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Beck staffer: “Back off Bloomberg!”

Glenn’s interview with Marcus Luttrell

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Marcus Luttrell has a new book called Service: A Navy SEAL at War in which he pays tribute to the men & women who risk it all to defend and protect the United States. Marcus talks about the warriors he crossed paths with while ‘downrange’ and their amazing dedication & loyalty to country, and how that dedication translates when they return to civilian life. Check out Glenn’s interview with Marcus in the clip above!

Planned Parenthood endorses Barack Obama

AMBUSH: Glenn skips his own show but crashes Real News!

Who is the old guy in Jedediah’s seat?

Last night on Real News from The Blaze the panel was joined by none other than Glenn Beck! Glenn was in New York this week, so, of course, he had to stop by and see how things were going at Real News. Glenn joined S.E. Cupp, Will Cain, and Buck Sexton to discuss pulpit politics, the entitlement generation, and Ted Cruz.

S.E. Cupp brings up Eric Holder and other government leaders that are telling pastor’s what they can and cannot do. Find out what Glenn had to say about the issue below:

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Will Cain lays out the facts about “grade inflation” and the entitled youth.  Are we sending unprepared students out into the workforce?

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Matt Kibbe joins Glenn and the Real News panel to discuss the Texas GOP Senate primary and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz who has forced a run-off election. What really is an “establishment” candidate?

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100 Years of Cowards – Round 1, Match 1: George Soros vs. Herbert Hoover

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Glenn’s latest in-your-face book takes on the spineless cowardly weasels in the world today and calls them by name. Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse to Say will be released June 12th and here’s your chance to vote for the biggest coward. It’s an NCAA styled bracket and the 1st round of voting features George Soros vs. Herbert Hoover. Glenn explains in the clip above – don’t forget to VOTE!

Another Tea Party upset!

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Four years ago RINO Republicans would have easily taken the GOP primary elections, but this year has been quite a different story. Ted Cruz made it into a runoff with establishment candidate David Dewhurst, a huge upset for the Tea Party – which according to some, has “lost influence” in the country. Glenn gave his reaction to the news and what it could mean for 2012 on radio. Watch it in the clip above!

What blockbuster did Glenn call “movie cancer”?

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Remember the glowing review that Glenn gave for the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”? He said it was one of the best shows he had ever seen and called the set the “eighth wonder of the world”. Well, he saw a different kind of show last night – the movie Men in Black 3. And his review was about as far from “Spider-Man” as you could possibly imagine.

“It was horrendous,” Glenn said.

He questioned how someone like Spielberg could stand to have his name associated with the film and said someone should check on him to make sure he wasn’t in a coma where he couldn’t see the garbage attached to his name.

“It is one of the top 20 worst movies of all-time,” he said. “It’s like movie cancer.”

Facebook stock continues to tumble…

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The Facebook IPO has certainly not proven to be Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg’s finest moment. The company that was valued at $104 billion at the time of its IPO is now worth $79 billion.

“Zuckerberg was one of the 40 richest men in the world,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And he’s fallen off that list in a week.”

“I find that incredible, and you know what’s amazing is how nobody is taking any responsibility for that,” he continued.

It seems as though the value of Facebook, regardless of what it may or may not have been, has been lost in a week. Zuckerberg alone has lost $5 billion since Facebook went public.

“You’ve just destroyed all that value,” Glenn said. “It was paper value, but the money disappeared.”

It is also hard to ignore the change in media coverage over the past week. What started out as breaking news, making headlines all over the place, is now relegated to minor coverage in the business section only – if it receives any coverage at all.

“Have you noticed that the media was all over this. It’s all they could talk about. And now no one is talking about it. Isn’t there something there,” Glenn asked.

“You don’t think anybody was in real dark shady territory here,” he continued.

Considering the relationships Glenn has talked about connecting Facebook, the banks involved in the IPO, and the government, it’s not hard to imagine that there have been some potentially shady practices going on.

“You know, we’ve been talking about things of intrinsic value, and talking about this Facebook IPO which is – you know – I don’t know how people are missing things,” Glenn said. “I know it’s not just me but it is – it’s amazing how – it’s amazing how people are still in the mode of I can get rich quick.”

Regardless of how bad things seem to have gone for Facebook recently, the growth it has accomplished in such a short period of time remains impressive.

“You have a company here that, again, started in 2004 in a dorm room,” Stu said. “It was built all the way out. I mean, think about the movie. Remember the movie came out a couple years ago, The Social Network. The Social Network came out when Facebook had become so big they were making a movie about how it was founded.”

“They went through the entire movie, this was 2010, and one of the last pieces you see in the movie is to tell you what the valuation of the company is: $25 billion,” Stu continued. “It’s still more than three times as valuable than it was two years ago!”

Numbers aside, Glenn still wasn’t convinced.

“Doesn’t this tell you,” Glenn said skeptically. “It’s It’s the syndrome.”

(Not) Shocking: Obama picks socialist as Medal of Freedom honoree

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Dolores Huerta is not shy about her socialist beliefs. She’s heaped public praise on the work Hugo Chavez is doing by socializing Venezuela and wonders why America isn’t following the same path (wait…we aren’t?) Huerta has said that “Republicans hate Latinos” and has no problem with illegal immigration. So, of course, she’s a great pick for the Presidential Medal of Freedom …if your President happens to be a socialist.

That’s right, Dolores Huerta can now add one more bullet to her resume. Thanks to President Obama she has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It would be a HUGE understatement to say Glenn wasn’t exactly thrilled about this, as he told listeners about the President’s honoree. Glenn has been lambasted by the mainstream media for daring to describe President Obama as a socialist.

When given the facts, Glenn would argue that the mainstream media should be lambasted for calling the President anything but a socialist, and for completely ignoring and/or avoiding his radical ties. His latest slogan, “Forward,” has been used throughout history in socialist and communist regimes, he’s appointed multiple known socialists and communists along with those that praise them to his cabinet – Carole Browner, Van Jones, and Anita Dunn just to name a few – and now, he’s honored an honoree chair of the Democratic Socialists of America with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“So you have some idea of who has received this in the past, it has been Billy Graham, Pope John Paul, Gordon B. Hinckley, Mother Teresa, Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Friedrich Hyack, Bill Cosby, Ansel Adams, Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, John Wayne, Walt Disney, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Norman Rockwell, and Dolores Huerta – the honoree chair of the Democratic Socialists of America,” Glenn said, “A woman who has bashed the United States as a nation that stole Mexican land, whose allegiance lies not with this country but with Mexico.”

After playing an audio clip of Huerta saying that “Republicans hate Latinos,” Glenn reminded listeners that President Obama was supposed to be ‘the great uniter’, “so he starts by giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a woman who says that Republicans hate Latinos?” Glenn asked.

But there’s more. Here are just a few samples of the audio clips Glenn played on radio this morning:

Huerta (speaking to Mexicans/Mexican Americans): “As we like to say, we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us”

Huerta: “And we have a campaign that we rolled out – and we rolled it out here in the state of Texas deliberately, because we wanted the message to come home to the neighborhood, to the barrio, to the community. And it’s a program that we’re calling ‘We Can Help.’

Huerta (speaking in a commercial): “I’m Delores Huerta and I have a message for every hardworking farmworker: You deserve to get paid every dollar you earn, and have safe housing and transportation. This is the law. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division can help if there’s a problem. Whether your documented or not, the call is free and confidential.”

Huerta also had a lot of surprisingly great things to say about Hugo Chavez and what he’s doing down in Venezuela. She praised the cooperative farms, free medical and dental care, the free housing for the people (that Venezuela’s military commands their representative to provide). “We are the richest country in the world, right? So why can’t we do that in the United States? Republicans hate Latinos. Republicans hate Latinos,” Huerta said.

Glenn emphasized again that yes, Dolores Huerta, who praises socialist dictators like Hugo Chavez, is the Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree.

“So you know who Hugo Chavez is.  Why can’t we do this in America? There’s many people in this administration who ask that very question. Why can’t we do it!? In fact, one of them is the Marxist and diversity Czar at the FCC Mark Lloyd,” Glenn said. “A guy who says a very important revolution happened, but only when he got control of the media.”

Glenn decided to take a better look at the wonderful Venezuela and Hugo Chavez that everyone in this administration seems to adore so much.

Here are just a few of the facts on Chavez and Venezuela that Glenn shared with listeners this morning:

Hugo Chavez has rationed water and light. Small towns in Venezuela now go weeks without water and hours without electric lights.

He’s trying to control what students can and cannot do.  Chavez has his own University where Chaveznistas can attend – none of them get hired.  Why? Their educational system is so “efficient” that students can become a doctor in a three years and an engineer in two.

Chavez is a friendly contact to the gorillas from Columbia, and also had a good relationship with the Saddam Hussein.

Chavez has fostered a relationship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and there are now Iranian missiles pointed towards the U.S. from Venezuela.

Venezuala has nationalized oil, gas, and banking industries.

Chavez has threatened the lives of politicians that dares to run against him and their families. He has also taken part in kidnappings of other politician and other politician families.

“This is who Dolores Huerta admires.  This is what she’s out preaching we should be more like.  This is the woman that the President just honored yesterday with the Medal of Freedom,” Glenn said.

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