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Like a Bost

Rep. Mike Bost has had enough folks. Epic.

Beck staffer: “Back off Bloomberg!”

“If I want to go out and chug a whole bunch of soda and eat food loaded with trans-fats, I should be able to do it. It’s my money, it’s my body, and I’m not hurting anyone but myself.”

Glenn’s interview with Marcus Luttrell

Marcus talks about the warriors he crossed paths with while ‘downrange’ and their amazing dedication & loyalty to country…

Planned Parenthood endorses Barack Obama

Planned Parenthood is under fire for a string of undercover videos being released that show the organization clearly has no problem aiding pregnant women in their quest to abort babies if it’s not the preferred gender they desire.

Another Tea Party upset!

Four years ago RINO Republicans would have easily taken the GOP primary elections, but this year has been quite a different story.

Facebook stock continues to tumble…

The Facebook IPO has certainly not proven to be Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg’s finest moment. The company that was valued at $104 billion at the time of its IPO is now worth $79 billion.

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