Michelle Obama ain’t gonna let nobody turn her around (hopefully)

In a recent interview Michelle Obama revealed a fantasy of hers, and it just so happens this very same fantasy is shared by millions and millions and millions of Americans. In fact, Glenn has the exact same fantasy. Many accuse him of bashing the Obama’s for no reason, but that’s not the case. “When they’re right, they’re right,” Glenn explained. “On this particular thing, I think we can unite.”

Here is what the First Lady said her fantasy was:

“One fantasy I have, and the Secret Service, they keep looking at me, because they think I might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walkin’.”

“What an amazing coincidence!” Pat said, “That’s the exact same fantasy we all have!”

Glenn liked Michelle Obama’s fantasy so much, in fact, that he devoted a song to her this morning… “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around,” which, ironically, is by The Roots, the same band that played a much less flattering song for Michele Bachmann on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

“Walk out that door and don’t come back,” Pat said while the song played.

“You stick to your principles. You just keep on walking,” Glenn joked.