of billions of dollars. We’re not picking his worth thing and making fun of it. This is what he’s picking as his best thing.”

Romney Wins in Michigan

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Despite the mainstream media’s claim that Romney won BIG in Michigan, he didn’t. Many would actually consider this a big statement from Santorum. Michigan is Mitt Romney’s home state—a state where his dad was the governor—and he won by a really small margin. Compare Romney’s win in Michigan with Rick Santorum’s thirty point lead in Pennsylvania, or Romney’s other victory last night in Arizona.

While Glenn is still trying to figure out what happened in the Arizona election, Pat (a Mormon) jokingly blamed the Mormons.

“There’s a large Mormon population there,” Pat said “In Utah Romney will win there big. Arizona, obviously, Nevada…” he continued.

“Listen to me,” Glenn said to the radio audience, “This should go for the Catholics as well. Don’t vote for the guy who holds the card for your church.”

Glenn went on to say don’t even vote for someone just because they are a Republican or a Democrat—principals not party affiliation. Stu added that even if religion did play a role in the way people were voting it couldn’t play a big enough roll to sway the vote one way or the other. “Fourteen percent of the vote in the primary was Mormon. Even if 100% voted, Romney still would have won by 6,” Stu said.

While Glenn does believe that Romney will most likely end up being the GOP presidential nominee, and last night’s wins were a big boost for Romney, he thinks the mainstream media has completely spun the narrative (as usual) of the Michigan win.

“You know what kills me,” Glenn said, “isn’t the media playing this as Santorum is out? Aren’t they saying that? What should be said about Michigan—now a blowout in Arizona. But, in Michigan they’re actually coming to the table saying ‘yeah, he won, and Rick Santorum lost…’ It was his home state, and he almost lost it. Three points? That’s crazy! With all the amount of money, the amount of time that Romney has spent there and it’s his home state. His dad was the governor. There is no way he should have lost that, and he came within three points.”

Glenn added, “If it was anybody else it would be—if it was Barack Obama, they would have said he won. This is a win for Rick Santorum. You know what I mean? And I bet you if he would have won by three points they would have still said, yeah, well , he only won by three points.”

Pat pointed out that in Santorum is up by a significant amount in his home state. “In Pennsylvania he’s up by 30,” he said, “His [Romney’s] home state should have looked like Arizona.”

The problem is, despite coming so close in Michigan, Santorum did lose. In order to become the nominee he needs to gain some momentum.

“What Santorum needs to do is to have upsets,” Stu said. Adding, “Santorum needs to win these close races, and I don’t think he did anything wrong. A lot of the people are blaming a couple of the comments he said for the reason that he lost. I don’t think it’s a horrible disaster. It’s a slight missed opportunity. If you’re a Santorum guy this could have been an opportunity to change the dynamic of the race, and it ended up not happening.”

Epic Smackdown: Glenn, Pat, and Stu tear apart student who thinks Catholic college must pay for her birth control

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Glenn played some mind numbing audio on radio this morning from Sandra Fluke, a self-described reproductive rights activist, who recently spoke about why Georgetown University must pay for her contraception. Unfortunately, her argument had a number of holes in it, including the math she uses to claim that the university is inflicting students with a financial burden.

The Blaze reports:

During a testimony in front of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Monday (a meeting that was held by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi), Fluke — who was coincidentally the only witness heard — described the financial constraints that purchasing birth control puts on her peers.

“Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy,” Fluke said, referring to the fact that the university doesn’t pay for contraception. “Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school.”

She detailed, among other stories, how one woman felt “embarrassed” and “powerless” at the pharmacy counter when she “learned for the first time” that contraceptives weren‘t covered by the university’s health care plan.

“$3,000. How much sex do you have to have for your contraception to cost three grand during law school?” Pat asked.

“You would have to have sex three times a day the entire time you were in law school,” Stu explained.

Three times a day? Who is having sex three times a day?

Well, as the guys pointed out you could have a disorder. You could also possibly be a prostitute. You could be abstaining from sex except for one day a week and having sex 21 times on a Saturday

“Who are we to say that’s skanky or slutty in any way? Good for you. It should all be paid for by us,” Pat joked.

“You want to have sex 21 times a week, go ahead.
I don’t care,” Glenn said. “You should have to pay for (the condoms).”

As the guys went through her audio, she said she was on a “public interest scholarship” to go to Georgetown.

“She wants more public money to have a lot of sex,” Pat said.

“What kind of country do we live in? Where we can’t provide unlimited access to protected sex? For college students who aren’t paying in the first place to go to school! How could we live with ourselves?” Pat wondered.

It only got worse. Fluke said she got together a lot of the students and went to the university to say how much of a problem it was that they weren’t paying for her contraception. She said, “e expected that when 94% of students opposed the policy, the university would respect our choices regarding insurance.”

“Stop just a second. Here’s an idea. If I can get all the students to organize and we could go to the Dean’s office and I can get 94% of all students to sign up saying, I just want the degree without doing any of the work, we expect that. 94% of us want the degree without doing any of the work, (the university) wouldn’t go for it! That’s crazy!” Glenn exclaimed.

“94% of us want steak and lobster dinner every night for free and they won’t do it. We just expected it. Surf and turf every night,” Pat joked.

“I’m ready to get on a handmade boat and sail to Cuba. I can’t live in a country like this,” Stu joked.

“By the way, she’s talking about $3,000 a year that’s creating this hardship. $3,000 a year! You can go on the internet as I have just done to a fantastic website, and you can get any birth control pill for three packs for $80. So that would give you about, say, $25 a month. There’s another one for 20 Bucks a month here. You are talking between $700 and $900 for a year. Not $3,000 a year. That’s if you want the pill,” Stu said.

“If you want to have condoms and you are not having sex three times a day and you don’t want to go to Planned Parenthood that we’re funding for the free condoms… how many avenues?” he continued.

“We have to not only give them these rights but give them the way they want, where they want them, the store they want them, the pharmacy they want them, the classroom they want them. The position she wants to have it in, every single thing, we have to pay her for. It’s insanity!” Stu exclaimed

“This liberal mentality, this progressive mentality. It’s killing us. It’s absolutely killing us. Did you ever think we would get to a point where you would have this sort of entitlement mentality?” Pat asked.

Obama wants to get into a Volt but Secret Service won’t let him

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Obama loves the Chevy Volt! Of course, the Secret Service won’t let him actually drive one, possibly because they are incredibly unsafe and unreliable and tend to burst into flame when used. But other than that, pretty cool! And while Obama claims that he’s going to buy one when he is out of office (January can’t come soon enough), Glenn wondered where he would find one. A museum? A collector of bad cars? Junkyard? Listen to the ridiculous audio in the clip from radio above! And if you have any suggestions on where Obama will be able to buy this ridiculous, horrible, failure of a car – let us know in the comments below.

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Special Extended Preview of New GBTV Documentary: 6 Hours in Greece

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Anonymous Declares War

Update: Glenn also discussed the story on GBTV, you can watch the segment below:

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Original Story below:

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If Al Qaeda or some other terrorist organization came out and openly called for war against the United States of America, do you think the media would pay attention?

That’s the question Glenn asked this morning after listening to the latest video released by Anonymous, the international group who allegedly hacked the CIA, Syrian government email accounts, Consumer.gov, and a U.S. security company whose tear gas had been used against the Egyptian demonstrators, just to name a few.

“We’re not talking about a group that doesn’t have any power,” Glenn said. “We’re talking about a group that does have power, and has demonstrated it.”

Here’s the latest message from Anonymous:

Here is the transcript of the Anonymous message:

We are not calling upon the collective to deface or use a distributed denial of service attack on a United States government agency website or affiliate. We are not calling upon the people to occupy a city or protest in front of a local building. This has not brought on us any legislative change or alternate law. It has only brought us bloodshed and false criticism. For the last 12 years, voting was useless. Corporations and lobbyists are the true leaders of this country and are the ones with the power to control our lives. To rebuild our government, we must first destroy it.

Our time for democracy is here.
Our time for real change is here.
This is America’s time, to have its own revolution.

Therefore, Anonymous has decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms. We call upon the Citizens of the United States to stand beside us in overthrowing this corrupted body and call upon a new era. Our allegiance is to the American people, because they are us, and we are them.

Operation V, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Americans.
We never Forgive.
We never Forget.
To the United States government, it’s too late to expect us.


This was released on February 26th, two days ago, yet no one in the media or our government is talking about this—not to the American people, anyway.

“Don’t dismiss these people,” Glenn warned. “Remember, these people have attacked the websites of the CIA. I believe they’ve attacked the NSA. They have attacked Stratfor, and dumped all of the documents.” Glenn continued, “I don’t know who they are, but they are not fools. They are well financed. They are well thought out. And, they are very capable.”

Glenn, who obviously runs an internet business and is very brave in the topics he covers on GBTV, does not dismiss Anonymous. Glenn does not think that everyone in Anonymous has the same intentions. Much like we saw in many of the uprisings in the Arab Spring, he believes there is a split in this organization.

“I believe there are probably those people that are inside Anonymous that are good and decent …and right,” Glenn says, giving the example of the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the legislation that labeled America a battlefield where the government would have the ability to scoop American citizens up and hold them without trial. “These things are wrong,” Glenn said. Adding, “These things are a grave danger to the freedom of mankind and to this country; grave, grave danger. And this technology—we’re not dealing with the revolution of 1776, we’re not even dealing with 1938—the technology that this government has …they can scoop groups of people up in a heartbeat. There is no hiding from this government.”

So, like Glenn said, there are things that Anonymous says that we can agree with, and we should build off of those things, but destruction of the government is not the answer. We are a country of laws, not of men—there has to be some government.

While Glenn may agree with Anonymous on many topics, but method is where there is a clear divide. Glenn compared it to the difference between Thomas Paine and George Washington.

“Both Patriots—one was right, one was wrong—but both Patriots,” Glenn said.

Just like there are probably people inside Anonymous that are good, there are likely those on the far left. “I also believe there are people inside Anonymous that are gravely misguided and are on the wrong side of not just the tactic, but also wish to destroy, because they are on the far left,” Glenn said. Adding, “I would not be surprised if some of this financing and some of this power unbeknownst to many of the people in Anonymous is coming from the left, and coming from George Soros.”

Pat brought up that this is similar to what happened in the 1960’s, when the far left approached John Lenon and The Beatles wanting to know where they stood. Their response was the song, “Revolution:”

“If you’re talking about Chairman Mao you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow. If you’re talking about overthrowing the constitution, we need to change your head.”

“This is the same kind of thing. There are certain things that need to be change. There are definitely problems with the Obama Administration,” Pat said.

Glenn agreed, saying, “The last twelve years it has been almost useless voting. You look, and you’re seeing the same things from both sides, just a different speed, but you’re seeing the same thing. So they’re right on that one.”

The problems are clear if you are not for a massive government. The challenges really lie within the solutions to the problems. Destruction is easy. There is no challenge in tearing something down. These systems are going to collapse on their own weight. The banks, the big government systems, the debt and the corruption will destroy them without anyone pushing them over the edge. One of the problems with collapse and destruction without solutions is that you won’t know what you are collapsing into. There has to be a foundation to build off of, and a force for good. Otherwise, who do you root for?

Glenn compared this to the time he spent on the streets of Greece a couple of weekends ago. “One of the things I learned about on the ground in Greece is that they can no longer tell the difference. They don’t know who to root for. There’s no good standing up. There is no good. They don’t know. There are the people that are using the fire bombs out on the streets, and then there are the people that are in the banks. And I asked one of the guys, ‘so which is worse?’ The answer was ‘I don’t know. They’re both criminals.’ But, in their heart they stand with the people on the street even though they disagree with their tactics they stand with the people on the street, because they say that the government is corrupt, and the banks are corrupt. You don’t change it this way. You’ve got to go in and change it.” Glenn explained.

Glenn went on the explain that we all share the fears that anonymous has, and some of the fears the Occupy Wall Street people have, and that Libertarians have. “But, please read history. Please look at what’s happening over in the Middle East,” Glenn said.

Anonymous is going after many of the people that are going to collapse under their own corruption, but where are the attacks on the people who are getting rich off of the collapse, and helping to cause the collapse? “Where are the attacks on people like Soros? Where is the information on the people who are setting up what you will collapse, what hands it will fall into? Are you part of that?” Glenn asked.

That is the big question. Is Anonymous part of that? Have they looked down the road far enough to see whose hands they are going to fall into? Instead of destroying what is already in the process of self-destruction, wouldn’t it be better to strengthen the American people? Glenn pointed out that it is important to point out the corruption, but then what?

Anonymous has been a voice of anger and revenge, ending their videos with “We will not forgive. We will not forget,” but like Glenn said, “you say you are against bloodshed.”

“We must forgive. We must never forget,” Glenn explains. “We must—we’re commanded to forgive. We’re not commanded to forget.”

Glenn made a call out to the media to step up and realize what they are helping to build in their silence. “I beg the people in the media to wake up. I beg the people in the media to give your children and your grandchildren a reason to be proud of you. The times are growing darker and the time is growing short. I am begging the people in the media to wake up and see what you’re against. To see what you are helping build in the government through your silence,” Glenn said.

“I believe this government only needs one more election. They only need the press one more time. Look at how they are beating you across the head now. Do you think that’s going to get better?” Glenn asked.
Unless Americans take a stand with peace and love in their hearts we won’t be able to win the battle for man’s freedom. But, that’s the key.

“Pray for peace,” Glenn said. “Fill your heart with love, and do not be indifferent on things. Ask yourself ‘does it matter?’ The answer should always be ‘yes.’ When to stand? Now, now is the time to stand.”

Rick Santorum preps for big race in Michigan

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Rick Santorum has the opportunity today to pull off a big upset in Michigan, Mitt Romney’s home state. He called into the radio show this morning to talk about the race.

‘Ethicists’ justify after birth abortion

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Worried about that kid you just had? Feel like you really wanted a girl, but God saw fit to give you a boy? Don’t worry! Ethicists (using that term very loosely) have now said that you should be able to murder abort the baby after it’s born!

The Blaze reports:

Alberto Giubilini with Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne write that in “circumstances occur[ing] after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.”

The two are quick to note that they prefer the term “after-birth abortion“ as opposed to ”infanticide.” Why? Because it “[emphasizes] that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child.” The authors also do not agree with the term euthanasia for this practice as the best interest of the person who would be killed is not necessarily the primary reason his or her life is being terminated. In other words, it may be in the parents’ best interest to terminate the life, not the newborns.

The circumstances, the authors state, where after-birth abortion should be considered acceptable include instances where the newborn would be putting the well-being of the family at risk, even if it had the potential for an “acceptable” life. The authors cite Downs Syndrome as an example, stating that while the quality of life of individuals with Downs is often reported as happy, “such children might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.”

“Why don’t we call chocolate pudding,” Glenn joked over their preference for “after birth abortion” over “infanticide”. Glenn said that changing the language is a longtime progressive tactic that started when Woodrow Wilson scared everyone with similar radical ideas.

“Why don’t we just wait to see if we like the baby,” Glenn said of the ridiculousness of the debate.

“They’re just poking us with a stick. That’s all they’re doing,” he added.

” Now, the question is are we even awake enough? Do we even care enough this time around to have it swing back so far the other way.  I don’t think so,” Glenn said.


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