The Day After: Glenn rallies the troops; recaps 3.5 years of Obama’s lies

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While most conservatives are throwing pity parties today, Glenn used this opportunity to rally the troops and gear up for November. The only way to rid America of the albatross that is Obamacare is through repeal – and the election in November. On radio, Glenn motivated the troops and also highlighted the most blatant Obama lies in the last 3.5 years.

“There’s no way to reverse this machinery soon unless Mitt Romney wins and then Mitt Romney decides to actually dismantle it,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“Where do we stand after the Supreme Court hearing? There’s been a battle going on for the hearts and minds of this country. Who has the credibility to win?”

“We’re constantly accused of lying, of hating, of using unlimited monetary resources to reshape our every discussion. Well, let’s make a quick recounting here of what has transpired over the last three and a half years, see who has credibility and, again, not our arguments but with audio.”

Glenn then played some of the lies coming out of this administration over the past several years:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Guantanamo will be closed by no later than one year from now.

GLENN: Okay. Is it one year yet? Who told the truth? Who lied? They said there would be no lobbyists in the White House. We said that would be great but it won’t happen.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Tell the lobbyists in Washington that their day of setting the agenda are over. They have not funded my campaign. They will not work in my White House.

GLENN: Obama appointed 17 be lobbyists to high positions in his administration in the first 14 days. That’s more than one lobbyist per day. Who told the truth and who lied? They said the stimulus spending would produce jobs. We said it would not.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I think we can get a lot of work done fast. When I met with the governors, all of them have projects that are shovel ready.

GLENN: He met with the governors and all of them have projects that were shovel ready. We said that was impossible. What happened?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected.

GLENN: Sure sounds funny. What a surprise.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So, let me be absolutely clear. If you are a family making less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes go up.

GLENN: Got it? Pretty clear. We said, among so many other problems with the healthcare bill, that this was a massive tax increase, possibly the largest in U.S. history. They were absolutely adamant that this was not a tax increase. They said it was ridiculous to even suggest that this was a tax increase of any kind.

“It’s not about Barack Obama and bashing him. This is about presenting facts to the American people. They continually question our credibility and they can do it because the media does not do what we’re doing right now. So, all we have to do is remind them of their own words, so people can compare their deeds to their words and then decide who told the truth and who lied,” Glenn said.

Obamacare: Is it a tax or not?

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After months and months of the Obama administration selling Obamacare to the American people by saying it was definitely not a tax, the Supreme Court has ruled Obamacare and the individual mandate constitutional by saying that it is a tax.

“22 new taxes are coming your way now,” Glenn told listeners this morning.

Glenn pointed out that it is no secret that the American people would have rejected Obamacare had it been introduced to them as a tax, which is exactly why they didn’t.

Nancy Pelosi, an expert in progressive deception, was a champion at dancing around the issue of “is it a tax?” Glenn played audio of an interview of Nancy Pelosi “answering” that very question.

Interviewer: “The President has said himself on numerous occasions that the individual mandate is not a tax. Do you think the individual mandate in the healthcare law is a tax?”

Nancy Pelosi: “The Court has upheld the legislation. I think — and I have to see the specific language – that they identified with how we wrote the bill in the House as part of the decision, their documentation for the decision. Call it what you will, it is a step forward for America’s families and you know what? Take ”yes” for an answer. This is a very good thing for the American people. What you’re talking about here is Washington talk. What is happening out there is children, families with a child with a preexisting medical condition, which means for a lifetime they will be discriminated against in terms of insurance – not anymore. Same thing with when the bill is fully implemented. That’s what’s really important to people. Technical terms, that’s for us here. What means something to the American people is what it does for them.”

“The word “tax” means nothing to the American people?” Pat questioned.

Americans only deal with taxes every day when they buy something, get paid for something – there’s even a “death tax” now, thanks to this administration. So, like Glenn, Pat, and Stu pointed out, it’s highly unlikely the “Washtington talk” of taxes is something the American people don’t care about. After all, that is why the Obama Administration didn’t pitch the individual mandate to the American people as a tax.

One of the main topics Glenn points out in his book Cowards is how progressives change language to present laws, bills, etc to the American people that they would never go for if they were upfront and honest about what they were pushing.

“They’re shape shifters,” Glenn said. “They become whatever they have to become. Words become whatever they have to become. Shape shifting. Well, okay. I’m not going to play that game and I’m not going to be embarrassed and I’m not going to be coward.”

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Glenn performs in-studio surgery in wake of Obamacare ruling

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Glenn took the extreme step on radio today to actually demonstrate, on a live pretend human being, what medicine will look like under Obamacare in the near future. Stu & Pat get a lesson from ‘Dr’ Beck and see just how challenging being a doctor can be.

“We’re going to do some Mercury training here,” Glenn said, “We can now share with America the safety tips on how to just take care of some of those things that you routinely have done at surgery centers there at your office. So, we’ve set up a little surgery room.”

Glenn, Stu, and Pat then walked over to a mannequin under a white blanket, which already had a hole cut in it. They then proceeded to perform a mock surgery, removing all kinds of disgusting raw meats – ground beef, sausage, and chicken wings – from the fake body.

“Just to confirm, you’re saying because Obamacare is coming into effect, we’re not going to have enough doctors, you’re going to have to do surgery yourself and the first step in surgery is if they’re coughing, you open up the chest to see what’s going on?” Stu asked.

They then took power tools to the body, amputating the leg with a chainsaw and using a drill to “relieve the pressure of headaches”.

It’s a can’t miss video so be sure to check it out in the free video above!

The Egyptian Glenn Beck?

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The New York Times released a story yesterday about an Egyptian television host, Tawfik Okasha, who is being referred to as the ‘Egyptian Glenn Beck.’

“Have you seen the video of what is being called the Egyptian Glenn Beck,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “That’s what they’re calling him over in Egypt, the Egyptian Glenn Beck. He’s called the Egyptian Glenn Beck because he’s on Egyptian television and he’s been saying, ‘the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re Islamic extremists they are in bed with the leftists here,’ and ‘Egypt, stay away from these guys.’”

The Times refers to Okasha as “the host of a popular television program known for his embrace of conspiratorial thinking and hatred of leftists and political Islam,” who “railed against Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, on live television.” And in true New York Times fashion, the video that accompanies the story on their website mocks Okasha as some sort of bumbling idiot:

“That’s the way they’re reporting on the guy who said, ‘Hey, by the way, this is an Islamic extremist group, they’re going to take hold and they’re in bed with the left,’” Glenn said frustrated.

As they mock this man for his ‘conspiracy theories,’ they fail to report on the speech given by newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who just so happens to be a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi’s words roughly translate to something like:

The Quran is our Constitution. The Quran was and will continue to be our constitution. The prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path and death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration. Above all, Allah is our goal. I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text, Allah willing the text will truly reflect Sharia.

And somehow Okasha is the crazy conspiracy theorist?

“That is Morsi himself,” Pat said. “That is the new Egyptian President saying he will follow Sharia law.”

Morsi and his advisors have also made claims that a caliphate is coming (looks like the media owes Glenn an apology on that one), and Jerusalem will be the center of the Muslim caliphate. Doesn’t really sound like Egypt is planning to respect that peace treaty with Israel, huh.

Clearly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasn’t listening to the same speech from Morsi because all she seems to be able to do is talk about how positive all of this is:

We’ve heard some very positive statements coming from Morsi so far. We’ll have to wait and judge by what’s actually done.


“That’s crazy,” Glenn said. “This is an Egyptian broadcaster [Okasha] saying a caliphate is coming, they’re in bed with the left, and the Muslim Brotherhood are extremists. Listen to what he says. And what is [the media] doing? Mocking him and trying to drive him out.”

“I am standing up for what [Okasha] said – what I read about in the New York Times – that a caliphate is coming, these are Islamic extremists that you’ve got to be away from and the left is in bed with them,” Glenn concluded. “I stand with him on that. What he says elsewhere, I have no idea.”

Glenn tears apart Supreme Court ruling and Justice Roberts, calls for a mandate against Obama in November

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Tonight’s full episode is available for FREE On Demand HERE! Find out what YOU can do to get activated and make this election a mandate HERE

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn focused solely on the Supreme Court ruling to uphold Obamacare. Like many Americans, he was surprised to see the individual mandate survive, even if it is as a tax. And while he was certainly shocked and upset with the news when it first broke, he now knows it’s time to move forward and do something to really turn things in America around.

“Today millions of Americans are feeling defeated after the ruling on obamacare and the individual healthcare mandate. I get that. It’s understandable. But here’s what I want you to remember tonight: This November there will be another mandate,” Glenn said.

“Here’s my opinion on this ruling: While it may have sealed the fate of the private insurance industry, I think it also sealed the fate of the election in November,” he added.

Glenn said that now the progressives had woken the sleeping giant of America. Conservatives would not stand for the direction that progressives are taking this country.

“The American people are awake and fully engaged,” he said. “It will make the Obama administration a thing of the past.”

Glenn called for people to see if they were registered to vote, and if not to get registered. He also encouraged them to get as many like-minded people to vote in November as possible. Readers can check to see if they are registered or if their friends are registered HERE.

In addition to putting out a call for people to activate, Glenn also called out several GOP progressives who had a hand in making this ruling possible – especially Chief Justice John Roberts.

First, he had a shirt made that calls out Roberts for what he is – a coward!

Glenn also had radio co-host Pat Gray dress up as The Dread Pirate Roberts (a reference to Andre the Giant’s infamous scene in the classic film The Princess Bride)

“Roberts has been revealed for who he is– a progressive and a coward. I am done with progressive cowards,” Glenn said.

Glenn specifically called Roberts a coward because he believed he had hidden his progressive leanings rather than be straightforward from the start.

“We lost the battle today, but the war is just getting started,” Glenn said. “President Obama came out and spike the ball, proclaiming today was a ‘victory for the American people’. You know what? I actually agree with him. Not because this disaster of a bill was upheld by the Supreme Court. Today was a victory for America because they’ve awoken a sleeping giant,” Glenn said.

“This November, I intend to give Barack Obama the biggest mandate he has ever seen. How about you?”


At the start of the show, Glenn added some levity by riding into the studio on a horse and wearing a kilt. Once he shouted, “You may take our money…but you’ll never take our freedom!” it was clear he was parodying Braveheart. Watch it below:

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Mediaite profiles Brian Sack and ‘The B.S. of A.’ showrunner Jack Helmuth hours before ‘The B.S. of A.’ season finale!

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Read the full profile HERE

Mediaite author Jon Bershad sat down with ‘The B.S. of A.’ host Brian Sack and showrunner Jack Helmuth just a few hours before the season finale of GBTV’s new comedy show. What were some of their favorite sketches? And did you know it’s a bad idea to pepper spray a freelance comedy actor in the face?

Bershad writes:

So, Season 1 is in the can. Lets start with the highlights. What were both of your favorite moments or segments from the season?

BRIAN: Certain sketches we’ve done resonated with people across the political spectrum and that’s wonderful because it means we don’t always have to be sanctimonious, bitter tw-ts to one another.The TSA opera, for one. And taking on the nanny state whether it’s buying cigarettesordering lunch, or driving the Chevy Bloomberg. I’m also partial to Shariah Law & Order. And Pumpernickel Boulevard which is our interpretation of Sesame Street.

We’ve also been soliciting “under-the-table” sponsors outside of the network’s actual sponsors. These are small businesses across the U.S. that send the show money to produce a commercial of questionable effectiveness that usually ends with someone getting killed. Ridiculous commercials. We’ve done quite a few and the response has always been great. With the money we made I bought the staff iPads and a very nice dinner. The remaining money factors in to the season finale in a big way.

JACK: To be honest, I’ve never seen the show, so I’m the wrong guy to ask.

A lot of shows, perhaps comedy shows in particular, require a bit of a learning curve in the beginning. What was something that surprised you or needed some course correction?

BRIAN: Like any show you’re starting off flailing around in the dark before getting your bearings. The great thing is that we’re this autonomous show on a fledgling network. We don’t have to answer to a room full of corporate suits. That’s not the culture here. We ultimately just have to amuse an excitable goateed man with an Armageddon complex whose weight fluctuates wildly. We can try one thing, decide it doesn’t work, and try another.

We had a live audience at first but that proved difficult logistically since we taped weekly at an inconvenient time for a no-name show on a network owned by someone New Yorkers burn in effigy. We had monologue jokes but started feeling like everyone has monologue jokes so we played around with that and ultimately dropped them. I was interviewing authors, but who doesn’t do that? So we changed it to a The Experts, where I discuss the news with people, living or dead, played by Upright Citizen’s Brigade performers. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Adolf HitlerMichele Obamaand a lesbian truck driver opine on breastfeeding in public, we’re your show.

JACK: Back in December we were going to do an experimental piece that dealt with the big pepper spray debate that was raging at the time. Police were using pepper spray quite liberally on protesters around the country and FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly essentially said that it was no big deal since pepper spray was made from vegetables. Matt Fisher, our writer and performer, came up with an idea where I would eat Newman’s Own spicy salsa and he would then actually get pepper sprayed in the face and we would see if Megyn Kelly was right. We debated and argued this internally for a full day and finally decided to do it. Matt, after all, came up with the idea and, for the sake of comedy and to make a point, wanted to get pepper sprayed in the face. So I, in my excitement to really do something different, allowed things, gave this the go-ahead, and we shot well over half the sketch until the very point where Matt was going to get sprayed. We were literally seconds away, with our PA standing in front of Matt, holding the spray up to his face, finger on the trigger. At that moment someone from the network intervened and we were told “no, you absolutely cannot pepper spray a freelance employee in the face.” And of course, they were right. That was a learning moment for me in a number of ways.

The profile continues HERE

What will the fallout be from Obamacare ruling?

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Towards the end of Thursday morning’s radio show, Glenn spent some time discussing the fallout from the Supreme Court ruling. What does it mean for future laws and regulations? And how is this going to be a blessing for conservatives going forward? Watch the clip above to find out!

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The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, ruling that the individual mandate was constitutional as a tax. Even more shocking, ‘conservative’ Chief Justice Roberts supported the narrow decision. Because this is such a historical moment in our nation’s history, Glenn has decided to make all the GBTV coverage of the ruling available for free! Watch Glenn’s reaction to SCOTUS’s Obamacare ruling. You can watch both ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ and ‘Real News from The Blaze’ FREE  on demand on!

No taxes on the middle class? Lies! Obamacare now Obamatax

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The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate portion of Obamacare is constitutional because it is a tax. That’s right, mandates are now taxes, which means, technically speaking, President Obama lied to the American people.

“First of all, is there any doubt in your mind there is no way Obamacare would have passed if they called it a tax at the beginning,” Stu asked. “If when they were proposing this, they said it was a tax, there would be no way it would have passed.”

Obama, who promised time and time again that he would NOT raise taxes on the middle class, has now effectively raised taxes on the middle class because the individual mandate was ruled a tax by the Supreme Court.

“Barack Obama’s main promise in his campaign that he would not raise taxes on the middle class officially dies with that decision because now it is 100 percent enshrined in history that he has raised taxes on the middle class,” Stu continued.

Remember when the Obama administration was out in full force swearing that this mandate-with-a-penalty couldn’t be considered a tax? To refresh your memory, below are a few flashbacks…

When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was questioned about whether or not the individual mandate could be considered a tax, she claimed, rather unconvincingly, that it is not a tax:

SEBELIUS: I think it operates, this thing, the way a tax would operate but it is not, per se, a tax.

When President Obama was asked by George Stephanopoulos whether or not he understood that the dictionary definition of a tax seems to apply to the provisions of the Obamacare mandate, the President cried foul:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Merriam Webster’s dictionary a tax: a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes.

OBAMA: George, the fact that you’ve looked up Merriam’s Dictionary, that the definition of tax increase, indicates to me that you’re stretching a little bit right now.

When Congressman Scott Garrett grilled White House budget director Jeff Zients over the tax-like qualities the individual mandate seemed to possess, Zients attempted to uphold the stance that the penalty incurred by middle class families for not purchasing insurance is not a tax:

GARRETT: You said there’s no tax increases on people who make under $250,000. If I make under $250,000 and I do not buy health insurance as I’m required to under the Affordable Healthcare Act , is that a tax on me or is that not a tax on me?

ZIENTS: Well, this is –

GARRETT: You’ve said there’s no tax

ZIENTS: There’s not.

GARRETT: So, that’s not a tax?


Now that it has been ruled that the individual mandate IS in fact a tax, there is no longer any other way to spin it, and President Obama has officially raised taxes on the middle class.

“We can use this as a wake-up call or we can victimize. I am not a victim of Obama. Are you a victim, because I’m not a victim,” Glenn said. “He’s made me stronger. He’s like a virus. As long as you finish your antibiotics – we haven’t finished our antibiotics. We’ve taken about half of our medicine. We have to finish the entire flight.”

“It will make us stronger,” he continued. “If you don’t finish your medicine, it makes the virus stronger. Progressivism is a deadly virus, deadly to the Constitution. There’s only going to be one standing, one winner. I know which one it is. Saddle up, boys. Saddle up.”

Glenn is sick of the GOP: “Let’s find some people with spines”

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After today, it’s safe to say that Glenn has had more than enough of the Republican establishment. This morning on radio he reacted to the Obamacare ruling and the vote from George W. Bush appointed Chief Justice John Roberts.

“I’m tired of the conservative movement.  I’m sick and tired of it.  I am sick and tired of the Republican conservative movement,” Glenn said this morning following the ruling on Obamacare.

Glenn recalled going to CPAC and rallying the crowd behind the problem of progressivism in both parties, while the “power players” in the Republican establishment continue to implement progressive policies when it is convenient for their party.

This is one of the reasons Glenn has partnered with FreedomWorks to organize FreePAC, a gathering of Tea Partiers and people who believe in small government from all around the globe in Dallas, TX this summer. The event occurs the same week of Restoring Love, and as Glenn made sure to point out, it won’t be full of covert progressives.

“I’m sick and tired of it.  They’re cowards.  They’re all cowards,” he continued. “They won’t come out and tell you what they really are; they won’t tell you what they really mean.  They try to convince you that they’re just like you.”

The deciding vote in the Obamacare ruling was made by Bush appointed Chief Justice Roberts. Glenn has gotten heat from the right for referring to George W. Bush as a progressive in the past, but as Stu pointed out this morning, “This destroys Bush’s legacy among conservatives.”

One of the most shocking pieces of today’s ruling is who wrote the decent on this case – Kennedy. Justice Kennedy wrote in the decent that “in our view, the entire act before us is invalid in its entirety.”

“If Roberts voted the other way, the entire thing would have been thrown out,” Stu said.

Pat pointed out that it’s always the guys who look conservative that end up turning these votes. It never happens the other way.

“Let’s find some people with some spines,” Glenn responded. “Are you telling me out of 350 million people, we can’t find nine?”

Glenn rejected the notion that these appointed Justices should not have a litmus test or should be right down the middle on the issues.

Stu agreed, and added that “the Constitution should win in Constitutional battles.”

This shifted the conversation to what Romney’s response will be, and more importantly, to the importance of he being the conservative he claims to be should he win in November. Glenn also reminded listeners how important it is that they are registered to vote, and that they get their friends registered to vote.

“Have you registered to vote yet?” Glenn asked the radio audience. “Have you done that?  “Have you gone to or and registered?”

“I’m telling you, this is the freedom movement. I have met with these guys from Freedom Works over and over and over again.  These guys are good.  They are rock solid,” Glenn said.

Earlier in the radio show Glenn said this of the healthcare ruling, “This is not a setback, this is a challenge. Believe me; the American people are up for a challenge.” Glenn has been encouraging his audience that the time for action is now. If you want to make sure that we do not lose the reason America has always been exceptional, then you need to actively be part of a movement that draws a line in the sand around American hearts. Glenn and FreedomWorks are working hard to organize those who are playing an active role in restoring America – FreePAC and Restoring Love are big part of that.

Stop waiting on Republicans in Washington D.C. to make a difference. Join Glenn and FreedomWorks this summer in Dallas to Restore Freedom and Restore Love.

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