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On GBTV tonight, Glenn took a hard look at all the people who ignored the signs that the revolution in Egypt wasn’t as great as it was being portrayed by the media and that the Muslim Brotherhood wasn’t a peaceful organization. Who were some of the ones who got it wrong? Chris Matthews, David Brooks, James Clapper, Mrs. Dana Milbank, Will Bunch, Howard Kurtz, Rich Lowry, and (of course) Barack Obama. Meanwhile, there were only a few who got it right: General Jerry Boykin, Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, Erick Stakelbeck, and John Bolton. It’s important that you know who got this right and who got it wrong, because the chaos in Europe and the Middle East isn’t over yet. You need to know who you can listen to and who you can trust, and you also need to know who you need to stop listening to. Get all the details on just how wrong the mainstream media has been in the clip above from GBTV.

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