MSNBC admits: Glenn Beck was right

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MSNBC’s coma inducing program ‘Morning Joe’ has a long history of mocking Glenn — calling him crazy, a fear monger, etc etc. But today they were singing a different tune when an ‘expert’ appeared on their program to inform them about good investments. At the top of the list: Gold. That led to the shocking admission that yep, Glenn Beck was right! Check it out in the clip above!

ESPN yanks ad; cites ‘religious’ overtones, despite nothing religious in ad

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In a bizarre story, NASCAR driver Blake Koch (pronounced ‘cook’) was trying to run an advertisement encouraging NASCAR fans to register to vote. That’s it. So why was the ad denied? Because of ‘political and religious overtones’ in the ad and on Blake’s website. Check out the ad and Glenn’s response on radio in the clip above – does ESPN have some explaining to do?

Watch the ad below:

Most disturbing YouTube beat down yet?

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Have we always been this crazy as a society or is technology just making us more aware of our pre-existing craziness? Yet another beat down has been posted to YouTube, complete with people more concerned with videotaping the event than stopping it. Some even shouted out tips – ‘use the elbow!’ and others cheered. Glenn reacted to the disturbing video on radio today.

“It is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen. And we see disturbing videos all the time, but this is just – where is the President on this one? I mean, nobody got killed, but, I mean, this is just – where are we headed? As a culture, where are we headed? These people are standing around, they’re laughing,” Glenn said.

“It’s a vile video,” he added.

Glenn couldn’t believe that no one was stepping in to help, but people were only getting close in order to take pictures.

You can watch a portions of the video below. WARNING: the video contains violence and graphic language.

The Blaze has reported that portions of it have already been removed from YouTube.

The Blaze added, “These videos hit the internet last week, but have just started to garner more attention. It shows two women (the video calls them “Bootsie” and “China”), allegedly in Atlanta, in an all-out brawl that spans several minutes and even spills over into a parking lot, with one woman smashing the head of the other into the hood of a car.”

Is Obama a gambling addict?

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With the Mega Millions jackpot today reaching record levels ($540 million at last count) and the First Lady off to Vegas, suddenly the realization hit Glenn, Stu & Pat that the President may very well be a gambler. Obama scolded Big Oil and suggested we ‘double down’ (gambling lingo) on green energy. Glenn discusses the story in the clip above from radio!

Caller: “Glenn …I have noticed the puffiness”

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It’s not every day that a caller steals the show with the best point of the day, but today it happened. The phrase “the truth has no agenda” has never been made truer on GBTV, but when Sharon, a caller from Utah, confronted Glenn this morning on allegations of weight gain and a “puffy appearance”

Glenn hesitated to take Sharon’s call this morning—like he tell his audience, “the truth hurts,” and apparently, whatever Keith, the phone screen, had next to her name let Glenn know what was coming.

“I don’t want to take want to take Sharon’s call in Utah,” Glenn said.

“Why not?” Stu asked

…and then Glenn exposed that he already knew the truth.

“Because, she wants to make fat of me,” he responded.

No, not a typo, just Glenn conscience exposing itself—Sharon called in to point out she had noticed Glenn’s “puffiness.”

“I think I am having an allergic reaction to something…” Glenn responded.

Sharon (and everyone else listening to the program) wasn’t buying it. Glenn continued to dance around the idea of having to exercise or change his diet, he brought up that in one week they’ll be moving into the new studio, “which is four or five times the size of this [the planning] studio,” he said.

So, why does Glenn really need a bigger set?

“More Glenn Beck—bigger set, bigger host,” Glenn said.

Make sure to tune in a week from Monday when Glenn returns from vacation to see the American Dream Labs, or as Pat put it, “a bigger studio—the only one big enough to hold him.”

Security Theater

Extended Preview: Glenn’s “American Dream Labs”

Glenn inspires Frances Fox Piven to publish collection of radical writings

Radical leftist Frances Fox Piven has published a collection of old writings in a new book called “Who’s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven” – and she says that Glenn Beck is the inspiration! It’s all the highlights of her past radical writings, PLUS a bonus interview with Cornel West! Is she trying to make it easier for us to expose the progressive agenda?

But hey, she’s just a harmless grandmother and teacher, right?

On an unrelated note that is in no way challenging her matronly image, her is a random selection of Frances Fox Piven stories that we at have collected!

Frances Fox Piven: Yeah, we’re working with the Communists

America’s two favorite radicals are back to lead OWS with new action steps

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Piven admits Glenn was right

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Piven calls for riots

Leftist icon praises Obama: he’s operating under the radar

Glenn Beck: Piven Video

Glenn Beck: This is so Cloward & Piven

The Blaze explained:

In a new interview with Iran’s Press TV, Piven said her 2011 “Who’s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven?: The Essential Writings of the Professor Glenn Beck Loves to Hate” was prompted by all the attention she received on Beck’s television program.

“About two-and-a-half years ago, Glenn Beck made me a target and incessantly, repeatedly featured me as a kind of evil conspirator in American politics,” she said. “This was taken up by the right-wing blogs and by the Tea Party and by other strange people, that my publisher decided it would be a good idea to do the collection. So I didn’t really decide, Glenn Beck decided, and I was glad to do it.”

Russian paper not Mitt Romney fans

WWJD: What Will Jared Do?! San Fran loses $5 footlong

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Fans of the fast food sandwich shop Subway are going to be disappointed during their next trip to San Francisco. Their rising minimum wage has forced the franchise locations in San Fran to no longer participate in the national promotion because…SHOCKER…they can no longer afford it. But hey, everyone telling you that progressive policies don’t do anything but help people won’t have a problem with it. They’ll just say they need to have some vegetables instead. YAY choices being made for us through artificial manipulation of the (formerly) free market!

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